Surgeon – Chapter Four

NOT EDITED Chapter Four 1:15 PM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, LAB The knock on the open door of the lab pulled Bo’s attention from the array of photos spread out on the table. He lifted his head, eyes landing on Jacob. “What can I do for you, Detective?” “You can just call me Jake. ‘Detective’ is,Continue reading “Surgeon – Chapter Four”

Surgeon – Chapter Three

NOT EDITED Chapter Three 11:45 AM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, MORGUE Bo stared down at Tess Brown’s body, half a frown set deeply on his face. Unless testing revealed something that was otherwise undetectable, the autopsy had brought forth little of interest. There had been nothing strange or abnormal in the woman’s stomach. He hadn’t foundContinue reading “Surgeon – Chapter Three”

Surgeon – Chapter Two

NOT EDITED Chapter Two 8:32 AM; CLINSTONE EMERGENCY ROOM, ALLEYWAY Admittedly, Bo found himself shocked at the crime scene alleyway. He’d ducked under the yellow tape at an uncountable number of Los Angeles back alley homicides, and there was always an unmistakable feel to them. In Los Angeles, even before you saw the body orContinue reading “Surgeon – Chapter Two”

Bartender’s Vampire – Chapter Two

NOT EDITED     Kyle Barrett leaned back against the bar, eyes focused on the dance floor. More specifically, focused on Sabien. The short man was out there in the middle, dancing like no one was watching. But Kyle was definitely watching. Something about Sabien was absolutely alluring and demanding of attention. A group of youngContinue reading “Bartender’s Vampire – Chapter Two”

Bartender’s Vampire – Chapter One

NOT EDITED     “I dare you to lie to me again,” Sabien said through his teeth, fangs glinting in the moonlight.     A wicked smile formed on the taller man’s face as he stared down at the pale Vampire. “I love you,” he said slowly. He offered the most dramatic shrug Sabien had ever seen.Continue reading “Bartender’s Vampire – Chapter One”

Surgeon – Chapter One

NOT EDITED Chapter One Thursday: January 2, 2020 8:00 AM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, LIEUTENANT MYRA COOPER’S OFFICE     “I’d like to be the first to welcome you to Clinstone PD, Mister Austen.” Lieutenant Myra Cooper brushed a lock of blonde hair out of her face, brown eyes brightening as she smiled and held out aContinue reading “Surgeon – Chapter One”

Surgeon – Prologue

A/N: I wanted to post this earlier, but between client edits, formats, and sanctuary animals, I’ve got my hands quite full! Anyway, Sunday was Bo’s birthday, and even though I’m not yet done with the rewrite, I can’t help myself. For the first time in a long time, I feel connected to Bo again, andContinue reading “Surgeon – Prologue”