LFAM – Chapter Five

NOT EDITED Chapter Five Monday: February 22, 2016 On their lunch break, Hilo and Tahki had decided to stick to their newest plan and head over to James Fletcher’s house. Tahki couldn’t help but hope this plan came through better than their ‘fingerprinting on our own’ plan. “Are you sure this is still our bestContinue reading “LFAM – Chapter Five”

LFAM – Chapter Four

NOT EDITED Chapter Four Thursday: November 2, 1995 The man walked down the sidewalk, one gloved hand tucked into his jacket pocket and his other hand wrapped around a coffee cup. He knew spending money on coffee when he had a perfectly good appliance for it at home wasn’t the wisest decision given his currentContinue reading “LFAM – Chapter Four”

LFAM – Chapter Three

NOT EDITED Chapter Three Monday: February 22, 2016 Hilo flipped on the overhead lights in the lab, fingers resting on the switch as his eyes scanned the room. It wasn’t often their analyst hung out in the dark, but that didn’t mean it never happened. Unless she got called to a crime scene, she wouldn’tContinue reading “LFAM – Chapter Three”

LFAM – Chapter Two

NOT EDITED Chapter Two Monday: February 22, 2016 At the police station, Tahki waited for Hilo to unlock their shared office before walking inside. Tahki pulled out her chair, setting her coffee cup on the desk as she sat down. Hilo sat down at his desk directly across from hers, the squeak of his chairContinue reading “LFAM – Chapter Two”

LFAM – Chapter One

NOT EDITED Chapter One Monday: February 22, 2016 Through the car’s speakers, a woman shared a conversation she had overheard in the grocery store, something about the odd things young children tended to say, especially when out in public. Detective Hilo Granger didn’t much care for the stories on the radio, but he did careContinue reading “LFAM – Chapter One”

MoD – Chapter Four

NOT EDITED Ethan Wright walked into the house, a hand wrapped tightly around the doorknob. For a moment, he considered slamming the door to take out even one of his frustrations, but he knew his father was still asleep. Squeezing his eyes shut, he closed the door with a quiet click instead. He headed backContinue reading “MoD – Chapter Four”

MoD – Chapter Three

NOT EDITED Miles pushed his glasses up on his nose and locked his hands behind his head as he paced the length of his little office. Karen, Ethan, and Laura. All three souls were… beyond important to him. He loved them. He loved the souls, the people they belonged to. They gave him access toContinue reading “MoD – Chapter Three”

MoD – Chapter Two

NOT EDITED Miles glanced up at the nameplate on the door in the hall, eyes skimming over the capital FATE written in silver letters. His eyes narrowed as he pushed the door open, forgoing what he would usually consider a professionally necessary knock. His boss looked up at him, annoyance flashing in his electric blueContinue reading “MoD – Chapter Two”

MoD – Chapter One

NOT EDITED Sunday: September 4, 2016 Miles sat on the bedroom’s carpeted floor, legs folded Indian style, elbows resting on his knees, hands locked together in front of him. A young girl stood behind him, playing with his dark hair. “What style we going for today, Kare?” he asked. “Mm… lots of little ponytails, IContinue reading “MoD – Chapter One”

MoD – Prologue

NOT EDITED It’s entirely unavoidable, entirely inevitable. While some choose to take death into their own hands and choose to take away their life on their own time, the majority of people aren’t in control of the overarching process or the outcome. They don’t know how or when they’ll die. They don’t know if they’llContinue reading “MoD – Prologue”