Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Twelve

**I just finished this one, so belated Wednesday update! Thank you for your patience with this book. Things have been slow-going across the board, so I appreciate it.** NOT EDITED After dropping Theodore off at work, Russell headed to the police station. Inside, after topping off his coffee mug with the less-than-good coffee in theContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Twelve”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Eleven

A/N: Belated Wednesday update. Sorry this one took so long to get out to you guys! This chapter just took forever to write for little reason outside of personal issues, lol. Enjoy! NOT EDITED Theodore hated that finding Russell’s scars had made him so quick to judge, so quick to assume Russell was an activeContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Eleven”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Ten

NOT EDITED Russell awoke to the vibration of his watch. The nights he spent with Theodore, he muted the loud beeping. On the off chance the man was still asleep, Russell wanted him to stay that way for as long as possible. That morning, unsurprisingly, the other side of Theodore’s bed was empty. Russell letContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Ten”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Nine

NOT EDITED Just as he and Vera finished setting the table, Theodore heard Russell’s car pull into the drive. He smiled down at his daughter. “Do you wanna go let Russell in?” “Yep! Make sure it’s him before I open the door?” Vera asked. Theodore nodded. “Always double-check.” “Okay. Back in a second, Daddy.” ItContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Nine”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Eight

NOT EDITED Russell woke up as Theodore slid out from under his arm and sat up in bed, legs hanging over the side of the mattress. Russell cleared his throat, scrubbing a hand over his face. “Morning.” “Good morning.” Theodore’s voice was still quiet, but he sounded better than he had the night before. RussellContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Eight”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Seven

NOT EDITED Theodore had still felt shaky and unsteady after his first shower. He’d still felt Shane’s hands on him after his second shower. He’d still cried during his third shower. Shower number four, however, had been… okay. He had been out of tears to cry, and his skin felt so raw that he wouldn’tContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Seven”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Six

NOT EDITED “Steele.” Russell lifted his head as he shrugged on his coat. “Hey, Loo.” His lieutenant nodded. “I have a genuine question for you, and I want you to answer it truthfully. We’ll test out your answer for a bit and reassess afterward.” “Okay?” “If you have the option to work by yourself orContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Six”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Five

NOT EDITED Theodore awoke to an empty bed. He rolled onto his back and sat up with a yawn. In the bathroom, he could hear the shower running. “Monday,” he whispered. Of course. Russell had to go back to work. Theodore had time off until Wednesday morning, something he had planned ahead of time soContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Five”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Four

**A/N: Unrelated to this book, but just got back from the vet’s a bit ago and can confirm Roxie DOES NOT have the kidney failure her symptoms led us to fear she did. It’s nice to finally be able to breathe again** NOT EDITED “Where’d you put them?” Theodore asked the exact moment he steppedContinue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Four”

Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Three

NOT EDITED At his parents’ house, Theodore leaned back against the refrigerator, one hand wrapped loosely around his cane. His mother was still in the process of making food, and though she wouldn’t let him help, he still liked being in the kitchen. The warmth the oven put out always felt good on his hip,Continue reading “Hashtags & Homicide – Chapter Three”