MoD – Chapter Four

NOT EDITED Ethan Wright walked into the house, a hand wrapped tightly around the doorknob. For a moment, he considered slamming the door to take out even one of his frustrations, but he knew his father was still asleep. Squeezing his eyes shut, he closed the door with a quiet click instead. He headed backContinue reading “MoD – Chapter Four”

MoD – Chapter Three

NOT EDITED Miles pushed his glasses up on his nose and locked his hands behind his head as he paced the length of his little office. Karen, Ethan, and Laura. All three souls were… beyond important to him. He loved them. He loved the souls, the people they belonged to. They gave him access toContinue reading “MoD – Chapter Three”

MoD – Chapter Two

NOT EDITED Miles glanced up at the nameplate on the door in the hall, eyes skimming over the capital FATE written in silver letters. His eyes narrowed as he pushed the door open, forgoing what he would usually consider a professionally necessary knock. His boss looked up at him, annoyance flashing in his electric blueContinue reading “MoD – Chapter Two”

MoD – Chapter One

NOT EDITED Sunday: September 4, 2016 Miles sat on the bedroom’s carpeted floor, legs folded Indian style, elbows resting on his knees, hands locked together in front of him. A young girl stood behind him, playing with his dark hair. “What style we going for today, Kare?” he asked. “Mm… lots of little ponytails, IContinue reading “MoD – Chapter One”

MoD – Prologue

NOT EDITED It’s entirely unavoidable, entirely inevitable. While some choose to take death into their own hands and choose to take away their life on their own time, the majority of people aren’t in control of the overarching process or the outcome. They don’t know how or when they’ll die. They don’t know if they’llContinue reading “MoD – Prologue”

AITL – Chapter Five

Tuesday: May 24, 2022 Around eight in the morning, after making a pot of coffee and drinking two cups, Aurora took both dogs for a mile-long run. After they got home, she showered and changed into something other than her running clothes. The moving van didn’t come around until about noon, and they had onlyContinue reading “AITL – Chapter Five”

AITL – Chapter Four

Monday: May 23, 2022 Aurora’s alarm went off at six o’clock that morning. Lifting Cooper’s head off her chest, she sat up in bed. She pulled her feet out from under Dexter’s chest and climbed off the bed. It felt far too dark in her room. She pulled open the curtains to let in someContinue reading “AITL – Chapter Four”

AITL – Chapter Three

Sunday: May 22, 2022 After waking up and taking a shower, Aurora skipped breakfast and coffee to head to the sheriff’s department instead. She was nervous for the trip, even though it was just to fill out a bit of paperwork—although even she had to admit that nervous was quite the understatement when it cameContinue reading “AITL – Chapter Three”

AITL – Chapter Two

Saturday: May 21, 2022 The first thing Aurora found out when she awoke that morning was that the moving truck wouldn’t be coming in until sometime Tuesday. It had been a relatively short phone call, and it was a fact that didn’t even bother her all that much. She had no problem with waiting. SheContinue reading “AITL – Chapter Two”

AITL – Chapter One

Friday: May 20, 2022 Aurora Cole wasn’t the kind of girl that typically accepted change. Whenever she could, she tended to avoid it at all costs. Life was easier that way, and who really liked change anyway? Who liked uprooting their entire life, packing up all their memories, and moving halfway across the country? NotContinue reading “AITL – Chapter One”