Bonekeeper – Chapter Fifty


Chapter Fifty

Wednesday: December 24, 2025

“You can’t do that,” Bo said softly, wrapping his fingers around Jensen’s wrist.

Jensen frowned, pulling his hand away from the coffee maker. “Why not?”

“Because Cecilia’s coming over for an actual healthy breakfast.”


And she can’t stand the smell of coffee any more,” Bo said. Jensen rolled his eyes. “She is carrying our children, Jensen. You can survive without coffee for another hour and a half,” he said.

Jensen sighed quietly. “I know that. I’m just… anxious. Tired of waiting, I guess.”

“I know. There’s a lot of waiting involved,” Bo said. “But… I can make it a little better?”


The blonde nodded, leaning back against the counter. “We can start telling people today.”

Jensen smiled. “We can?” he asked in a whisper. Again, Bo nodded. Jensen pulled the shorter man in the hug. “Who can I tell first?” he asked.

Bo snorted, wrapping his arms around Jensen. “The girls will be up soon. I thought we’d tell them first. Their opinions are the most important.”

Jensen nodded, squeezing Bo tightly before stepping away from him. “I love you, Eli.”

One corner of Bo’s mouth lifted. “I love you, too, Jens.”


“So… Daddy and I have something super important to tell you,” Jensen said, clasping his hands between his knees as he leaned forward on the couch.

“What kind of important?” Kayla questioned.

“You two… are going to have two baby brothers,” Bo said.

Brothers?” Amber asked distastefully.

“Yeah, baby. Brothers,” Jensen confirmed.

“Eww. Can we have sisters?” Amber asked.

Bo chuckled. “No, sweetheart. It doesn’t work that way. We’re going to have a set of twin boys.”

“Like Noah and Eve?” Kayla asked.

“Yeah, kinda,” Jensen said with a short nod.

“How’s that work?” Kayla asked.

Jensen turned toward Bo. “I don’t have an answer to that one.”

“Well, for couples like… Uncle Jake and Aunt Alice? The woman carries the baby until it’s born. For us, because we’re men, it doesn’t quite work that way. For us, we have to… bring in another person to carry our twins,” Bo said. He cleared his throat. “Aunt Cecilia is carrying the twins.”

“So… Aunt Celia is pregnant?” Kayla asked. Bo nodded. “With… my brothers?”

“Yes. It’s… complicated and it’s not an easy thing to explain in terms you guys will understand,” Bo said. “But if you guys have questions, I can do my best to answer them.”

“How’s it possible for Aunt Cecilia to have your baby?” Kayla asked.

“That’s through an incredibly long process called in vitro fertilization. It’s a lot of doctor’s appointments, testing, shots, blood tests… It’s a lot of work,” Bo said.

“So… Noah and Eve are, like, one part Aunt Alice, one part Uncle Jake. How… do these twins work?” Kayla asked.

“Well, we actually won’t know for sure until they’re born. The hope is that one will be… one part Dad, one part Aunt Cecilia, and the other twin will be one part me, one part Aunt Cecilia. That’s, uh, part of the complicated part of it all,” Bo said.

“When are they gonna be born?” Amber asked.

“I thought boys were gross?” Jensen questioned.

“They are. I just wanna know.”

Bo chuckled softly. “Early June, hopefully.”

“So after the wedding?” Kayla asked.


Kayla’s gaze shifted away from Bo’s face. “Are you gonna ignore us to take care of them?”

“No, baby,” Bo whispered. He reached out, laying a hand on the girl’s knee. “It’ll be like when we were taking care of Noah and Eve. We’ll never ignore you two.”

“Promise?” Kayla asked, green eyes snapping back to his face.

“One hundred percent, Kay. New twins or not, you two are always going to be important to us, and we would never be able to ignore you. We love you too much,” Bo said softly. Kayla stood up, throwing her arms around Bo’s neck. He hugged her tightly, a hand on the back of her head. “I’ll never be like my biological parents, sweetheart,” he whispered.

Kayla nodded. “I love you, Dad,” she whispered back.

Bo smiled softly, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “I love you, too, Kayla.”

Amber climbed onto Jensen’s lap, hooking an arm around his neck. “Do you love me, Daddy?” she asked.

Jensen chuckled, kissing her temple. “Yeah, baby, I love you.” He smiled, tapping a finger against her nose. “Always will.”


Jacob lifted his head as Bo knocked on the door. “You know you don’t have to knock to come in here, right?” he asked.

Bo shrugged. “Feels natural to knock.”

Jacob chuckled softly, shaking his head. “Well, do you need something?”

“Not need, no. But I have something to share,” Bo said. Jacob nodded, holding a hand out toward one of the chairs in front of his desk. Bo walked into the office, shutting the door behind him. He crossed the room, dropping into the chair at Jacob’s left. “You’re going to hate me for not telling you sooner, but… Jensen and I are officially having twins.”

Jacob’s lips parted before turning up in a smile. “Bo, that’s fucking amazing.”

Bo smiled. “I know,” he whispered.

“How are you guys doing it then?”

“IVF. Celia’s our surrogate,” Bo said. “We’re in our second trimester now.”

“Goddamn, Bo. That’s amazing. Boys?”

“Boys,” Bo confirmed.

“God,” Jacob whispered. “Do you know how proud I am of you? Do you know how far you have come since I met you?”

Bo chuckled. “It’s not just me, Jake. You’ve gotten married, had two more kids, and been promoted twice since I’ve met you,” he said. “And the beard. That’s happened, too.”

Jacob laughed, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, there is that. But you’ve come a long damn way, Bo.”

“Thanks, Jake.”

Jacob nodded, pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. “When’re they due? May? June?”

“June,” Bo said softly.

“You excited?”

“Christ, I don’t think that does justice to what I feel,” Bo murmured. He clapped his hands together, tipping his fingers in Jacob’s direction. “My brain has been one hundred percent shot these last few months, so I keep forgetting to tell you things. But I’ll be in L.A. tomorrow. Jensen and the girls will be here, but… I won’t be.”

Jacob frowned. “How’d that happen?”

“Jamal has… stuff he wants to do.”

“It’s Christmas.”

“I know.”

“Does he know?” Jacob asked.

“Yes,” Bo said. “He made me choose between him and Jensen. Jensen and I talked for almost three hours before we decided it was best for me to head to L.A. to prevent any fits being thrown,” he said quietly.

“When’ll you be back?” Jacob asked.

“Tomorrow evening, hopefully. I’m leaving tonight, having breakfast with Mom and Dad in the morning, dealing with Jamal’s thing around noon, I think, and then coming back home after that,” Bo said.

Jacob nodded. “Well, if you make it back before midnight, stop by the house. Big supper. You know that,” he said.

Bo smiled faintly. “You betcha, Jake.”

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