Books & Badges – Chapter Nine

NOT EDITED Theodore stood in front of the full-length mirror in his bedroom, one hand wrapped tightly around his cane. He’d been in a bit more pain that day than expected, but he was doing his best to manage. His boss had given him a chair to sit on behind the register, but Theodore hadContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Nine”

Books & Badges – Chapter Eight

NOT EDITED Russell perched himself on the corner of Andrew’s desk, crossing his ankles. Andrew glanced up at him. “Whatcha doin’?” “I need an adult.” Andrew snorted. “What do you want?” “I’m making supper for someone tonight, hopefully making them feel better about some things. And returning this here travel mug,” Russell said, holding outContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Eight”

Books & Badges – Chapter Seven

NOT EDITED Theodore leaned back against the front door, letting out a heavy breath. Tonight wasn’t a date, not in the slightest, but his sudden onslaught of nervousness made him feel like it was. He hated that feeling. Theodore had no real plans to start dating again anytime soon. He had more than enough toContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Seven”

Books & Badges – Chapter Six

NOT EDITED Russell opened his eyes as Theodore shifted on the couch. He turned his head to the side, just to see if the man had woken up. Nope, still sound asleep. Russell reached out and grabbed the blanket, carefully tugging it back up to cover Theodore’s shoulders. When the man didn’t move or protest,Continue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Six”

Books & Badges – Chapter Five

NOT EDITED Theodore sat down beside Russell on the couch, one hand wrapped tightly around his cane, the other wrapped around the handle of a coffee mug. He let out a slow breath, closing his eyes as he leaned back against the pillow shoved up against the back of the couch. It helped offer aContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Five”

Books & Badges – Chapter Four

NOT EDITED Russell’s brow furrowed as his phone rang on his nightstand. He rolled onto his stomach, blindly reaching out until he found it. Eyes still closed, he easily swiped the green phone button to the right side and pressed the device to his ear. “Steele.” “D-Detective?” Russell opened his eyes, blinking at the darkContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Four”

Books & Badges – Chapter Three

NOT EDITED Theodore leaned on his cane a little heavier than usual as he reached out with his free hand to open the door. Gina stood in the doorway, three bags of groceries in one hand. He took a step back. “Need help?” “Nope. You have enough weight to worry about without these,” Gina saidContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Three”

Books & Badges – Chapter Two

NOT EDITED Russell Steele had run out to the dollar store to grab a gift bag to put the books in before heading out to his sister’s house. He knocked on the door, smiling a moment later when his younger sister pulled it open. “Nikki.” “Russell.” She cocked her head to the side. “What’s inContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Two”

Books & Badges – Chapter One

NOT EDITED The early morning sun peeked between the window curtains, casting an orange light on the bedroom door and a little rainbow of color across the bed, where the sunshine cut through the fish tank on the computer desk. The door to the bedroom creaked open, and a little girl walked through the doorway,Continue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter One”