The Dallas Silver Series

Symbolically Carved [IN PROGRESS]

book one of the Dallas Silver series

Freshly promoted homicide officer Dallas Silver has something that none of his fellow officers have: the voice of a dead serial killer begging him to kill every person around him.

For years, Dallas has redirected the voice with compromises, the largest of which being that anyone they killed together had to deserve it. They had to be a criminal.

Despite the voice’s best attempts, Dallas sticks by this compromise, even as he attends his first homicide scene as an officer of the law rather than a murderer. A dead man found on a beach, symbols carved into his back. Far from being Dallas’s work, that’s for damn sure.

Paired with a quiet lab geek, Dallas works the case passed to him by a sleazy detective who’s ready to take the credit as soon as it’s solved. Searching for one criminal for work, Dallas searches for another to soothe the fire burning in his soul, the one that begs his fingers to wrap around a knife and plunge it into another man.

Both criminals need to be found. One just needs a bit more of a hands-on approach than the other.

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