S. Carved – Chapter Nine

NOT EDITED Chapter Nine After Carol Sawyer had collected herself, she invited Dallas and Bo inside. Now they sat in her living room, each of them armed with a single cup of coffee. Bo sat beside Dallas on the couch, an open notebook on his lap and a pencil poised and ready for note-taking. ForContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Nine”

S. Carved – Chapter Eight

NOT EDITED Chapter Eight Dallas endured Bo’s silence for nearly an hour before Mister Richardon finally came out with the security footage they needed. The drive back to the police station had been silent, as had the walk through the parking lot, and Dallas followed Bo all the way to the stairs before the shorterContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Eight”

S. Carved – Chapter Seven

NOT EDITED Chapter Seven Saturday: February 9, 2008 Dallas had barely gotten breakfast onto the two plates on the counter before his little brother walked out into the kitchen, still in his pajamas. “Hey, wasn’t expecting you to wake up early today. Was just gonna put your food in the fridge.” “If I gotta startContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Seven”

S. Carved – Chapter Six

NOT EDITED Back home from a boxing session intense enough to hopefully keep Ed out of his head for a few hours, Dallas dropped into his desk chair, snagging the folder Bo had given him at the station. Though he was still supposed to be ‘taking it easy’ on his shoulder, he had needed theContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Six”

S. Carved – Chapter Five

NOT EDITED Dallas pushed himself to his feet and made his way to the detective desks. Clearing his throat, he stopped in front of Burke’s desk. He didn’t know her first name, and truthfully, iven what he already knew about her, he didn’t care to learn it. We could kill her. Since she hurt yourContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Five”

S. Carved – Chapter Four

NOT EDITED Chapter Four Dallas pushed himself to his feet, hooking his thumbs through his belt loops. “Where do we go from here?” “Well, I’ll continue to take pictures, search for evidence, take more pictures, bag anything I can find… That’s my piece in all this.” Bo glanced up at him. “Since you’ll be playingContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Four”

S. Carved – Chapter Three

NOT EDITED Chapter Three Near the body, Dallas squatted down beside Bo. Squatting in the sand was a constant balancing act, and Dallas appeared to be struggling far more than Bo. If nothing else, he managed to stay on his feet rather than fall face first onto the corpse. Though that’d be pretty hilarious, huh,Continue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Three”

S. Carved – Chapter Two

NOT EDITED Chapter Two After a mostly silent ride, Dallas parked his car in the lot outside the diner. “You want me to come in with you?” “I’ll leave that up to you,” Bo said. “Does your analyst normally go in with you?” “Not usually, no.” “All right. I’ll stay here. Mind grabbing me aContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Two”

S. Carved – Chapter One

NOT EDITED Chapter One Friday: February 8, 2008 Freshly promoted from the LAPD’s Central Bureau’s Narcotics Unit, Dallas Silver found himself more than ready to join the homicide department. After spending the last week on leave to nurse an injured shoulder, he wanted to get back to the job. He needed to get back toContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter One”