Announcement: Website Renewal

Hey, guys

I hate making an announcement about this, but I’m officially in crunch time. My website renews for about $125 on the 13th of this month, and I need help covering it. If you can donate anything at all, it’s greatly appreciated.

If 22% of my Wattpad audience donated a dollar, I’d be there.

If you can’t help, that’s 100% okay! I’m chronically ill and can’t work “normal” jobs, so I absolutely understand money being tight or simply being unable to because of the rules around countries and different apps for donations.

Although I make next to nothing from my website (I’ve made about 50 cents in the last year, which won’t be paid until I’ve made $100), the paid version of WordPress keeps the website address short and simple for you. Less typing and less to remember!

All of my links are included below. Thank you to anyone who can or does donate. Contact me after if you’d like editing done, a Wattpad or inspo book cover, or an animal portrait! Thank you!$CourtneyElsberry

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