Happy Face Killer – Chapter Fifteen


Chapter Fifteen

Tuesday: January 8, 2030

Bo pulled the clothes from the dryer, dropping the unfolded mess into the laundry basket balanced on his hip. Although Bo would love to simply climb into bed with Jensen and call it a night, he was still waiting on a call from Carmine. The mobster had told him to expect a call that night, and as it was still ten PM on Monday in Los Angeles, Bo was giving the man the benefit of the doubt.

He closed the dryer door and walked out of the laundry room, through the mud room and the little corner hallway, and into the bedroom. He crossed the room quietly, balancing the laundry basket on the chair in the corner of the room. He pulled his phone from his pocket and tapped the lock button to turn on the screen. No missed calls or messages.

Bo closed his eyes for a moment, letting out a slow breath. Carmine, the Minetti twins, and whoever else would be involved in capturing the man responsible for Lorenzo’s death would be fine. They would be safe. Bo knew he had no reason to worry about any of them, but he couldn’t help it.

They were his allies now. They all worked together to keep each other alive. They were a part of his life, and he was an important part of theirs. How was he supposed to stand there and pretend he wasn’t even the slightest bit worried?

He tucked his hands behind his back, staring out the glass sliding door that led to the small patio nestled between the outside walls of the bedroom and the keeping room. He stood there for what seemed like a lonely eternity, simply staring at his own reflection and the backyard, before Jensen’s reflection appeared beside his own.

Bo tilted his head back as the younger man laid a hand on his back. “Hi.”

“Hey.” Jensen cleared his throat, raking his free hand through his dark hair. “Whatcha doing?”

“Waiting for Carmine to call.”

“Mm. When’s that gonna be?”

“I’m not sure. I just feel like I have to keep waiting for him. I won’t be able to sleep until I know everything went down okay,” Bo said. “Whether I like it or not, they’re partially my responsibility now.”

Jensen nodded. “I get it.” He leaned down and kissed the blonde. “I could help you pass the time?” he suggested.

Bo raised a brow. “I thought you were tired.”

“Well, was. Now I’m just horny.”

Bo snorted, shoving at Jensen’s chest. “You’re ridiculous.”

I’m adorable. I dunno what you’re talking about.”

“Mm.” Bo leaned up and kissed him. Hands resting on Jensen’s chest, he pushed him back to the bed. Jensen sat down with a grunt, looping his fingers through Bo’s belt loops. Bo laid a hand on Jensen’s shoulder, leaning to the side as he slid his phone onto the nightstand. “What’s the plan, love?”

“I don’t think I have the genius, intellectual answer you’re looking for.”

Bo smiled, moving his hands to either side of the man’s face. “I love you.”

Jensen’s familiar charming smile crossed his face. “I love you too, Eli.”

Bo leaned down and kissed him, wrapping his fingers around the bottom hem of Jensen’s shirt. He tugged it over Jensen’s shoulders, only breaking the kiss to pull the shirt over his head. “You’re perfect, Jens.”

“I’ll accept the compliment because I know I’m hot, but I still think you’re as close to perfect as either of us get.”

Bo smiled softly, pressing a kiss to the younger man’s forehead. He took a step back, looking down as he unbuttoned his flannel. “Thank you for… for being my cheerleader. You know, no matter the reason you’re cheerleading.”

“It’s been my pleasure, Eli. That’s what I’m here for.”

“It’s deeply appreciated.” Bo shrugged off his flannel and climbed onto Jensen’s lap, draping his arms around the younger man’s neck. “If the phone rings and it’s Carmine, I have to answer it.”



Bo lay on his back on the bed, Jensen snuggled up to his side. “Think he’s ever gonna call?” Jensen questioned, a hand resting over Bo’s heart.

“I sure hope he does.” Bo combed his fingers through Jensen’s hair, clearing his throat. “I feel like I have to worry about him for reasons I can’t even comprehend. Jupiter, the man has the Horror Twins on his side, and I’m unexplainably worried.”

“That’s just ‘cause you’re a worrier, baby. You worry a lot, and you care a lot.” Jensen tilted his head back and pressed a kiss to Bo’s jaw. “That’s part of why I love you, Eli. You just care so damn much about everyone you know.”

“It can be quite annoying, though. I mean, right now, it’s keeping us both awake.”

“I don’t mind.”

“You’re very sweet, thank you.” Bo laid his free hand on Jensen’s cheek, shifting just enough to kiss him. “You can sleep if you’d like. I’ll just keep waiting for the call to come in.”

“You’re a worrywart, Eli. I won’t let you sit here in silence, waiting. I know how you get, and being trapped in your head isn’t good for you.” Jensen rolled onto his stomach, crossing his arms over Bo’s chest. “I don’t mind being up for a little while, Eli.”



The couple lay in comfortable silence for nearly another fifteen minutes before Bo’s phone rang. He reached over with his free hand and grabbed the device. He checked the caller ID, slid his thumb across the screen, and set it to speaker. “Carmine,” he greeted.

“Sorry to keep you waiting so long, Chief. We caught him about an hour and a half ago, but he isn’t cracking yet. We need to find out if the order was given to him by someone else. Gotta know if we’re in danger of losing more men before we kill him off.”

“What’ve you tried?”

“Who’s that?”

“Jensen, my husband,” Bo said.

“Aha, of course. Well, I’ve made the executive decision to not let the Minetti twins anywhere near him until it’s our last resort. Once Vito gets going on a guy, you can’t get him to stop.”

Jensen chuckled, meeting Bo’s eyes before mouthing, “That’s what he said.”

Bo rolled his eyes, backhanding his shoulder. “Who’s with the man now?”

“No one. I’ve done a bit of good cop on him. We’re letting him sit alone for a little while before I go back in and keep trying,” Carmine said.

“Who normally works information out of them before you sic the twins on them?” Jensen asked.

“Depends on the guy. Me, Venetia. Tito on his own isn’t a bad option. He can usually do his job without, you know, ‘accidentally’ going too far and murdering the guy. Pitman’s done quite a few interrogations for us too.”

“What does Jamal normally do?” Bo asked.

“Wish I could tell. It’s always just him and the guy in the room. Cameras off, door closed.”

Bo sighed. “Of course, the Pitman way. Keep doing what you’re doing, Carmine. If he doesn’t crack by morning, give me another call. I’ll do some more digging on him and get you something you can use for leverage against him.”

“I appreciate that, Chief. Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“I’ll keep you updated.”

Bo noded, though the mobster couldn’t see him. “Thank you.”

“Sure thing, Chief. Goodnight to you both.”

“Goodnight.” Bo waited until Carmine ended the call before he locked his screen. He set his phone and the nightstand and turned off the bedside lamp.

“Does that mean we sleep now?” Jensen asked.

Bo chuckled. “Yes, love, it means we sleep now.”

“Sweet,” Jensen whispered. He kissed Bo before uncrossing his arms and dropping back to his side of the bed. He wrapped an arm around Bo’s torso, head coming to a rest on the blonde’s chest. “Thanks for putting it on speaker, Eli. Good to know I really do get to be involved in all of this.”

“Of course you do. You’re important to me, Jens. You can be involved as much as you want to be.”

“I know. Just… I’m just glad you weren’t bullshitting me, I guess.” Clearing his throat, Jensen threw a leg between Bo’s. “I love you, Eli.”

“I love you too, Jens.” Bo pressed a kiss to the top of his head. “Goodnight, love.”

One corner of Jensen’s mouth lifted. “Night, babe.”


Bo lifted his head as Jensen stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around him. “Morning, love.”

“Morning,” Jensen mumbled. He dropped his forehead to Bo’s shoulder. “What’re we up to today?”

“Case-wise, I’m planning on looking through the crime scene photos of the vigilante killings. I’m just going to compare them, see if… if he’s getting more violent, or if certain categories of ‘criminals’ get different levels of violence for their beatings. Is anything going to come of it? No, most likely not, but I need to look anyway, just so I can be sure.”

Jensen nodded. “That’s okay. It gives you something productive to do. That’s always good for you head.” He cleared his throat, arms tightening around Bo’s torso. “What about the homicide here?”

“I don’t think there’s anything to do just yet. I’ve talked to Dave about the woman he saw, who we’re assuming is, more than likely, our killer. I’ve seen the sketches. I’ve seen the photos. I’ve seen the alleyway. We’ve run the sketches through the system and rendered no matches.” Bo laid a wet hand over Jensen’s. “Still no luck on a warrant for those receipts, I presume?”

“Nuh-uh. Judge still can’t bring herself to agree with it. There’s no guarantee we’ll find anything, so what’s the point of ‘invading’ these peoples’ privacy?”

“They put their whole lives on social media every day of the week, or thereabouts. I doubts they care about the so-called privacy of what drinks they ordered.”

“I know.” Jensen shook his head. “Anyway, we’ll talk to Will. He’s had some time to cool down, time to think about things other than the dead girl. We can just ask if he has any names for the people he remembers being here that night. If any of them were regulars, he might have first and last names, you know? We could question them, see if they saw the chick. We’ll go from there.”

Bo nodded. “Okay, yes, that’s good. You can take Ryan and Caleb, talk to Will, see what you can get out of him.”

“All right. I’ll talk to Jake when we get to the station. He and Will are close, so having him tag along might make it seem like less of an ambush.”

“Sure, love, that sounds good.” Bo cleared his throat. “Cas’s ballet class starts today at ten-thirty. I’ll take him to that and have Pollux tag along so he doesn’t feel left out in daycare. You guys can question Will and anyone that he gives you the names of, and we’ll… we’ll reconvene after that to see what we can piece together. Does that… sound okay?”

“Sounds just fine to me, Eli.”

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