Hey, guys!

While I’m still working to upload the rest of my books, I wanted to give you a super exciting update.

I finally purchased my website domain and enrolled in WordPress Ads! This means that just by viewing my website and scrolling through the ads, you are helping support me, my work, and helping make sure I can pay for the website next year.

For the first time since I started uploading first drafts of my books on any site, I’ll be able to make money off of my hard work. It won’t be a lot. I think it takes almost 100 ads to make a dollar or something like that, but it’ll still help, and that’s what matters most.

This also means I’ll post books I had initially planned on only publishing–the new first draft of Serial Killers Anonymous, the rewrite of Grimm Reaper, a Vampire detective book I just started not too long ago, the Carver-Baxter series, the eventual series about Jake and Alice. Etcetera.

It might take a couple weeks to fully update for all of you. The servers update differently in different countries, so it’ll update faster here in the US than, say, Africa or Asia, if that makes sense. This does not mean that you won’t be able to read my books! It just means that you may only being seeing ads by wordpress instead of ads that I earn from, and that you may being seeing the “(dot)wordpress(dot)com” in the URL instead of my new domain for a little while.

I’m going to get back to writing before I get into uploading the Blackout Killer again, but I just wanted to share some good news, since these last several weeks have been filled with so many struggles, lol. Thank you guys for sticking with me and being here. It means the world. ❀

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