Bonekeeper – Chapter Fifty-One


Chapter Fifty-One

Thursday: December 25, 2025

Bo lifted himself up onto the counter, watching his mother slide a tray into the oven. “Where’s Dad?” he asked.

“Asleep,” Renee said softly. “Why?”

“I have something to tell you guys, but I’d like to wait until he wakes up.”

Renee laughed, waving a hand toward the counter. “Turn on the coffee maker. He’ll be awake and out here within five minutes,” she said.

“Really?” Bo asked.

“Mmhmm. Your dad’s incredibly predictable, sweetheart. The water and coffee grounds are already in there,” she added. Bo nodded, reaching over to turn on the coffee maker. “What kind of something?”

Bo chuckled. “I can’t tell you that, Mom.” Although his father was aware that he and Jensen were planning on having twins, Renee hadn’t been told about the plan, and neither one had been told about Cecilia or the in vitro fertilization. “You just have to wait until Dad’s out here.”

Renee rolled her eyes in the same kind of overly dramatic way Jensen always did. Bo wasn’t certain which one of them had picked it up from the other, but it made him smile. “So it’s exciting news, then?” she asked.

Bo nodded, “One would assume.”

“God, you’re a pain.”

Bo chuckled, clasping his hands between his knees. “I do believe that’s my goal, Mom. I strive to be as difficult as possible.”

“Well, you appear to be succeeding, sweetheart,” Renee said softly. “So, why is it that you’re the only one here?”

“I have things to do at work, tragically. We already had plans with Jake, Alice, and Celia, so it didn’t make sense to break those so Jensen and the girls could come to L.A.. Hopefully, I’ll be back in Clinstone before midnight,” Bo said. He crossed his ankles, offering a shrug. “At least I get to be here with you guys, though. We missed out on a lot of Christmases when I was busy being a dickhead.”

Renee shook her head. “We’ve been over this. You had a hard time believing we weren’t going to hurt you. That’s not your fault.” She leaned up, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “We love you, and it just took a while to figure that out. Don’t blame yourself for something like that.”

One corner of Bo’s mouth lifted. “Thanks, Mom.”

Nearly three minutes later, Denzel walked into the kitchen, dressed in a pair of light blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He smiled at Bo. “Morning, kiddo.

“Morning, Dad.” Bo jumped off the counter, tucking his hands behind his back. “So… exciting news,” he said. “Jensen and I are going to be having twins.” A pause. “You’re going to have two grandsons.”

“Oh, my God, Bo,” Renee whispered, pulling her son into a hug. She squeezed him tightly before stepping back, her hands on either side of his face. “I’m so happy for you, sweetheart.”

“Thank you.”

Denzel pulled Bo into a tight hug, a smile turning up either corner of his mouth. “Surrogate?”

“Mmhmm. Cecilia,” Bo said. He took a step backward, hands behind his back. “We’re in our second trimester. I mean, there are still risks and mishaps and… and more testing and ultrasounds, but I’m doing my best to be less of a pessimistic jackass for this.”

“When’re they due?” Renee asked.

“If everything goes smoothly, June,” Bo said.

“Oh, Bo, this is so exciting,” Renee said, clapping her hands together. “We’re going to spoil the hell out of them.”

Denzel chuckled, pressing a kiss to his wife’s temple. “It’s a guarantee that they’re boys?”

The blonde nodded. “We made sure of that. Two little boys,” he said with a smile. “I mean, Amber and Kayla are little… less than excited at the moment. We’re going to have to amp up the love there for a while, let them know they’ll never come second or third. But Jens and I… This is like one big dream come true for us, and… and I’m just glad that we get to share it with you two.”


“I know you’d rather be in Clinstone, so I’m… I’m sorry for making you come all the way out here for this,” Jamal said.

Bo shrugged, flipping through the files in the box before him. “I don’t mind. I like organizing. Just because Jensen and the girls are family doesn’t mean you aren’t.” He snorted. “Honestly, Jamal, I’m just glad the job you had for me didn’t involve pulling a trigger. I don’t think I could do that again right now.”

“I apologize for the Minetti deal. It wasn’t supposed to go down that way,” Jamal said simply. “But… it’s still better to introduce you into this all with a man who’s already down than pulling you into the middle of a gun fight.”

Bo nodded. “Well, it’s a valid point. I sure as hell don’t want to end up in a gun fight right now,” he agreed. He pulled out a folder, flipping through it. “What crazy ass method did you use to organize these by?” he questioned.

Jamal chuckled softly. “They were organized by year, way back in the day. Then they were organized by job. Like, uh… my first job for the family, my government job, LAPD narcotics jobs, so on and so forth. But after… after I lost my wife, organization was just boxes filled with shit. Frank tried to fix it nearly a damn decade ago, but it got pretty messy again after Katherine ran the hell away.”

“Understandable, I suppose,” Bo murmured. He set the folder on top of the pile at his left before grabbing another folder from the box. “Jensen and I are having twins.”

Jamal lifted his head. “What?”

“Jensen and I are having twins,” Bo repeated. “Boys.”

“Look at me,” Jamal said. Bo lifted his eyes to the older man’s face. “That’s incredible, Bo,” he said softly.

Bo smiled. “Thank you.”

“How long have you been sitting on that?”

“A long damn time. We only started telling people yesterday,” Bo said. “Celia’s carrying the twins for us. She’s our surrogate.”

“The Delacroix girl?” Jamal asked. Bo nodded. “Christ, that’s amazing, Bo.” He cleared his throat, tossing a folder onto his desk. “Bo… I can find someone else for this.”

“It’s just organizing folders, Jamal. I literally have no problem with this.”

“I wasn’t talking about the folders.”

Bo frowned. “Jamal, if someone else takes over for you, they’ll destroy everything you’ve created.”

“You’re going to have children, Bo.”

“I have children.”

Jamal sighed quietly. “Bo, doing this when you have adopted children is one thing. Doing it when you have a biological baby at home is…” He trailed off, his gaze shifting to the floor. Finally, he shook his head. “You live too much inside of your own head when you’ve got your own damn kid waiting for you at home.”

“You didn’t have kids,” Bo said. He frowned. “Right?”

“I… did,” Jamal said quietly. He cleared his throat, pushing himself to his feet with a grunt. “I just don’t like to talk about them.”

“What happened?”

“My wife died.”

“Th–they killed your kids, too?” Bo asked in a whisper.

“They did. Bad men don’t stop at adults. They don’t give a shit who gets hurt, Bo. Women, children, or otherwise. They don’t care,” Jamal said.

“You were working narcotics when… when that happened, though,” Bo said.


“You got out of all of this nastiness. Why’d you go back in?” Bo asked.

“I needed extra protection for Katherine. The Lucchese family was willing to provide that for me, for her,” Jamal said.

“So, if you hadn’t had Kathy…? Would you just be a cop?” Bo questioned.

Jamal shook his head, crossing the room to pull open the liquor cabinet. “No, kid. If I hadn’t promised to take care of Katherine, you never would’ve known me. Repented for my sins, taken early fucking retirement with a gun to my head, and hoped to see my wife and kids on the other side.”

Bo stared at him for a moment. “I’m glad you had Kathy, Jamal.”

Jamal offered the faintest of smiles, grabbing a bottle of Scotch. He headed back for his desk, slowly lowering himself into his chair. “Me, too, Bo. Never would’ve met Wayne, never would’ve met you. One way or another, I have to be thankful for that.”

Bo smiled faintly. “I know I am.” He cocked his head to the side. “You left the mafia when you joined LAPD.”


“How’d you convince them to take you back?” Bo asked.

Jamal poured himself a glass of Scotch, taking a long sip before dragging his gaze back to Bo’s face. “I think that’s a story for another time, kiddo. It’s Christmas. Let’s keep it a bit lighter than that.”

“Sure thing, Jamal.”


Hey, brother,” Jacob greeted.

Bo chuckled, gently pushing the lieutenant away from the door. “You’re drunk.”

“Probably,” Jacob agreed.

Bo stepped into the house, shivering as he reached back to shut the door. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Mainly the living room, but Allie and your man are in the kitchen.”

“Thank you.” Bo clapped Jacob on the shoulder. “Go sit down. I’ll bring you a water.”

Jacob snorted. “Can do, Blondie. I’ll be in the living room.” Bo walked into the kitchen, slipping a hand into Jensen’s back pocket.

Jensen’s posture straightened out as he turned to look at Bo. A smile formed on the taller man’s face. “Hey, baby,” he murmured, leaning down to kiss him. “I took Cecilia back to the house about an hour ago. She didn’t want to go back to her apartment, so I just let her sleep in our bed.”

“That’s okay. We’ll sleep on the couch.” Bo wrapped his arms around Jensen’s waist. “Now that you don’t have to drive back home, you can feel free to drink. I’m just going to eat a little bit of something before we go.”

“Mmhmm. Did you tell your parents?”

“I did. They’re incredibly excited. Jamal knows, too. I… admittedly didn’t care enough to share it with Kathy, and since Dallas would tell her, I just kept it close.”

“That’s all right. I wanna tell Chance and Mercedes after we get back to L.A., though. They talk to me more often than Kathy does, anyway,” Jensen said, running a hand down Bo’s spine. He lifted his head as Eve started crying. He watched Alice leave the kitchen before he let out a sigh. “Every time one of them has cried, I’ve had to stop myself from checking on them,” he whispered.

“I know,” Bo whispered back. “But, look at it this way. In about six more months, our babies will be here. The nursery will be filled, and the house won’t be so damn quiet any more.”

“Mm.” Jensen pressed a kiss to the top of Bo’s head. “Well, you go ahead and eat something. I am gonna get drunk and pretend I can wait six whole months for our babies,” he said. Swiping a can of beer from the counter, he smacked his free hand against the blonde’s rear. “Glad you made it back home, Eli.”

“You and me both, Jens.”

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