Bonekeeper – Chapter Fifty-Three


Chapter Fifty-Three

Saturday: February 14, 2026

Jensen slung a leg over Bo’s hips, resting his hands on the blonde’s chest. “Hey,” he greeted.

Bo chuckled, scrubbing his hands down his face. “Hi,” he said softly.

Jensen dropped his hands to the mattress, leaning down to kiss him. “Happy anniversary,” he whispered.

Bo smiled, wrapping his arms around Jensen’s neck. “Happy anniversary,” he repeated. He turned his head to the side, his eyes locking on Jensen’s watch. “Nine more hours.”

“Nine more hours,” Jensen repeated. “What do you wanna do till then?”

“Well, we have to be in Chesterwick at one, so we have to leave here a little before ten, and we have to get Kayla and Amber’s hair done before that. I’d say each one’s going to take me about half an hour, just to be safe. So… let’s say we have an hour before we have to start on breakfast,” Bo said. “Roughly.”

“Mm… talk about a lot of free time,” Jensen muttered.

Bo chuckled softly. “I know, I’m sorry. But after today, we’ll have free time all the time.” He smiled. “Until June, anyway, then we won’t have any free time.”

Jensen grinned, pressing a kiss to Bo’s shoulder. “There is that.” He sat up, his hands moving back to Bo’s chest as Bo’s hands fell to rest on the younger man’s thighs. “Do we get ready in Chesterwick?”

“Mmhmm. I’ve met you, and I’d prefer you didn’t ruin your tux somehow in the car,” Bo said.

Jensen laughed. “I’m a little… rowdy,” he said. “It’s not my fault I naturally fuck shit up.”

Bo rolled his eyes. “And that’s why you’re getting dressed at the reception building. They have dressing rooms there for us and whatnot. I’ll do the girls’ hair here, and we’ll get them into their dresses there, as well. Amber’s taking on your messy traits,” he said distastefully.

“You love it,” Jensen said, shoving at Bo’s chest.

One corner of the blonde’s mouth lifted. “I suppose that’s one way to look at it.” He sighed softly. “I know it’s only temporary once we get to the venue, but I’m still going to hate being without my ring.”

Jensen nodded. “Me, too. I don’t really think about it any more, but once it’s off my finger, being without it is pretty damn weird.” Bo nodded his agreement. “Jamal’s still officiating?”

“Yes. He’s better, stronger. He has more trouble standing up from a chair than he has just standing, so it won’t be any trouble for him,” Bo said. He smiled softly. “He was so damn excited when I asked him to officiate for us, Jens. Thank you for suggesting it.”

“My pleasure, Eli. You love him. He’s family.” Jensen tilted his head to the side. “On an unrelated note, wanna have sex one last time before we’re married?” Bo snorted, chuckling before simply offering a nod. Jensen smiled. “I love you, Eli.”

Bo moved his hands to Jensen’s cheeks, leaning up to kiss him. “I love you, too, Jens.”


Jensen shrugged a dark button-up over his arms, tugging at it before buttoning it up. “I could die right here, you know.”

Jacob laughed. “Now you know how I felt at my wedding.”

“Right, but your wife was also changing into her dress and getting ready to marry you. I have no fucking clue where my boy toy is.”

David laughed, leaning back against the wall, a glass of Whiskey in his hand. He gestured to the door before taking a sip. “He’s just checking one last time to make sure everything’s in place,” he said.

“And there he is,” Jacob added as the door opened.

“I was starting to worry about you,” Jensen said.

“Apologies,” Bo murmured, closing the door. “Amber messed up her hair. I had to fix it. Anyway, you look like you could use a drink. David?” he asked.

“Mm.” David pushed himself away from the wall, clapping a hand down on Jensen’s shoulder. “I’ll grab you… a Scotch?”

“Try a shot of vodka,” Jensen corrected.

“Sure. Be back in a sec, Taylor.”

Bo watched David leave before he took off his ring and crossed the room to hand it to Jacob. “Keep it safe?”

Jacob smiled. “Always.”

Bo nodded, tugging at the sleeves of his button-up. Although he didn’t truly feel nervous about the wedding, he felt uncomfortable about certain aspects. For instance, whenever he lifted his arms a certain way, the scars on his left wrist showed, and Jensen had forbidden him from grabbing a watch before they left the house.

Bo grabbed his vest from the table, shrugging it on. “I don’t know if I can do this, Jens,” he whispered.

Jensen’s green eyes shifted to Bo’s reflection in the mirror. “Nervous?”


Jensen nodded, setting a box on the table. With two fingers, he pushed it closer to Bo. “That should help.”

Bo glanced up at Jensen as he finished buttoning up his vest. He reached out, opening the box. “Jensen, oh, my God.” The watch was simple, black with a silver face. However, the initials BE and AT were separated by a simple curved line on the face of the watch.

“Bo Eli Austen-Taylor,” Jensen murmured. “Do you… like it?”

“Jens, this is perfect,” Bo whispered, slipping the watch over his left hand. From the other side of the room, Jacob only smiled. Bo leaned up to kiss the younger man. “Do you know how perfect you are?”

Jensen smiled softly. “You’re pretty damn perfect yourself, Eli. Sorry I made you go without a watch for so long. I know you hate that.”

“I’d say it’s worth it now,” Bo said softly. “I didn’t get you a watch, but, umm…” He trailed off, reaching over to grab his tuxedo jacket. He pushed a box toward Jensen just as David walked into the room.

“Here, Jensen,” David said softly.

“God, thank you.” Jensen downed the shot of vodka, shaking his head as he set the glass on the table. He lifted the top off of the box, a faint smile forming on his face. “Cufflinks?”

“Mmhmm. They have little snippets of our first dance song engraved on them. You know, if you wanted to be sentimental or… or something like that,” Bo said.

“Mm.” Jensen curled his fingers beneath Bo’s chin, tilting the blonde’s head back just enough to kiss him. “I know you think you aren’t a sentimental little shit, but you are, and it’s adorable. Thank you.” Bo turned away from him, doing his best to pretend he wasn’t blushing. “I have one more thing for you,” Jensen said.

“Oh, Jensen, I don’t think I can handle anything else today,” Bo denied.

Jacob chuckled. “Brother, have you even met your fiancé? That’s not going to stop him,” he said.

Tragically, I’m aware,” Bo said. He tucked his hands behind his back. “What?”

“Your necklaces. You’re wearing them both?”

“Always am.” Bo frowned. “Why? Do you want me to take them off? I–I’m sure Bridget’s bothers you. I can take it off.”

“No, no, no. Relax, babe,” Jensen whispered, brushing his fingers over Bo’s cheek. “I just… want you to wear a necklace that represents a new phase in your life. You have Dallas’s cross, which represents who you were after two of your friends were taken from you, who you were when you came to Clinstone. You have Bridget’s crystal, which represents who you were when you were trapped in guilt and grief. But I want you to wear this one, too,” Jensen said, holding out a hand, a necklace dangling from his fingers. “Because this one represents who you are with me, with the girls.”

Bo held out a hand, allowing the rectangular resin charm to rest in his palm. It was filled with purple branches, four little birds sitting or flying through the branches. He lifted his blue eyes to Jensen’s face. “Why the birds?”

“See, the birds are us. The two flying are the girls. I would’ve had them add two more for our boys, but I figured you’d kill me for being too much of an optimist,” Jensen said. “But, umm… a couple months after we met, when you started to feel more comfortable around me, you’d tell me all these stories about who you were and who you wanted to be. You used to talk about how all you wanted was to be like Kathy when she ran away. You… wanted to be free like she was. And these birds, see, they’re a family but they live out in the wild. Huge, open spaces to fly around in forever. They’re free, and… and that’s how I hope you feel with me.”

Bo leaned up and kissed him before throwing his arms around Jensen, burying his face in the younger man’s chest. “If you keep saying all these amazing things before we even walk out of this room, what the hell are you going to say for your vows?”

Jensen chuckled, hugging Bo as he pressed a kiss to the top of his head. “Eli, I love you far too much to run out of sentimental shit to say to you anytime soon,” he murmured.

“What did I do to deserve you?” Bo asked. He pulled away from Jensen, a hand on his chest. He turned his head toward Jacob instead. “What did I do to deserve him?”

Jacob smiled. “You walked through a whole lotta hell, brother, and you finally came out clean on the other side.


Either side of the aisle was lined with a mixture of white, purple, and black rose petals. At the end of each row of chairs, a single candle in a cylindrical glass sat on the floor. Jensen stood tall beside Bo, his fingers threaded tightly through the blonde’s. “Nervous… right?” Jensen asked. “It’s not just me.”

Bo smiled faintly. “Not just you, Jens. Promise.” He squeezed Jensen’s hand, letting out a quiet sigh. “It looks beautiful out there though… right?”

“It’s perfect, babe,” Jensen murmured.

Jamal leaned in between the two men, a hand on either one of their shoulders. “Congrats, you two,” he whispered.

“Thanks, Jamal,” Bo said.

“Mmhmm.” Jamal hugged Bo before patting a hand against the blonde’s chest. “I’ll see you two up there,” he said softly. Bo nodded as Jamal stepped out in front of them and headed down the aisle. Bo couldn’t help but smile. Jamal walked with a certain pride that most people would never be able to muster. He stood tall, his strides long, his hands tucked neatly behind his back.

Jacob walked down the aisle next, David at his side.

“Your turn, baby,” Bo whispered, touching a hand to Kayla’s shoulder. Kayla grabbed Amber’s hand and headed down the aisle. They each held a small basket of flowers, gently tossing them out as they walked. It had taken nearly a week of showing Amber the ‘correct’ way of throwing petals to keep her from throwing them directly at people.

“I don’t wanna go,” Jensen whispered suddenly, squeezing Bo’s hand. “I don’t wanna.”

“You’ll be okay,” Bo whispered back. “I’ll be right behind you, Jens. Promise.”

“And you aren’t walking out alone,” Chance Taylor reminded.

Bo squeezed Jensen’s hand and took a step back. “I’ll be right with you, love. You go strut your stuff.” Jensen nodded as Chance looped an arm through his. At Jensen’s other side, Mercedes Taylor repeated the action. Jensen glanced back at Bo one last time before walking out and heading down the aisle, two of the most important adults in his life at his side.

Bo let out a heavy breath, closing his eyes. He heard his mother step up beside him, smiling softly as she hooked an arm through his. “Hi, Mom,” he greeted, forcing his eyes open.

“Hi, baby,” Renee said softly.

Denzel looped an arm through Bo’s right arm, clearing his throat. “Ready?” he asked.

Bo drew in a long breath, nodding. “Ready,” he confirmed. Together, he and his parents walked down the aisle. He caught sight of Cecilia and flashed a smile in her direction. She smiled back at him, one hand resting on her stomach. Just over twenty-one weeks along with the Austen-Taylor twins, she was incredibly healthy, and so were the babies.

At the altar, Renee pulled Bo into a hug. “I love you, baby,” she whispered.

“I love you, too, Mom.”

Denzel hugged the blonde next. “I’m proud of you, son,” he murmured.

Bo smiled. “Thank you, Dad,” he whispered. He watched Renee and Denzel sit down beside Amber and Kayla. Bo grabbed Jensen’s outstretched hand, moving to stand in front of the man. “Hi.”

Jensen grinned. “Hi,” he whispered back.

Jamal chuckled softly, hands clasped at his waist. He offered the simplest of nods, a single motion that seated everyone in the room. “Today is a celebration,” Jamal said plainly. “This is a celebration of the strongest love, of the boldest commitment, of the most everlasting friendship. Today, we celebrate a family, two people that are willing to stick it out through every hard time that may come, every rough patch that may follow. These two wish to be together forever.”

One corner of his mouth lifted. “We stand here today because, despite all of our differences, we all have one thing in common. Love. One way or another, we love both of these men. We’re here because love unites us all, it gives us all something to hold near and dear, something to have in common, no matter what. No matter who you are or what you believe in or where you come from, love is the thing we’re all doing correctly. And that is why you’re both standing up here today. You love each other, and you wish to share that with everyone you know and love.

“All of us gathered here today have our own love story, one way or another. Some are short, some are long. Some have yet to be written, some are already at their happiest. Each of us has a story full of chapters that tells how we got here. For Jensen and Bo, their story began in a period of incredible darkness and rose to a period of the brightest light I’ve ever seen.

“We’re here today to look at all the moments you will share together. We’re here because we all want those moments for you both, the moments where you wake up together, get ready together, eat together, and bake together. We’re here to hope with you and support you. Love isn’t defined by a single moment, but is instead defined by many, many little moments. After today, you’ll notice those little moments even more than before.

“Today is… an incredible day, and words simply cannot describe it or explain it. I suppose that’s the way love is. It’s meant to be felt rather than described, and although different people see love differently, we all recognize it when it’s right in front of us, and it’s certainly in front of us today.

“So, today, we’ll listen to what you two see as love. Today, we’ll see how you promise to keep your love alive.” Jamal glanced at Jensen, who promptly flicked two fingers in Bo’s direction, a silent signal that he refused to go first. Jamal smiled, unable to stop himself from chuckling. “Bo?” he questioned.

Bo nodded. Although the paper with his vows was folded neatly and tucked away in his tuxedo jacket, he didn’t need them. They were engraved in his mind. Instead, he squeezed Jensen’s hands and smiled softly. “Jensen Lucas Taylor, a little over four years ago, you came into my life for the first time. Call it fate or the universe’s grand design or some sort of butterfly effect from when I walked left instead of right twenty years ago and everything since has been a crazy spiral of events that led to this exact moment.

“Call it whatever you want. However it happened, the day I met you will forever be one of the greatest days of my life,” Bo said, whispering the last four words. He sniffled clearing his throat as Jensen smiled at him through teary eyes.

“You came into my life during what I would call the roughest period of life in my thirty-six years. I was stuck between all kinds of rocks and hard places and helping myself out of that was… a feat I considered not only improbable, but entirely impossible.

“But… then there was you, and you saved me. It didn’t matter how impractical or childish I seemed; you built me up. You were a desperately needed light in the deepest darkness I had ever experienced, and I will never be able to thank you enough for that.

“I will never be able to show you how important you are to me in one big gesture. Instead, I vow to spend the rest of our lives showing you in the smallest of ways. I’ll bring you coffee when you need it most. I’ll make sure to always cover you with a blanket when you fall asleep sideways at the foot of the bed.

“I vow to give you the best of me, and I vow to take care of you at your worst. You will always be my closest friend, the love of my life. I vow to continue to build and raise our family with you. I promise to always be there when you need me. I will never disappear. I will never be distant. I will always stand by your side.

“And even though it’s scientifically and logically impossible, the love I feel for you will outlast all the stars in the sky. If souls are meant to be together, ours will be intertwined for eternity, because for the rest of this life and any life that may follow, I will always end up at your side as your husband.”

Jensen carefully pulled his hands from Bo’s. His hands shook as he pulled a folded piece of paper from his tuxedo jacket’s inner pocket. He cleared his throat, unfolding it. He blinked harshly, turning his head toward Jamal as he used his shoulder to wipe away a tear that had managed to make it onto his cheek. “Bo Eli Austen,” he began, his eyes flickering up to Bo’s before shifting back to the paper, “before I met you, I never truly got to feel like a winner. I was homeschooled. No competition, no chance to feel totally achieved or anything like that. I didn’t get to do sports in college, so no winning there, either. But since the day we met, all I’ve experienced is that joyous, blissful feeling that comes with winning.

“The day we met, I became a winner for the first time because I got to spend all of my days taking care of you.

“I was a winner the day we kissed because not everyone gets to feel that beautiful spark of passion that happens when one’s soul finds its mate.

I’ll go ahead and keep it G-rated here—even though you’re adorable when you’re embarrassed—and skip to the day you asked me out… exactly three years ago today. I was a winner then, too, because not everyone gets to see you stumble over your words. Not everyone gets to see you that flustered.

“I was a winner the day you told me you loved me because not everyone is lucky enough to find the love of their life so young.

“I was a winner the day we bought our house in Los Angeles, the house in Clinstone. I was a winner when we started fostering Kayla, when we started fostering Amber. I was a winner when we adopted them both. You wanted to raise a family with me, and even now, that blows my mind. I love you, and I couldn’t even begin to fathom raising two little girls with anyone but you.

“I was a winner the day we proposed to each other because never in my wildest dreams did I see myself standing beside the love of my life, waiting to be wed, before I even turned thirty. Never did I allow myself to imagine how perfectly the pieces of my life would fit with yours.

“I’m a winner every single day, and I vow to never let that feeling go. I love you because of your flaws, not despite them, and I vow to ensure that always remains true. I vow to always be the best I can be, because you deserve nothing short of a hundred and ten percent.

“You are the love of my life, and I vow to make sure you know that every hour of every day. I vow to always take care of you and our family. I vow to catch you if you fall, to steady you if you stumble. I vow to always stand beside you because even though you’re short, you are the biggest, most important piece of my life, and I will always make sure you know that, for as your husband, I will never let you go unloved.”

Jamal smiled broadly as Jensen folded the paper, stuffing it back in his pocket. Jamal cleared his throat, turning his head to the side as he quickly ran his tongue over his top row of teeth, immediately regaining his composure. “You’ve both chosen to wear rings as a reminder of every single one of those promises. These rings symbolize love in a lot of ways. For one, these rings have become something beautiful, painstakingly carved from raw elements, from nothing. Love is like that, too. Something beautiful was created in a place where there was once nothing at all.

“You’ve created something entirely invaluable between the two of you, and I hope that’s something you never forget. I hope you protect your love the same way I’ve watched you protect these rings since your engagement in 2024,” Jamal said. “Bo, please place this ring on Jensen’s finger,” he said as Jake dropped a ring into Bo’s palm. Bo grasped Jensen’s shaking hand, carefully sliding the ring over the younger man’s finger. “Jensen, do you take Bo to be your husband?”

“I do,” Jensen whispered.

“Jensen, please place this ring on Bo’s finger,” Jamal said. David carefully placed the ring in Jensen’s palm, squeezing his hand as one last round of comfort.

“Breathe,” Bo whispered. Jensen let out a slow breath, sliding the ring over the blonde’s finger.

“Bo, do you take Jensen to be your husband?” Jamal asked.

Bo smiled. “I do.”

“Then by the powers vested in me by the State of California, I am honored to pronounce you as husbands for life,” Jamal said. He smiled, letting out a nearly breathless sound. “You may now kiss your husband.”

Bo leaned up to kiss Jensen, a hand on the younger man’s face. “You can breathe now,” Bo whispered as their close friends and family started clapping.

“Yeah?” Jensen asked.

Bo smiled, letting out a soft laugh as Jensen leaned his forehead against his. “Yeah, Jens,” he confirmed. “You can breathe now.”


Cecilia’s voice cradled every word of Feels Like Home by Edwina Hayes. It was perfect, and everything Bo had hoped for. He and Jensen stood alone on the dance floor, Jensen’s left hand on Bo’s lower back, Bo’s right hand on the younger man’s shoulder, their free hands clasped near Jensen’s right shoulder. They stood beneath five beautiful chandeliers, white satin ribbon tied to each of the four outer chandeliers to connect back to the one in the middle.

“This right here?” Jensen questioned. “This is the most relaxed I’ve felt all damn day,” he whispered.

“I know,” Bo murmured. He pressed a kiss to Jensen’s shoulder.

“We’re married, Eli. You and me.”

“It’s crazy, isn’t it?”

Jensen chuckled. “That’s one word for it.” He pulled Bo just a little closer, a soft smile turning up either corner of his mouth. “I can’t thank you enough for this, Eli.”

Bo smiled, touching his lips to Jensen’s jaw before laying his head against his shoulder. “Jens, believe me, I feel the same way. You have… given me everything I could’ve ever asked for.”

“Mm.” Jensen sniffled, pressing a kiss to Bo’s temple. “I love you, Eli,” he whispered.

“I love you, too, Jens.”


With most of the guests on the dance floor, Bo and Jensen remained seated, taking the opportunity to breathe for what felt like the first time in over three hours. Bo finished the third redo of Amber’s hair. While the hairstyle itself was rather simple for the blonde—a half up, half down ponytail, four braids, and a quick tuck of the ponytail back into the braids to form a crown-like style at the back of her head—Amber had a habit of being rowdy and messy.

Bo untied the black satin bow at the back of her dress, tying it into a much neater rendition. Her dress was white and floor length. The top half, made of white lace, cut down in a V-shape in the back and formed a scoop neckline in the front.

Amber turned back around to face her father. “Do you see Lijah?” she asked.

Bo’s eyes scanned the crowd on the dance floor. “See Grandpa J out there?” he asked. Amber nodded. “Lijah’s just to the left of him.”

“Thanks!” Amber exclaimed before dashing back out onto the dance floor. Bo leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes.

“Tired?” Jensen asked.


Jensen chuckled. “You and me both. The last thing I wanna do is make the drive back home.”

Bo jerked a thumb over his shoulder, his eyes still closed. “I booked a hotel room here in Chesterwick. Celia’s leaving here early, and she’ll stop by the house and let Hati out for us.”

“Goddamn, I love that woman.”

Bo smiled. “You and me both, Jens.” He opened his eyes as a hand touched his shoulder. “Hey, Jake.”

“Hey, brother.” Jacob squatted down beside Bo, a hand on the back of the blonde’s chair. “Everything you guys did for this? It’s fucking amazing. This revenue is fantastic. The band is great. Hell, even having Jamal officiate… I’m impressed.”

“Thanks, Jake.”

“And you,” Jacob said, turning to Jensen. “I saw your ass-grabbing cake topper. Nice.”

Jensen laughed, high-fiving the lieutenant. “See? I’m not the only one that likes it.”

“Well, Jake’s also a pervert,” Bo said. “It’s why you two get along so well,” he added.

“Yeah, well, you know,” Jacob said. He patted Bo on the thigh. “Your cake’s pretty damn amazing, too.”

Bo smiled faintly. “Thanks, Jake.”

“Mmhmm.” Jacob pulled Bo into a side hug before pushing himself to his feet. “Well, I’ve got a beautiful wife out there that would like to dance. I’ll see you later, okay?” Bo nodded. Nearly as soon as Jacob was gone, Kayla climbed onto Bo’s lap. Dressed in the same dress as Amber, as well as wearing the same hairstyle, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Bo kissed her temple. “Hi, sweetheart.”

“Hi.” Kayla laid her head on his chest. “When’re we gonna go home, Daddy?”

“Tired?” Bo asked.


“Well, we still have a bit to do here. More dancing, cake cutting, photos… dancing.” He chuckled softly. “And then we’ll all go back to a hotel. Clinstone’s a long drive that neither one of us wants to be in charge of right now.”

Kayla nodded. “When do you guys leave for your honeymoon?”

“Not until next Friday. You’re still stuck with us for a while.”

“Good,” Kayla whispered. “How long are you gonna be gone?”

“Not long,” Jensen said. “We’d miss you guys too much. Friday through Wednesday,” he said.

“But… I can call you when you’re gone, right?” she asked.

“All the time, sweetheart,” Jensen assured.


“Bo,” Cecilia said, clapping a hand down on his shoulder.


“Where’s that perfect date you promised me?” Cecilia asked.

Bo chuckled, his eyes sweeping over the dance floor. “To the… right of my dad.”

Cecilia followed his gaze. “David?”

“He’s a damn good guy, Celia,” Bo said softly, pulling a loose tendril of hair back behind Kayla’s ear. “He has a good, stable job that he loves. He has no problem with women working and loving their jobs. He’s not going to cheat on you because he wants to, eventually, settle down. He won’t treat you badly because he’s a momma’s boy. He respects women with all he has. And even if you don’t want to date him after tonight, he’ll hold zero grudges. He’s still your ride home whenever you’re ready to go.”

Cecilia let out a heavy sigh. “He’s really a good guy?”

“Wouldn’t have been standing beside us at the altar if he wasn’t,” Jensen said.

Cecilia nodded. “All right.” She patted Bo on the shoulder. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure, Celia. Enjoy yourself,” Bo murmured.


“I’ll admit,” Bo said, picking up the knife on the table, “I was originally against your groping cake topper.”

“But now you kinda love it, right?” Jensen asked.

“Tragically, yes.”

Jensen snorted, wrapping a hand around Bo’s. “You gotta trust me more often, babe,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to Bo’s temple. The blonde rolled his eyes. The cake was three tiers. The bottom was done in a marble design, mixing black, gray, white, and a deep purple that matched their vests and ties. The middle layer was that same deep purple, while the top layer was white with a single diagonal slash of a lighter purple tone across it.

Although Jensen’s hand laid over Bo’s, Bo did most of the actual cutting of the cake. Jensen’s hands were still shaky with nerves, and Bo had to lay his free hand over the younger man’s just to keep the knife steady. After the slice of cake was on the small plate before them, Bo picked up two forks, handing one to Jensen.

“Just breathe, relax,” Bo said, cutting off a small piece. “Just… just pretend it’s you and me. No one’s watching. It’s just us,” he said softly, reaching up with one hand to smooth out Jensen’s tie.

The younger man smiled as he cut off a piece. “Okay,” he whispered. They fed each other a bite of the cake at nearly the same time. Bo chuckled, lifting a hand to wipe a spot of chocolate from his bottom lip. “I gotta work on my aim,” Jensen said with a soft laugh. Bo nodded his agreement. Jensen leaned down and kissed the blonde. Once upon a time, Jensen Taylor had never hoped for a wedding, or even a boyfriend. He hadn’t been allowed to date. He had always had other priorities.

But now that he had Bo, he wouldn’t ask for anything to change.

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