Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-Three

NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty-Three 11:20 AM; CLINSTONE, LITTLE DELIGHTS DINER “Eli?” Bo lifted his head, eyes shifting to Jensen’s face. “Yes?” “David will call you when he’s done with the golf game.” “I know he will.” “So… why are you watching your phone like it’s about to sprout legs and run away?” Jensen asked. BoContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-Three”

Truths & Chains – Chapter Thirty

NOT EDITED With Elias’s certainty of Vito’s criminal behaviors back on track, researching the man had gone incredibly well that day. He and JJ had managed to get through the rest of the Minetti crime scenes–or, at the very least, the ones in the United States–which had helped to reaffirm Elias’s theory. He hadn’t doneContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter Thirty”

Truths & Chains – Chapter Twenty-Nine

A/N: Belated Monday update. Chapter thirty is already finished too, so as long as no animal things go wrong, you should get an update on time next Monday** NOT EDITED Vito rolled out of bed bright and early. Or… closer to noon, but still a little earlier than usual. He had set an alarm forContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter Twenty-Nine”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-Two

NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty-Two 9:49 AM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, CHIEF OF POLICE DAVID QUINN’S OFFICE “Christ, I’m sorry, Bo. Some of these girls look like they could be her, but none of them have her eyes,” David said, handing Bo’s phone back to the blonde. “Her eyes? Was there something particularly special about them?” BoContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-Two”

Truths & Chains – Chapter Twenty-Eight

A/N: Belated Monday update. I’m sorry for all the delays across all my stories. In addition to writing being pretty meh for a while, I’ve had a terrible battle with headaches, migraines ,and nausea for the past month or so. Now our farm cat’s sick and I’m working on getting him to the vet beforeContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter Twenty-Eight”

Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Ten

NOT EDITED Landon locked the door as soon as Miguel pulled it shut. He leaned back against it, closing his eyes as he tried to stop his heart from bursting. Investigating the likelihood of Eliseo’s mother creating a psychic with Miguel was not his best laid plan, that was for damn sure. Christ, he hadContinue reading “Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Ten”

Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Nine

NOT EDITED Miguel hadn’t been able to sleep. He had needed to know Eliseo was safe throughout the night, and he couldn’t exactly do that while sleeping. Instead, he had sat beside his son’s bed, his back to the wall, his eyes on the door. He had checked the locks on Eliseo’s bedroom windows anContinue reading “Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Nine”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-One

NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty-One 6:13 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, BREAKFAST NOOK Freshly showered and changed into a flannel and a pair of jeans. Bo set his laptop on the small table in the nook and tapped the power button. He pulled his belt from his shoulder, watching his screen come on as he threadedContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-One”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty

A/N: Belated Tuesday update** NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty Wednesday: January 9, 2030 3:15 AM; MAGNOLIA, THE HAPPY FACE KILLER’S FARMHOUSE, BASEMENT Fiona watched the man’s eyes snap open. He groaned, the sound muffled by the gag she’d shoved in his mouth. “Hi, Buddy.” He turned his head, his eyes meeting hers. “Mm?” “My real name’sContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty”

Truths & Chains – Chapter Twenty-Seven

A/N: I just finished this chapter this morning, so here’s a belated Monday update!** NOT EDITED Though Vito had never considered his house to be in a gated community, Elias wasn’t really wrong. The very few houses near him were owned by Jamal and unoccupied, something the old man had most likely done to makeContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter Twenty-Seven”