My Editing Services

Courtney Elsberry

Iowa, United States

Academic and creative researcher, writer, and editor with 8+ years experience.

Experience Summary

After spending the last eight years researching, writing, and editing academic papers and fictional works, I began offering paid freelance editing services at the tail end of 2019. Since then, I have copyedited one published novel and carried out the copyedits for seven stories for writers that have yet to publish or are uncertain if that’s the path they wish to take.

Of my own works, I’ve written forty-one novel-length stories and twenty-six novella-length stories from 2017 onward. In the same period of time, I have edited sixty-one of my own drafts.

I’m a dedicated and organized writer and editor, and I can work well with most timelines on the majority of projects. I do my best to make sure everyone walks away happy with the final product, especially the client.

Services Offered



Genres Worked With

Mystery & Crime

Short Story

Zombie Fiction



Science Fiction

Thriller & Suspense

Editing Rates

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Gent Adams

Standing up means rebelling against the Alpha Society and facing the undead. Complying means becoming a mindless artificial intelligence soldier.

In the ruins of a place once known as the United States, all that roams the apocalyptic world are greedy humans, undead Ragers, and controlled soldiers. Three years prior, a street drug named Rage was released on the unsuspecting masses. It lived up to its name and created vicious undead creatures. Seventeen-year-old O Brightly is alone and in trouble. While traveling home for the first time in three years… read more


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