Truths & Chains – Chapter Four

NOT EDITED Elias had slept like garbage. He’d never found himself more thankful to wake up and find that it was Sunday. He didn’t have to go into work again until tomorrow. He could work from home until then. He sat up in bed, scrubbing his hands over his face. He grabbed his cell toContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter Four”

Truths & Chains – Chapter Three

A/N: This is a brand new chapter three! If you haven’t read the rewritten first two chapters, you can start at chapter one by clicking here 🙂 NOT EDITED It was well after two in the morning when Vito’s phone buzzed on the floor of Jenna’s bedroom floor. Or was it Jolene? Hell if heContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter Three”

Truths & Chains – Chapter Two

A/N: A brand new scene has been added at the end of this chapter (if you read before 9/12/21) with minor changes throughout the rest of the chapter** NOT EDITED The little office in the news station, always quieter than the hustle and bustle of the rest of the newsroom, remained a getaway of sortsContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter Two”

Truths & Chains – Chapter One

A/N: Working on rewrites to fix a couple issues in this one! Not a ton has changed in chapter one, but this is the new version! 🙂 NOT EDITED A vibrating cell phone clattered against… something. Vito Minetti cracked open an eye, waiting. How the hell was it fair that out of the three peopleContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter One”