Killer in Training Series

Fedkenheuer [COMPLETED]

book one in the Killer in Training series

Little Freddie Fedkenheuer isn’t much different than every other five-year-old boy his age. He’s learning to ride a bike without training wheels, and the alphabet’s being taught in school by matching the letters to animals. He’s learning to swim and still follows a routine bedtime. He loves helping his dad cook and bake, and he’s even learning how to tie his shoes.

He’s also learning how to plan and commit a homicide without getting caught, but that’s more of a ‘mom’ thing and less of a ‘Freddie’ thing. He’s just a normal little boy on the outside, but on the inside, he knows every organ and pressure point, and he knows which artery to cut to make someone bleed to death in less than five seconds.

But he’s normal on the outside.


book two in the Killer in Training series

Freddie Fedkenheuer has a bit more baggage to carry upon his shoulders than the average five-year-old boy. He’s lost his father, the monster supposedly can’t hurt him anymore, and now he’s living with his grandpa.

Things aren’t easy. Even locked in a cell thousands of miles away, the monster still has her grip on Freddie’s brain. He still thinks about the things she taught him, even when he tries his hardest not to — how easy it would be to kill another person, how people are targets and the monsters are the real people, how many ribs targets have, what their weaknesses are.

But even though he fears the monster is still going to come find him, he’s trying his best to live any other way than hers, and thanks to a lot of hard work from his own little self, he’s still normal on the outside.

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