Riley PD Series

Letters from a Madman [EXCERPT]

a crime novel following Detectives Granger and Harris as they work to solve a twenty-year-old bank robbery/mass shooting before the killer can do it again

In the mid-nineties, a man walks out of a small bank in Riley, New York with fifty thousand stolen dollars in hand. With only two out of the thirty-nine people in the bank left alive and very little physical evidence at the scene, the trail goes cold.

Twenty years later, the mystery gunman sends a letter to the original lead detectives on the case, writing of nostalgia and a deep desire to do it all again. This time, he wants to go even bigger.

Detectives Hilo Granger and Tahki Harris launch a search for the author of the letter, all while following the one rule he had included for them: don’t tell any of their superiors, or he’ll kill far sooner than planned.

Without easy access to the case file, surveillance footage, traffic cameras, or the original evidence, is it even possible to find a killer when twenty years’ worth of active case rotation has done nothing for leads?

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