Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-One

NOT EDITED Theodore lifted his head as a hand touched the counter. He smiled. “Hey, Dad.” Jenner smiled back at him. “Hey, kiddo. I… figured you could take your lunch break with me today?” “Is… everything okay, Dad?” “One hundred percent. But we haven’t had lunch together–just you and me–since before Vera was born. I’dContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-One”

Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty

NOT EDITED As soon as Russell got into the station, he headed down to the basement. He knocked on the open door to the lab. “Ellie? You good to answer a couple questions for me?” “Of course.” Ellie lifted her head, a smile coming to her face. “How’re you doing this morning, Russ?” “I’m fine.”Continue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Nine

NOT EDITED Theodore wasn’t sure when he and Russell had successfully fallen asleep, but he awoke on his good hip, his back pressed to Russell’s front. The detective’s arm was draped over his side, the face of his watch peeking out from under the sleeve of his sweatshirt. Theodore threaded his fingers through Russell’s andContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Nine”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Eight

NOT EDITED Not for the first time that morning, Russell found himself awake. They had gone to bed a couple hours after Vera had finished watching her ghost show and been tucked in. In the last five hours, Russell had managed a whopping half hour of sleep. He rolled onto his back, scrubbing both handsContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Eight”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Seven

NOT EDITED Theodore, in the ballsiest decision he had ever made, had Gina drop him off at the police station after work. With a little help from a very kind detective, he found his way upstairs and to Russell’s desk. Tentatively, he cleared his throat. Russell lifted his head, tired expression quickly shifting to worry.Continue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Seven”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Six

NOT EDITED “I’d like access to his home. I’m hoping you have a key so I don’t have to break the door down or get myself a locksmith,” Russell said. Dani, Vince’s daughter, sniffled. “I don’t. But he always left one out, tucked under his car. In the, umm, the tire well? Tucked up inContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Six”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Five

NOT EDITED Theodore was at work for all of an hour before Russell walked in through the doors. His chest tightened, gaze following the detective as he headed back to the children’s section of the store. He hated that seeing Russell put him on edge, but he couldn’t help it. There had been a timeContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Five”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Four

NOT EDITED Russell opened his eyes as Theodore shifted for the seventh time in the last two minutes. “You okay?” Russell asked, his voice raw. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me,” Theodore said. “You sound like you’re in pain.” “I’m always in pain.” Russell sniffled, pulling away from Theodore.  “Roll onto your good side, Theo.Continue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Four”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Three

NOT EDITED After work, Gina dropped Theodore off at his parents’ place. She had offered to wait for him so he could do nothing more than go in, get Vera, and come back out, but he had politely declined. It was about time he saw his parents for more than a few minutes, anyway. HeContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Three”

Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Two

NOT EDITED Freshly showered and changed back into the suit he kept in the car, Russell walked into the kitchen. Theodore stood at the stove, making something Russell couldn’t see. He was pretty sure he could smell peppers, though. “It’s me,” Russell said before laying a hand on Theodore’s upper back, between his shoulders. “Where’sContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Twenty-Two”