CTTK – Chapter Four

Chapter Four 9 February 2005 Wednesday New York “I’m still running her prints through the system and hoping for a match, but I have a few things figured out besides that,” Brian Brown said. He flipped through a notebook in search of the right page as he started talking, “Umm, let’s see… She was killedContinue reading “CTTK – Chapter Four”

CTTK – Chapter Three

Chapter Three Washington D.C. Chris Cross clapped a hand down on Thomas Smalls’s shoulder, a wide grin on his face. “I scored a date at Trinity with my lady friend tonight,” Chris said. “Thanks.” Thomas rolled his eyes as he powered down his computer. Still, despite his general annoyance at his partner and best friend,Continue reading “CTTK – Chapter Three”

CTTK – Chapter Two

Chapter Two New York             “What do we got?” NYPD Detective Holden Cruz asked as he ducked under the yellow police tape. On the other side, he held the tape up long enough for his partner, Detective Kathleen Engvall, to duck under as well. Brian Brown, a man only an inch shorter than Holden, shook hisContinue reading “CTTK – Chapter Two”

CTTK – Chapter One

Chapter One 8 February 2005 Tuesday Washington D.C.             Special Agent Thomas Smalls sat down at his desk and powered on his computer. It always took a while to start up, but he didn’t mind all that much. All of his notes were on paper anyway, filed away safely in his filing cabinet and in hisContinue reading “CTTK – Chapter One”