Quick Update

Today has been a super long day filled with stress, so two things!

One, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!! my paypal card was hacked and I’ve had $150 stolen from me today. I’m working with paypal to resolve it and get my money back, but it’s there. This is because they had access to a site where my card information was stored. Amazon, walmart, my dog’s pharmacy. Anything. Keep on top of your passwords, guys. Stay safe!

And two! Once Google approves my site, I’ll be changing my ads a bit. WordPress served over 10,000 ads last month and produced a total of 15 cents of income.

Now, I’m not expecting to make a sustainable income from this website, but I unfortunately won’t be able to continue to pay for it each year if the site isn’t producing a bit more money.

Still, these ads aren’t like Wattpad. I won’t be forcing you to watch a 15-30 second video before you can scroll to the next chapter. If you were to ever run into that type of thing, please let me know and I will do what I can to resolve that issue.

I’ll test it out for a month once it’s approved and see which one is more worth it–Wordpress ads or Google ads. Thanks for sticking with me through some trial and error here guys 💜

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

    1. Thank you!

      Fingers crossed! I currently can’t find the edit button I need to access to put the ads in once Google approves my site, so I need to do some more digging on that. But that sounds like a problem for tomorrow Courtney 😅


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