Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Nine

NOT EDITED Theodore, dressed as close to Mario as he could get, walked alongside Russell and Vera on the sidewalk. While Vera held onto his free hand, occasionally skipping at his side, Russell seemed okay with brushing his fingers against Theodore’s every now and then. Since it made Theodore’s heart flutter every single time, heContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Nine”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Eight

NOT EDITED Russell stood several feet away from the car, arms crossed over his chest as he watched Ellie dust the inside of the car for prints. “What, uh, what do you think, El? Finding anything?” he asked. “Well, there are definitely fingerprints here on the steering wheel and on the dashboard. I’ll be ableContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Eight”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Seven

NOT EDITED Work had been far stranger than Theodore had been prepared for. He couldn’t help but be worried about Russell, no matter how hard he tried to think about anything else. On top of his worry for Russell, the fear of how much he cared about Russell sat heavy on his mind. He hadContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Seven”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Six

NOT EDITED Russell stood beneath the shower head, face tilted back in the water. He hadn’t done much more than speak to Jamal that day, but he was absolutely exhausted. He wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed with Theodore, close his eyes, and not have to wake up again until all of thisContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Six”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Five

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I seemingly believed yesterday was both Tuesday and Wednesday, but not Wednesday enough for Books and Badges. I’m blaming it on being sick for two weeks, lmao. Anyway, enjoy! NOT EDITED It was nearly seven in the morning when Jamal left. Now, nearing eight o’clock, Russell had finally fallen asleepContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Five”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Four

NOT EDITED Armed with his phone and a cup of coffee, Russell sat on the couch, leaned back against the armrest. Theodore sat between his legs, his body twisted just enough to the side that his hip was supported by Russell’s leg rather than crushed by it. Russell took a sip of his coffee beforeContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Four”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Three

NOT EDITED Theodore awoke in the darkness of Russell’s living room. He glanced around for a moment, his brow furrowed. He didn’t feel Russell behind him, nor was the man’s arm still wrapped around him. He sat up, reaching out to grab his cane from where Russell had leaned it against the end table. PushingContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Three”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Two

NOT EDITED Russell lifted his head at the little knock on his office door. A smile came to his face. “Hey, sweetheart.” Vera smiled back at him. “Hi. Daddy told me to come tell you that we have food.” “Awesome, thank you. I’ll be out in just a moment, okay?” “Okay.” Vera walked out ofContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-Two”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-One

NOT EDITED Theodore sat down beside Gina on her couch, eyes landing on Vera. She and Boyd had taken immediate interest in a dance game for the Xbox 360 the very moment they stepped foot in Gina’s living room. Gina elbowed him in the side. “How’re you doing today, Theo?” “Not terrible. Though sleeping onContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-One”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty

NOT EDITED Just before midnight, Theodore fell asleep on the couch, his head on Russell’s chest. Russell paused Nurse Jackie and set the remote on the end table. He shut off the lamp and wrapped an arm around Theodore. He wasn’t sure how sleep would go for him that night, but he hoped he couldContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty”