Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-Three

NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty-Three 11:20 AM; CLINSTONE, LITTLE DELIGHTS DINER “Eli?” Bo lifted his head, eyes shifting to Jensen’s face. “Yes?” “David will call you when he’s done with the golf game.” “I know he will.” “So… why are you watching your phone like it’s about to sprout legs and run away?” Jensen asked. BoContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-Three”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-Two

NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty-Two 9:49 AM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, CHIEF OF POLICE DAVID QUINN’S OFFICE “Christ, I’m sorry, Bo. Some of these girls look like they could be her, but none of them have her eyes,” David said, handing Bo’s phone back to the blonde. “Her eyes? Was there something particularly special about them?” BoContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-Two”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-One

NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty-One 6:13 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, BREAKFAST NOOK Freshly showered and changed into a flannel and a pair of jeans. Bo set his laptop on the small table in the nook and tapped the power button. He pulled his belt from his shoulder, watching his screen come on as he threadedContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty-One”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty

A/N: Belated Tuesday update** NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty Wednesday: January 9, 2030 3:15 AM; MAGNOLIA, THE HAPPY FACE KILLER’S FARMHOUSE, BASEMENT Fiona watched the man’s eyes snap open. He groaned, the sound muffled by the gag she’d shoved in his mouth. “Hi, Buddy.” He turned his head, his eyes meeting hers. “Mm?” “My real name’sContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twenty”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Nineteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Nineteen 3:23 PM; CLIFFBURN COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT, BUSES “Are you listening to me?” Freddie lifted his head, dragging his gaze away from the window. “Sorry?” Evie’s brow furrowed as she laid the back of her hand on his cheek. “I asked if you were okay. You’ve barely said three words all day.”Continue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Nineteen”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Eighteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Eighteen 1:01 PM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, LAB “Here,” Bo said, sliding Jensen’s notepad across the table. Jensen grabbed it, eyes quickly scanning the names, numbers, and addresses Bo had written down. “Sweet. You coming with?” Bo shook his head. “I have some calls to make. Just take a lot of notes andContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Eighteen”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Seventeen

A/N: Belated Tuesday update 🙂 NOT EDITED Chapter Seventeen 10:26 AM; CLINSTONE, TWINKLE TOES BALLET STUDIO Bo squatted down in front of Castor, tugging down on the hem of the toddler’s white t-shirt. “You look nervous.” Castor’s head snapped in his father’s direction. “Why?” “Well, I figured you’d be smiling by now.” “Why’m I theContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Seventeen”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Sixteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Sixteen 8:57 AM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, LAB Bo sat down behind the table, sliding his second cup of coffee of the morning onto the wooden surface. He reached over and pulled a thin stack of paper from the printer. He laid them out in front of him and grabbed a brand newContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Sixteen”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Fifteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Fifteen Tuesday: January 8, 2030 12:00 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, LAUNDRY ROOM Bo pulled the clothes from the dryer, dropping the unfolded mess into the laundry basket balanced on his hip. Although Bo would love to simply climb into bed with Jensen and call it a night, he was still waitingContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Fifteen”

Happy Face Killer – Chapter Fourteen

NOT EDITED Chapter Fourteen 7:00 PM; CLIFFBURN, PRESTON GRAHAM’S FARM, FRONT PORCH Freddie stood beside Evie on the porch, arms crossed over the banister. “Thanks for coming over.” Evie nodded. “Yeah, no problem.” A pause. “I hope you get some sleep tonight, Freddie. You look like hell.” He chuckled, uncrossing his arms to scrub bothContinue reading “Happy Face Killer – Chapter Fourteen”