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About Me

I’m Courtney, a chronically ill 24-year-old from a very small populations of about 200. I’m a fur momma to five dogs, eight cats, and two chinchillas. I love writing, gaming, and — when my knuckles allow it — crafting.

I edit all of my own work and, as a freelance copy-editor and proofreader, that of other writers. I also create my own covers and occasionally one for another writer. I’ve published four books under the name C.B. Everett: two standalones, and two currently unfinished series.

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Excerpts from my Published Works

Crime Novels
Supernatural Novels
Paranormal Novels

Mystery & Crime Stories

The Young Bo Series

follows a young, teenaged forensic analyst at his first job with the LAPD

The Bo Austen-Taylor Series

follows a forensic analyst after a drastic change in his life and career

The Dallas Silver Series

follows a young homicide cop as he balances cases for work and the homicidal voice in his head

The Bo Austen Series

follows a forensic analyst as he leaves the LAPD for a new job — and maybe a new life — in Clinstone, Minnesota

Serial Killers Anonymous

split POV. follows a vigilante killer as she joins a ‘support group’ for killers in order to take them out one by one. Follows the LAPD as they search for a vigilante serial killer and two runaway detectives. Follows the leader of the killer support group as he tries to change a vigilante’s view of them

The Killer in Training Series

split POV. Follows a young boy as his serial killer mother works to train him to be and do the same. Follows a homicide detective as he balanced murder cases with his search for a missing boy

Mafia Stories

The Jamal Pitman Series

follows a young black man as he joins the mob at his father’s demand

Where They Came From Series

each book follows one of our familiar faces throughout my series as they find themselves joining the mob

The Grimm Series

each book follows a separate mobster in their journey through leadership of the family

Romance Stories

The Minetti Boys Series

a romance series following the separate romances of the Minetti twins. Vito’s M/M romance and Tito’s M/F

#Bensen Shorts

M/M romance. Bonus #Bensen moments

The Books and Badges Series

M/M romance. Follows the love story of a recovering abuse victim and a homicide detective

Outdoorsy Shorts

a set of short stories following outdoorsy characters (gardners, hikers, bird watchers, etc)

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