May 4th 2020

Hey, guys!

Next month is Cut to the Kill’s first birthday! So, much like I did with Ashes in the Light, I’ll be giving away free ebook copies (PDFs) in exchange for Amazon or Goodreads reviews. If you’d like to know more about Cut to the Kill, you can find it’s book page on my main site here: Cut to the Kill book info

There’s a form for you to fill out below if you’re interested in reading CTTK in exchange for a review before June 18th.

If you read Ashes in the Light and did not leave a review or email me about delays, you won’t be able to read Cut to the Kill. I sent out seven copies and received two reviews in exchange. Though I’m more than willing to send you CTTK after you’ve left a review for AITL, I can’t give out free copies of my work to anyone who has previously left their half of the agreement unfulfilled or unexplained.

Cut to the Kill Form

3 thoughts on “May 4th 2020

    1. Oh, no! Is there nothing that looks like the one I use for the mailing lists? It should just ask for your email and name. If it doesn’t show up for you, I’ll totally just email it to you


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