Truths & Chains – Chapter Five

NOT EDITED     Vito: Just dropped Tito off at the airport for his girl’s night out. Any word on the dogs?     Bo: You know your brother doesn’t find that nearly as funny as you do?     Vito: You know you respond pretty damn fast for a guy who says he’s busy?     Vito tappedContinue reading “Truths & Chains – Chapter Five”

Teaser – Symbolically Carved

NOT EDITED Chapter One Friday: February 8, 2008 Freshly promoted from the LAPD’S Central Bureau’s Narcotics Unit, Dallas Silver found himself more than ready to join the homicide department. After spending the last week on leave to nurse an injured shoulder, he wanted to get back to the job. He needed to get back toContinue reading “Teaser – Symbolically Carved”