Bonekeeper – Chapter Forty-Six


Chapter Forty-Six

Tuesday: September 16, 2025

“You’re going to hate me,” Bo said, flicking the side of the syringe.

“I’m aware,” Cecilia said.

“You can change your mind.”

“I can’t.”

Bo sighed quietly, pushing on the plunger until two drops of liquid dripped from the needle. He lifted his blue eyes to Cecilia’s face. “Are you sure?”

“For you guys and the beautiful little boys you’re gonna have? Yes. Do it,” she said, still holding her shirt up enough that Bo could give her the shot of Lupron.

About an inch from her navel, he pinched her skin. “I’m sorry,” he apologized before pushing the needle into her skin. She grunted, her nails biting into his shoulder. He had found out in the doctor’s office the day before that she didn’t like needles or shots. Of course, her grip hadn’t looked quite as deadly when it was on the edge of an examination table rather than his shoulder. He pressed in the plunger all the way before pulling the needle back out.

“Motherfucker,” Cecilia whispered, releasing her hold on Bo’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he said again, pulling open the cupboard beneath the counter and tossing the syringe into the small biohazards container there. He straightened himself out, kicking the cabinet door closed. He pressed a kiss to her temple. “You’re amazing, Celia. Thank you for this.”

She nodded. “My pleasure, sweetheart,” she said softly, patting his cheek. He smiled faintly, rounding the counter to wash his hands. “I’ll admit, Bo, when you called me in August… I wasn’t expecting it to be this soon.”

“We weren’t either. Blame Jake and Alice for taking the twins,” Bo said.

“I know.” She sat down on one of the bar stools, crossing her arms over the counter. “These shots are totally going to ruin me, you know.”

He chuckled. “I’m prepared for that,” he said, shutting off the water. “And, obviously, Jens and I are here for you one hundred percent of the time,” he added, grabbing a towel. Back on the first of that month, Cecilia had started taking the oral contraceptives that would help to regulate her hormones. It was the first step in the in vitro fertilization cycle. The day before, the doctor had given her the first shot of Lupron, and Bo would continue to do them for her until the twenty-eighth.

Bo cleared his throat, hanging the towel on the handle of the oven door. “I know deciding to help us couldn’t have been easy, Celia. But I can’t thank you enough for it.”

She waved a dismissive hand. “The choice to help was incredibly easy. I love you, and I would do anything for you. The hardest part is getting myself over here so you can give me a shot,” she said. He chuckled softly. Cecilia drummed her hands against the counter. “Now, where’s that big healthy breakfast you promised me? Are you gonna get around to making that, or do I have to find someone else to put their baby in me?”

Bo snorted before laughing. “Control yourself, Celia. I’m getting there,” he said, turning to pull open the refrigerator.

“For the record,” Jensen started as he walked into the kitchen, “if you describe it that way, I’m going to be jealous of you again.”

“Jensen, in a couple more weeks, I’m going to be a hormonal, moody, emotional trainwreck of a human being that no one is going to be attracted to. You’re fine,” Cecilia said.

Jensen chuckled, gently squeezing her shoulder. “One would assume,” he agreed. He stepped past Bo, turning on the coffee maker. “I’m sure Bo’s already said it a thousand times, but thank you for this, Cecilia. What you’re doing means the damn world to us,” he said, turning back around to face her.

She smiled softly. “It’s honestly my pleasure. You guys deserve this more than anyone I know. Shots or not, eventual hormone roller coaster or not, I’m happy to do it.”

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