Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Eleven

A/N: Belated Wednesday update. Sorry this one took so long to get out to you guys! This chapter just took forever to write for little reason outside of personal issues, lol. Enjoy! NOT EDITED Theodore hated that finding Russell’s scars had made him so quick to judge, so quick to assume Russell was an activeContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Eleven”

S. Carved – Chapter Nineteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Nineteen Dallas couldn’t believe it. It had been almost two hours, and he still couldn’t believe it. Me, neither, Tex. Can’t believe you talked that girl into killing herself. Fuck you. I didn’t talk her into anything. Ed chuckled. Whatever helps you sleep at night, darling. Dallas bit back a growl, crossingContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Nineteen”

Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Five

NOT EDITED After informing Eddie’s parents about his death, Miguel had stayed in his cruiser in the parking lot for nearly an hour to cry, gain control of himself, and cry. Informing the family of a homicide was never easy, but tacking on that the victim was a three-year-old, that Miguel knew him and hisContinue reading “Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Five”

S. Carved – Chapter Eighteen

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I meant to post this yesterday, but my sleep schedule is sort of controlled by my exhaustion right now. Anyway, here you go!! NOT EDITED Chapter Eighteen “So, they probably eat people,” Dallas said as he slid into the cruiser. “Technically, they probably eat the organs of people.” Oh, myContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Eighteen”

A Bensen Short – First Valentine’s Day

A/N: Happy belated Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t read up through the ending up book five of the Bo Austen series (The White Rose Butcher), it’s suggested you skip this for now to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the very first Bensen Valentine’s Day 🙂 NOT EDITED Tuesday: February 14, 2023 The moonlightContinue reading “A Bensen Short – First Valentine’s Day”

Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Four

NOT EDITED Miguel took a sip of his coffee before pushing open the door to the interrogation room. The man seated at the steel table lifted his head. “Morning, sir,” Miguel greeted. “Morning,” the man said quietly. “I-I can’t believe what happened at my shop.” “I can imagine. It’s hard to think about a homicideContinue reading “Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Four”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Ten

NOT EDITED Russell awoke to the vibration of his watch. The nights he spent with Theodore, he muted the loud beeping. On the off chance the man was still asleep, Russell wanted him to stay that way for as long as possible. That morning, unsurprisingly, the other side of Theodore’s bed was empty. Russell letContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Ten”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Nine

NOT EDITED Just as he and Vera finished setting the table, Theodore heard Russell’s car pull into the drive. He smiled down at his daughter. “Do you wanna go let Russell in?” “Yep! Make sure it’s him before I open the door?” Vera asked. Theodore nodded. “Always double-check.” “Okay. Back in a second, Daddy.” ItContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Nine”

Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Three

A/N: Just finished this chapter this morning, so here’s a slightly belated chapter three!** NOT EDITED After collecting himself from the sheer panic that had coursed through his veins at the very idea that his doors and windows were unlocked, Miguel bought himself a coffee and headed to the bar across the street from theContinue reading “Christmas Cannibal – Chapter Three”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Eight

NOT EDITED Russell woke up as Theodore slid out from under his arm and sat up in bed, legs hanging over the side of the mattress. Russell cleared his throat, scrubbing a hand over his face. “Morning.” “Good morning.” Theodore’s voice was still quiet, but he sounded better than he had the night before. RussellContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Eight”