Executioner – Epilogue

NOT EDITED Epilogue Saturday: February 13, 2027 7:42 PM; CLINSTONE, IVORY HILL There were three days in February that he believed were perfect for hunting. The day before Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and the day after Valentine’s day. The day before, women that knew they didn’t have a date were vulnerable. The sad ones atContinue reading “Executioner – Epilogue”

Executioner – Chapter Forty-Two

NOT EDITED Chapter Forty-Two Saturday: July 18, 2026 10:24 AM; LOS ANGELES, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, FAMILY ROOM Bo sat in one of the chairs in the living room, Castor cradled in one arm, a bottle in his free hand as he fed the baby. He has pushed his Bluetooth into his ear to talk toContinue reading “Executioner – Chapter Forty-Two”

Executioner – Chapter Forty-One

NOT EDITED Chapter Forty-One Wednesday: June 10, 2026 9:12 AM; CLINSTONE SPECIALTY HOSPITAL, OPERATING ROOM TWO “Oh, my God,” Jensen whispered as the nurse handed Pollux Grayson Austen-Taylor  over to him. Swaddled in a blue blanket, Pollux’s gray eyes locked with Jensen’s. “Is he beautiful?” Cecilia questioned, turning her head toward Bo. Bo flashed aContinue reading “Executioner – Chapter Forty-One”

Executioner – Chapter Forty

NOT EDITED Chapter Forty Friday: April 17, 2026 7:59 AM; LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT, POLICE CHIEF JAMAL PITMAN’S OFFICE “Morning, kiddo.” Bo nodded. “Morning,” he said softly. “What’s your plan for today?” “I’m having breakfast with Mom and Dad after I’m done here. Then I’ll go back home to spend the rest of the dayContinue reading “Executioner – Chapter Forty”

Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Nine

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Nine 3:21 PM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, FAMILY ROOM Jamal sat on the couch, his phone trapped between his ear and shoulder and a gaming controller in his hands. “Hey,” Wayne Duncan greeted. “Hello. I didn’t mean to miss your call. I’m in the middle of learning I suck at zombie games,”Continue reading “Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Nine”

Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Eight

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Eight Tuesday: March 10, 2026 2:05 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, MASTER BEDROOM “Eli.” Bo flinched as Jensen grabbed his shoulder. “You were talking.” “Sorry,” Bo whispered, his eyes focused on the wall. Jensen shook his head, wrapping an arm securely around Bo’s chest. “Nightmares?” he asked, his voice soft. Rather thanContinue reading “Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Eight”

Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Seven

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Seven Monday: March 9, 2026 8:01 AM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, BREAK ROOM Bo stirred a bit of creamer into his coffee, crossing his free arm over the counter. He bowed his head slightly, wishing he could go home and go back to sleep. He and Jensen planned on visiting Cecilia and CastorContinue reading “Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Seven”

Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Six

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Six Sunday: March 8, 2026 6:31 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, MASTER BEDROOM Kayla opened the door to her parents’ bedroom and leaned in to peek at them. They were both asleep, and although she didn’t want to disturb them, she had woken up from a nightmare, and Bo had previously givenContinue reading “Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Six”

Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Five

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Five 10:37 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, KEEPING ROOM Bo opened his eyes, sniffling before clearing his throat. He stared down at his husband’s sleeping form for a moment, smiling softly. He combed his fingers through the younger man’s hair. “Jens, love? I have to get up,” he murmured. “Five more minutes,”Continue reading “Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Five”

Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Four

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Four 9:02 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, KEEPING ROOM Renee draped a blanket over Jensen’s shoulders, smiling faintly as he let out a soft sound, snuggling up against Bo. She couldn’t begin to fathom the pain they’d feel in their muscles once they woke up, and she couldn’t wrap her mind aroundContinue reading “Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Four”