Blackout – Epilogue

NOT EDITED Epilogue Friday: March 2, 2029 7:01 AM; CLINSTONE, MARTHA FRASER’S HOUSE, MASTER BEDROOM Once upon a time, Martha Fraser had spent most of the morning sleeping, even on a Friday. She’d sleep well into the afternoon, wake up for lunch, write or edit for a couple hours—dependent on the client that day—eat supper,Continue reading “Blackout – Epilogue”

Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Six

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Six Tuesday: November 14, 2028 3:49 PM; LOS ANGELES, EAST LOS ANGELES COURTHOUSE The not guilty verdicts on all counts were nearly… baffling for Dominic. Cecilia Delacroix had pulled off a fear he hadn’t thought possible. That was why he didn’t fight her when she hugged him. Instead, he hugged her back.Continue reading “Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Six”

Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Five

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Five Monday: November 13, 2028 4:05 PM; CLINSTONE POLICE DEPARTMENT, LAB Bo looked away from his laptop as his phone dinged with a text. He unlocked his screen and opened the message. Cecilia: Closing statements over. Jury already deliberating. Nervous as hell. Bo: Don’t be. You hit this one hard, Celia. ProsecutionContinue reading “Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Five”

Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Four

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Four Friday: November 3, 2028 9:00 AM; LOS ANGELES SPECIALTY HOSPITAL, OPERATING ROOM ONE “Oh, thank God you’re here,” David whispered. “I was worried I’d have to be in there by myself.” Bo snorted. “Never.” He clapped David on the shoulder. “It’s not as bad as one might imagine. The curtain keepsContinue reading “Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Four”

Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Three

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Three Thursday: October 26, 2028 4:37 PM; CLINSTONE, THE MASON HOUSEHOLD, DINING ROOM “Gentle, Char,” Jacob reminded as Charlotte darted around him. Elijah glanced over at his father before lifting his eyes back to Bo’s face. “Why do you stand the way you stand?” he asked. Bo hiked Pollux up on hisContinue reading “Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Three”

Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Two

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-Two Monday: October 2, 2028 10:00 AM; LOS ANGELES, EAST LOS ANGELES COURTHOUSE “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Miss Delacroix, Mister Wilkinson… good morning,” the prosecutor said. Cecilia rolled her eyes, and Dominic simply raised an eyebrow in response. The prosecutor cleared his throat. “On behalf of the State, I’d likeContinue reading “Blackout – Chapter Thirty-Two”

Blackout – Chapter Thirty-One

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty-One Saturday: September 30, 2028 7:03 AM; LOS ANGELES, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, FOYER David smiled as soon as his gaze landed on Bo. “Hey, lab geek.” “Hey, yourself. How’s Cecilia?” “Good. She’s in the shower,” David said. He stepped away from the door, leaning back against the wall as Bo stepped intoContinue reading “Blackout – Chapter Thirty-One”

Blackout – Chapter Thirty

NOT EDITED Chapter Thirty Friday: September 8, 2028 8:16 AM; LOS ANGELES, MEN’S CENTRAL JAIL, INTERROGATION ROOM ONE “You need to be a lot more helpful than this, Mister Wilkinson,” Cecilia said softly. Dominic Wilkinson smiled, folding his hands beneath his chin. “My apologies, Miss Delacroix. What can I tell you?” “Why did you slitContinue reading “Blackout – Chapter Thirty”

Blackout – Chapter Twenty-Nine

NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty-Nine Tuesday: September 5, 2028 7:54 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, MASTER BEDROOM Bo lifted Castor onto the bed, setting him down beside his brother. “I won’t be gone long. I’m dropping the girls off at school and running by the station to talk to Jake.” “Can I assume it’s about theContinue reading “Blackout – Chapter Twenty-Nine”

Blackout – Chapter Twenty-Eight

NOT EDITED Chapter Twenty-Eight Monday: September 4, 2028 7:15 AM; CLINSTONE, THE AUSTEN-TAYLOR HOUSEHOLD, KITCHEN Bo poured his second cup of coffee that morning, topping it off with creamer and sugar. He stirred it well before taking a small sip and heading back to the family room. He set the mug on the end tableContinue reading “Blackout – Chapter Twenty-Eight”