Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-One

NOT EDITED Theodore sat down beside Gina on her couch, eyes landing on Vera. She and Boyd had taken immediate interest in a dance game for the Xbox 360 the very moment they stepped foot in Gina’s living room. Gina elbowed him in the side. “How’re you doing today, Theo?” “Not terrible. Though sleeping onContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty-One”

Books & Badges – Chapter Forty

NOT EDITED Just before midnight, Theodore fell asleep on the couch, his head on Russell’s chest. Russell paused Nurse Jackie and set the remote on the end table. He shut off the lamp and wrapped an arm around Theodore. He wasn’t sure how sleep would go for him that night, but he hoped he couldContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Forty”

Books & Badges – Thirty-Nine

NOT EDITED Later that evening, as promised, Russell had picked Theodore up from the bookstore at five. Now, they walked through the grocery store, picking out ingredients for the brownies with cookie dough frosting Theodore had found on Pinterest. “For the record,” Theodore started, “if it wasn’t for one of your hands being busy withContinue reading “Books & Badges – Thirty-Nine”

Books & Badges – Thirty-Eight

NOT EDITED Russell dropped into his desk chair, another fresh cup of coffee in his hand. He took a sip, drawing in a deep breath as he set the mug down. Though he’d been at the station for a whopping six hours, he hadn’t accomplished much. He had started out his very early morning byContinue reading “Books & Badges – Thirty-Eight”

Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Seven

**Sorry for the delay! I was editing for someone yesterday and completely spaced the update** NOT EDITED Theodore paused his recording of Lucifer and grabbed his cane from where it leaned against the end table. He pushed himself off the couch, letting out a breath as he made his way to the door. After unlockingContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Seven”

Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Six

NOT EDITED After lunch with Theodore, which had turned out to mostly be a long hug on the hood of his car with Theodore instead, Russell had headed back to the station. Now, he sat at his desk, flipping through Lauren’s folder. Sam had told him that they couldn’t remember if they had told theContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Six”

Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Five

NOT EDITED Theodore sat down on the stool behind the register, using his cane to help shift his balance and weight away from his left hip. He lifted his head as someone set a small stack of books on the counter. He smiled. “Hey, Dad.” “Hey, kiddo. I am shopping for books you and VeraContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Five”

Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Four

NOT EDITED Russell came to again for what felt like the millionth time. He’d been in and out of sleep ever since he had handed Super Mario Bros over to Theodore and Vera, taking his choice of Luigi out of the game. He cleared his throat, reaching out for his beer. Theodore sat between hisContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Four”

Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Three

NOT EDITED Theodore thanked Gina with a wave and headed up to the house, Vera’s hand held tightly in his. Eventually, he planned to start driving again, even if the pain wasn’t great for his hip. Though he more than appreciated Gina’s help, having her pick him up in the mornings, take Vera to school,Continue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Three”

Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Two

NOT EDITED A/N: The character introduced in this chapter, Sam, is non-binary and uses the pronounces they/them. ‘They’ in reference to them in the story is on purpose and correct, but I wanted to make sure you weren’t confused when you got there 🙂 Russell pressed a kiss to Theodore’s forehead and thanked him forContinue reading “Books & Badges – Chapter Thirty-Two”