S. Carved – Chapter Nineteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Nineteen Dallas couldn’t believe it. It had been almost two hours, and he still couldn’t believe it. Me, neither, Tex. Can’t believe you talked that girl into killing herself. Fuck you. I didn’t talk her into anything. Ed chuckled. Whatever helps you sleep at night, darling. Dallas bit back a growl, crossingContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Nineteen”

S. Carved – Chapter Eighteen

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I meant to post this yesterday, but my sleep schedule is sort of controlled by my exhaustion right now. Anyway, here you go!! NOT EDITED Chapter Eighteen “So, they probably eat people,” Dallas said as he slid into the cruiser. “Technically, they probably eat the organs of people.” Oh, myContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Eighteen”

S. Carved – Chapter Seventeen

NOT EDITED Chapter Seventeen Dallas pulled up to the curb and shifted the cruiser into park. “Do we know anything about this guy?” “Other than his name and address?” Bo asked from the passenger seat. “No, not quite. Though I’d love to be allowed to research every suspect, witness, or person involved in a case—”Continue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Seventeen”

S. Carved – Chapter Sixteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Sixteen Monday: February 11, 2008 Dallas awoke in the living room, his good arm hanging over the side of the rocking chair. Clearing his throat, he lifted his hand to rub at his eyes. Time? Little after four, Ed said. Why’d you wake me up? I didn’t. This one’s all you. SometimesContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Sixteen”

S. Carved – Chapter Fifteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Fifteen Dallas parked his car in the garage and cut the engine. To make his ‘running errands’ excuse appear a bit more valid, he had driven out to the grocery store and picked up a few things. There had been a time where he would ask Ed to do that for him,Continue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Fifteen”

S. Carved – Chapter Fourteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Fourteen Dallas sat in his car, drumming the fingers of his left hand against the steering wheel. With music quietly playing through his speakers, he kept most of his attention focused on Spencer Fabray. The pedophile had left his house twenty minutes before, and Dallas had been following from a distance everContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Fourteen”

S. Carved – Chapter Thirteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirteen Sunday: February 10, 2008 Thanks to Ed and a couple nightmares thrown his way, Dallas had spent another night sleeping like garbage. He scratched at his scalp as he made his way out to the kitchen, still dressed in his pajamas. On his way past the living room, he found BoContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Thirteen”

S. Carved – Chapter Twelve

NOT EDITED Chapter Twelve Back home, Dallas locked himself in his office and sat down behind his desk. “You stay inside this office at all times. Do you understand?” he asked, his voice low. Yep. Stay in the office, don’t hurt Xavier, retreat if Xavier calls for you, retreat if your phone rings. Dallas nodded,Continue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Twelve”

S. Carved – Chapter Eleven

NOT EDITED Chapter Eleven Through with the car dealer, Dallas slid back into the driver’s seat of the cruiser and handed Bo the picture of the van from the security footage. “Guy in there identified it as a 2007 Chevy Express 1500 Passenger Van. Verified it with two of his colleagues too.” Bo nodded. “ThereContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Eleven”

S. Carved – Chapter Ten

NOT EDITED Chapter Ten “I have it,” Bo assured for the sixth time as he pushed the television toward Dallas’s desk. “Are you sure?” Bo stopped long enough to meet Dallas’s eye. “My short stature and thin frame don’t determine my ability to roll a cart across the room, Mister Silver.” Dallas couldn’t help butContinue reading “S. Carved – Chapter Ten”