The Headless Horseman Killer

book three of the Bo Austen-Taylor series

Three months into taking over for Jamal Pitman in Los Angeles, Bo Austen is still dealing with the war between Isaac Sáez and the Lucchese crime family. A war against Lucchese could quickly turn into one against him if the Minetti Horror Twins catch and killer Isaac, but it’s a risk Bo has to take. He can’t run the Pitman Empire if he allows his allyship with the Luccheses to expire.

Unbeknownst to Bo, a serial killer lurks the streets of Clinstone, simply awaiting for his return to Minnesota before striking. Unprepared for the case and everything else life has handed him at such a critical time, Bo does his best to manage, but there’s something that just doesn’t seem new about The Headless Horseman Killer.

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