Cut to the Kill [EXCERPT]

a crime novel following Thomas Smalls, an FBI agent, as he and his partner work to catch a multi-state serial killer

In New York, a woman is pulled out of the river, the letters ‘CGK’ carved into her right hip.

In Washington C.C., two FBI agents work to catch their serial kidnapper before he can begin his next round of February kidnappings.

The homicides in New York continue, each victim linked with the CGK signature. It isn’t long before the detectives discover their new killer isn’t new at all. He’s a multi-state serial killer with three dead women per state, and New York is his forty-second stop.

FBI Agents Thomas Smalls and Chris Cross are assigned to New York with the hope of catching the man behind the knife once and for all.

Will they be able to catch the homicidal manic before he kills three women, jumps ship, and moves to state forty-three?

Ashes in the Light [EXCERPT]

a paranormal novel following Aurora Cole as she moves into a haunted farmhouse, unbeknownst to her

In dire need of a do-over in life, Aurora Cole packs up her things and moves halfway across the country with both of her dogs, choosing a beautiful farmhouse in a small, everyone-knows-everyone neighborhood. Whiteburn, Iowa is full of rolling fields, green countryside, fresh air, and kind, caring neighbors. Sheriff Luke Davidson lives only three hundred feet away. For the first time in years, Aurora isn’t terrified of trusting everyone around her, and for once, she feels safe in her own home.

It doesn’t take long for that safe feeling to be ripped out from under her. When strange things start happening around the house, it becomes rather apparent why the plot of land was being sold for such a low price. Doors opening and closing by themselves, plates and bowls flying out of the cabinets, giggling, doors locking by themselves, windows opening all on their own.

Can Aurora escape a haunting she doesn’t even believe in? Or will the ghosts and darkness that fester in the farmhouse drive her straight back to the same brink of insanity that had driven her away from home in the first place?

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