Books & Badges – Chapter Sixteen

NOT EDITED Russell pulled his car into Theodore’s driveway and shifted it into park. Letting out a slow breath, he dropped his hands to his lap and turned to look at Theodore. “Did you have a nice time tonight? I know it was just supper, but I didn’t want to add too many other thingsContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Sixteen”

Books & Badges – Chapter Fifteen

NOT EDITED Tuesday night, after work, Theodore waited for his mom to come to the house to babysit Vera. The idea of going on an actual, genuine date with Russell made his heart race and his stomach twist, but he was doing his best to keep it together. He wanted to move on. He wantedContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Fifteen”

Books & Badges – Chapter Fourteen

NOT EDITED Russell managed to wrap up the case early Sunday afternoon, not counting paperwork. The killer, however, had been arrested and read his rights, and he now sat in a holding cell at the station, waiting to be transferred to county tomorrow morning. Russell sat at his desk, working his way through the paperworkContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Fourteen”

Books & Badges – Chapter Thirteen

NOT EDITED Theodore woke up on his couch around eleven the next morning. He turned his head to the side, eyes landing on Russell. The man was asleep on the floor, arm shoved beneath the pillow tucked under his head. Theodore sat up, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his palms. He vaguely rememberedContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirteen”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twelve

NOT EDITED When it came right down to it, ‘Friday after work’ had come far too quickly for Russell. He was closing in on the monster that had murdered that young girl, Tia Harrison. He was certain he was closing in on the man responsible. As it stood, he had a man named Max HillContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twelve”

Books & Badges – Chapter Eleven

NOT EDITED Just after midnight, Theodore pushed himself to his feet as Russell’s car pulled into the driveway. Russell climbed out, the engine still running, the headlights bright against the garage door. “What’re you doing out here, Theo? Jesus, I–” “I’m sorry. I lied. There was no noise.” Theodore held out a plate of cookies.Continue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Eleven”

Books & Badges – Chapter Ten

NOT EDITED Home from a potential homicide he had responded to–which had turned out to be nothing but an early Halloween prank–Russell stripped out of his suit and changed into his pajamas. On the drive home, he had decided a shower could wait until later on that morning. For now, he just wanted to sleep.Continue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Ten”

Books & Badges – Chapter Nine

NOT EDITED Theodore stood in front of the full-length mirror in his bedroom, one hand wrapped tightly around his cane. He’d been in a bit more pain that day than expected, but he was doing his best to manage. His boss had given him a chair to sit on behind the register, but Theodore hadContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Nine”

Books & Badges – Chapter Eight

NOT EDITED Russell perched himself on the corner of Andrew’s desk, crossing his ankles. Andrew glanced up at him. “Whatcha doin’?” “I need an adult.” Andrew snorted. “What do you want?” “I’m making supper for someone tonight, hopefully making them feel better about some things. And returning this here travel mug,” Russell said, holding outContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Eight”

Books & Badges – Chapter Seven

NOT EDITED Theodore leaned back against the front door, letting out a heavy breath. Tonight wasn’t a date, not in the slightest, but his sudden onslaught of nervousness made him feel like it was. He hated that feeling. Theodore had no real plans to start dating again anytime soon. He had more than enough toContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Seven”