AITL – Chapter Five

Tuesday: May 24, 2022

Around eight in the morning, after making a pot of coffee and drinking two cups, Aurora took both dogs for a mile-long run. After they got home, she showered and changed into something other than her running clothes.

The moving van didn’t come around until about noon, and they had only been there for five or six minutes when Luke came over to offer his help. Aurora, with a gracious smile, accepted. Luke, Aurora, and the two moving guys carried her upright piano into the bedroom just off the living room and pushed it firmly against the wall. She planned to use it as a little office, a study.

Most of the moving van was filled with boxes. Aurora hadn’t taken much of the furniture from her old house, just small accessories like clothes and necklaces, the plates and eating utensils. She didn’t want the furniture in the first place. It would’ve reminded her of home, and the whole point of moving was to get as far away from the place as she could.

After everything was inside, Aurora thanked the moving guys and Luke. The two movers got back in their truck and headed down the drive, while Luke crossed his arms over his chest and leaned one shoulder against the doorjamb, neatly crossing one ankle over the other.

Aurora raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Luke smiled, nodding slightly. “Your résumé. They thought it was impressive, and you’ve pulled an interview, whenever you’re ready for it.”

“Wow. Really?” she asked, genuine surprise masking her face.

Again, he nodded. “Yes, really.”

“Uh, does tomorrow morning work?” she asked.

Luke nodded once, a friendly smile still present on his face. “How about tomorrow morning at ten?”

“Sounds wonderful. I’ll be there,” Aurora said.

He pushed himself away from the doorjamb. “Awesome. Good luck, Aurora. If you need help unpacking, just let me know.”


She watched him leave, her heart pounding. An interview. The idea was terrifying, nerve-wracking. Still, she couldn’t help the little smile that crossed her face. Maybe moving out here had been the right call. Maybe life was finally looking up for Aurora Cole.


Aurora added more salt to the pot of spaghetti sitting on the stove. She heard something upstairs, something that sounded like a door shutting. She looked up at the ceiling, but she sure as hell wasn’t planning on going upstairs. Slamming doors and giggling were enough to start chipping away at her resolve. Maybe she had been too quick to assume that ghosts didn’t exist. So after supper and a shower, she plugged a nightlight into one of the wall outlets in the living room and slept on the couch. There was no way in hell she was going upstairs tonight. If there were such a thing as ghosts, she wasn’t going to purposely go and seek one out, especially not in her own house. She’d have to be crazy to do a thing like that. Aurora was a coward running from her problems, not a lunatic.

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