Bonekeeper – Chapter Fifty-Two


Chapter Fifty-Two

Monday: January 12, 2026

With Amber and Kayla at school, Bo and Jensen had taken the day off from work to get fitted for their tuxes. Jensen shrugged a black jacket on over his dark shirt and purple vest, his gaze immediately shifting to Bo’s face. He looked down briefly to button the jacket before holding his arms out to the side. “Well?”

Bo shook his head. “Your jacket should be… slimmer. You work pretty damn hard to be as in shape as you are. I don’t want your jacket to hide that,” he said.

Jensen nodded. “Good call, babe.”

The man that had been taking their measurements that morning nodded his agreement. He didn’t talk much, something that had become blatantly obvious nearly as soon as they walked into the shop. He had, however, allowed his eyes to drag over Jensen’s figure one too many times for Bo’s liking.

Jensen switched out the jacket for a slimmer fit before looking back at Bo. “Better?” he asked.

Bo smiled faintly. “Much. But do you feel comfortable in it?”

“As in… do I think I look good in it?” Jensen asked. Bo nodded. “Babe, I looked damn good in anything,” he said.

Bo snorted, rolling his eyes. “There is that,” he muttered. He watched the man cross the room, draping his measuring tape around his neck as he checked the fitting of Jensen’s jacket, pinning it wherever changes needed to be made. Bo’s jacket and pants had already been measured and pinned. His session had taken much less time than Jensen’s.

Bo was, for the first time in his life, jealous.

He hated it.

After Jensen was fitted and comfortable with the tuxedo, they both headed out to the parking lot, ready to head back to Clinstone. “That man was totally feeling me up.”

“Believe me, I’m aware.”

“You should’ve defended my honor,” Jensen said playfully, squeezing Bo’s hand.

The blonde snorted. “You wouldn’t want me to do that. I wanted to punch him, and if I had, I wouldn’t have been able to stop,” he said.

“See, that’s why I love you. You have self-control.” Jensen pulled the car keys from his pocket. “I would’ve assaulted him, gone to jail, and then cried like a bitch until Jamal got me out.”

Bo chuckled, shaking his head. “I love you, but you’re insane.”

“That’s kinda my main goal at this point,” Jensen said. He unlocked the car, looking down at Bo. “You’re adorable,” he murmured, reaching up to tug on the beanie Bo wore.

One corner of the blonde’s mouth lifted. “Not so bad yourself, Jens.”

“Mm.” Jensen kissed him before pulling open the passenger side door. “I’m not in the mood for breakfast, so we grab lunch at some point on our way home. I’m fucking starving.”

“Let me guess,” Bo said as he slid into the car. “Tacos.”

“Aww, you know me so well,” Jensen said.

Bo laughed. “No, love, you just aren’t the man of mystery you wish you were.”

“Psh, you don’t know that,” Jensen muttered, closing the door. Bo rolled his eyes as Jensen rounded the car and climbed into the passenger seat. The younger man shut the door, starting the car and turning up the heat before letting out a heavy breath. “A month, Eli.”

“Crazy, huh?” Bo asked.

“Crazy,” Jensen agreed quietly. “A goddamn month, and we’re gonna be married.” He reached over, laying a hand over Bo’s. “I think I’m gonna start panicking now.”

Bo smiled softly. “Go for it, love. I’ve got the cool and collected part handled,” he murmured, lifting Jensen’s hand to press a kiss to the back of it. “Now, let’s go grab lunch and head to Cliffburn. Celia texted. The twins started kicking today.”

Jensen gasped before a grin spread across his face. “That’s amazing.”

“It is,” Bo agreed softly. He let out a soft sigh as Jensen backed out of the parking space. “Since Amber’s birthday was over the weekend, I asked her this morning if she still wanted a chinchilla. She does. So, since we’ve taken the whole day off, if you’re feeling adventurous, we can pick up a pet cage and a chinchilla before we go home. Then we can set up before getting the girls from school. I think Amber’s excitement will be the loudest the house has been in a while. Could benefit us both.”

Jensen nodded, squeezing Bo’s hand. “Yeah, it could,” he agreed. “Let’s do that.”


Amber dropped her bag to the floor and ran out of the foyer. Bo sighed, picking up her backpack. “I don’t understand. When did throwing her bag to the floor become a thing?” he asked.

“Umm, when we put an Xbox in their room,” Jensen said.

“Mm… fair enough,” Bo agreed. Kayla kicked off her shoes, allowing Bo to take her bag. He hung them both on the hooks on the wall before stepping out of the foyer.

At the other end of the house, Amber squealed and ran back into the foyer. She slid into Bo, throwing her arms around him. “Thank you!” she exclaimed.

Bo chuckled, squeezing her shoulder. “You’re welcome, sweetheart,” he said softly. Amber pulled away from him, throwing herself at Jensen instead.

He scooped her up, bouncing her up on his hip. “Is she cute?” he questioned.

“She’s so fluffy, Daddy,” Amber said.

Jensen smiled, pressing a kiss to her temple. He and Bo had stared at the chinchillas in the pet store before picking the fluffiest one with what Jensen had called the ‘cutest whiskers’. “What’re you gonna name her?”

Amber glanced up briefly. “Bunny.”

“You’re going to name a chinchilla Bunny?” Bo asked. Amber nodded. “Why’s that?”

“Umm, ‘cause it’s easier to say than chinchilla,” Amber stated, as though the answer should’ve been obvious.

Bo chuckled softly. “Of course, baby. That only makes sense.” He turned his attention to Kayla, offering a smile. “Now you have to let me know when you want a pet.”

Kayla smiled faintly. “Okay, Dad. I’ll, umm… I’ll keep you updated.”

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