Happy Face Killer – Chapter Twelve


Chapter Twelve


Jensen lifted his head as Bo dropped down into his usual seat in front of the desk. Jensen smiled. “Hey, babe.”

“Hi.” Bo held a folder out to Jensen. “On a good average, the killer, ‘Allie’ is anywhere between five-foot-five and five-foot-eight.”

Jensen nodded, flipping open the folder. For the first time, he looked through the photos of the young girl’s body in the alleyway. “Anything else?”

“Not much, no. I’d like to go through Miss Hall’s credit or debit history if Ryan and Caleb haven’t done it.”

Jensen turned in his chair, sifting through several stacks of paper on his desk. He pulled out a thin stack of two or three pieces of paper, held together with a red paperclip, and held it out. “Here. She bought herself, like, ten drinks.”

“Jupiter.” Bo reached out and grabbed the papers. With an elegant flair Jensen had only ever seen Bo manage, he crossed his left ankle over his right thigh, laying the papers on his folded leg. He flipped through the pages, eyes scanning over each word, his mind soaking in the information. “Will says the other woman she was with started buying her drinks, as well?

“Yeah. They questioned him, like, four times before he said though, so…” Jensen lifted his shoulders. “It could be more stress than fact.”

“Of course,” Bo murmured. “Have Ryan and Caleb gotten permission to look at the receipts from that night?”

“Nah. Judge won’t agree to sign a warrant.”

“Mm.” The blonde drummed his fingers against his thigh, one corner of his mouth scrunched up in though. Jensen almost hated how adorable Bo looked just sitting there, wearing a beanie and one of his purple flannels. The purple ones were Jensen’s favorite on–and off of–his husband, and they made the short man appear even more perfect than Jensen usually considered him to be.

“I could pull a Jamal on the judge.”

“I thought you didn’t want to Jamal our homicide investigations,” Jensen said, green eyes lifting back to Bo’s face.

“Well, I don’t want to use any of Jamal’s men to find the killer. I truly don’t mind pulling a fast one on a judge to get something signed.”

“You’re insane.”

“I could’ve told you that one, love.” Bo cleared his throat. “Do you have copies of Ryan and Caleb’s reports on the scene?”

“Don’t think so? Want me to ask for them?”

“If you’d be so kind.”

“Sure, babe.” Jensen pushed his chair back and rose to his feet. He rounded his desk, leaning down to kiss Bo. “Back in a few.”

“Thank you, love.”

“No problem, Eli.”

Bo watched him leave before pushing himself to his feet. He set the papers on his chair and headed back for the lab. He packed his laptop and notebooks back into his satchel before lifting the strap over his head and heading back upstairs. He grabbed the papers and sat back down, crossing his ankle over his thigh once more. He flipped his notebook open to where he had last written down details for Angie Hall’s murder and pulled his pen from between the pages.

Clicking the end of his pen three times, he started copying down the information listed on Angie’s receipts, as well as Will’s answers revolving around the purchases. He planned to ask Jensen for copies of all of Will’s interrogations too. Anything that could provide insight on Angie, ‘Allie’, or the case as a whole needed to go in the notebook.

Jensen set a thin stack of papers on the edge of his desk and dropped into his chair again. “Both of their crime scene reports, both of their notes on all of Will’s interrogations, and the official transcript of all of those interrogations. Ryan took a few notes here and there when they talked to David about the woman too, so that’s in there, as well.”

“I love you.”

Jensen grinned. “Gotta make sure you still do somehow. Love you too, Eli.” He nodded off to his right. “Wanna check out and head for lunch? You can bring your notebook and all that if you wanna keep taking notes.”

“Oh, I’d love that. Sure, let’s go.” A pause. “We cann head to the ballet place and sign Castor up for classes while we’re out. We can call in our order once we’re at the studio, and by the time we’re done and back at Little Delights, our food should be done,” he said as he packed his things back into his satchel.

“Works for me.” Jensen closed his laptop and stood up, pushing his chair under his desk. “So… in a general, broad sense, what do you make of this case?”

“I’m… not sure yet,” Bo said honestly. He pushed himself to his feet and lifted the strap of his satchel over his head. “I still do believe that the killing is unrelated to the mugging. ‘Allie’ went into that bar with the full intention of luring out someone she could kill. If David was single, if he hadn’t been there with Celia, it very well could have been him in that alley instead of Angie.”

He held a hand out, which Jensen quickly accepted. “If she wanted to rob or mug her victim, whoever it had been, I don’t think she would have killed them first. She knew what she wanted to do before she ever stepped foot in that bar, and it had nothing to do with stealing someone’s money without any risk or thrill,” Bo said as they walked through the station. “Can I assume no one has come forward with the stolen money?”

“Nope. Sorry, babe.”

“That’s all right. Do we have her phone in evidence?” Bo shook his head before Jensen could answer. “Nevermind. We have it. I saw it on Gwen’s list. I’ll look through some of the pictures and she if she happens to take any pictures of her cash recently. You know how young people are when they’re newly employeed. They like to share that kind of thing with the world.”

“Yeah, I’d agree on that,” Jensen said.

“Thank you. Her file says she’s only had a job for a little over a month. If we luck out, we get a glimpse of the money that would have been in her wallet, we get a serial number, and we put them out to the public, make sure an eye’s kept out for the numbers.

“If not, we’ll keep running traces on her credit and debit card, wait until whoever took her money tries to make a purchase or a withdrawal,” Bo said. “If we get really lucky, the dumbass will try to get some money out of an ATM soon, before we even have to worry about the cash.”

“Are people really that stupid?” Jensen asked as they walked through the parking lot.

“Yes, love, they’re one hundred percent that stupid. Once, a man killed this woman and was only caught because he used her card to buy something and signed his name at the bottom of the recipt. His real name! The people who don’t meticulously plan out their crimes? They get caught because they make stupid mistakes. The person who stole Angie Hall’s cash and cards? They didn’t plan that out. They didn’t know they were going to stumble upon a dead body that morning. At some point, they’ll slip up and we’ll have some resemblance of a witness.”

“Mm. Fair.” Jensen squeezed Bo’s hand. “Cruiser or your car?”

“Car.” Bo pulled his lanyard from his pocket and handed it over to Jensen. “Same rule as before. Be gentle.”

“Psh. Always, babe.” Jensen bumped Bo’s shoulder with his own before unlocking the car. He pulled open the passenger side door, nodding toward the car. “Go on, baby.”

“Thank you,” Bo said as he climbed into the car.

“My pleasure, Eli.” Jensen closed the door and walked around the front of the car. “So,” he started as he opened the driver’s side door, “this ‘Allie’ chick aims for Dave first. Why?”

“I don’t know. Because he’s handsome, I suppose. Because she wanted to pick out a real winner. You know, go big or go home.”

Jensen nodded, closing the door. He turned the key in the ignition and clicked his seat belt into place. “And when Dave rejected her, she settled for Angie because… Well, Angie was still pretty, right? She was just an easier target. Weaker, smaller, drunker.”

“It’s a valid assumption. ‘Allie’ wanted to kill someone, no matter who it was. She was tired of waiting. As long as she walked out with someone beautiful, she didn’t care if her victim was male or female.” Bo set his satchel on the floor as Jensen backed out of the parking space. “Miss Hall being an easier target than David was just another benefit for her, just another thing that confirmed she was supposed to finally do it that night at that party at that bar.”

Jensen shook his head. “Does it ever bother you? Trying to get into their heads?”

“Umm… yes and no, I suppose,” Bo said after a moment. “It tends to depend on the killer and how long I’ve been working on the case. Currently, this is fine for me, and I like that it feels easy for me to gain some sort of insight on this killer. Of course, I certainly don’t know everything there is to know, but I feel as though I understand a large chunk of it, and that’s… that’s a good thing. Other times, yes, it can grow to be a bit much to handle over time.”

Jensen reached over and laid a hand on Bo’s thigh. “You’ll tell me if it gets to be too much, right?”

“Of course.” Bo covered Jensen’s hand with his own. “No lies, no hiding, and no secrets when it comes to sanity and mental health. I know. I’ll… I’ll keep you updated.”

“Thank you.”

“You betcha.”

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