The Bo Austen-Taylor Series

The Bo Austen-Taylor series is a continuation of the Bo Austen series. It is highly suggested you read the Bo Austen series first, both to understand the characters and gain insight into their lives, as well as to avoid spoilers for every aspect of the Bo Austen series.

The Happy Face Killer [IN PROGRESS]

book one in the Bo Austen-Taylor series

After dedicating right around sixty-five percent of his life to forensics, Bo Austen-Taylor has been given the largest and most terrifying promotion of his life. He’s been promoted to replace Jamal Pitman as the LAPD’s Chief of Police. Of course, Jamal Pitman is a man of many trades, and Bo has taken over all of them, including the allied relationship with the mob.

Bo and his family leave for Clinstoen, Minnesota after Bo’s first week on the job. Dividing his time in Clinstone between a homicide, everything going on in L.A., and his family, Bo can’t help but have a difficult time adjusting.

His first genuine homicide case in Clinstone in several months is the body of a teenager, stabbed to death outside of a bar. The knife is in the dumpster, covered in the killer’s fingerprints. Although no DNA is left behind, a single calling card is: a happy face sticker.

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