Bonekeeper – Chapter Fifty-Four


Chapter Fifty-Four

Friday: February 20, 2026

Jensen rolled onto his stomach, throwing an arm across Bo’s chest. The blonde smiled softly, lifting a hand to comb his fingers through Jensen’s hair. Bo couldn’t help but find the idea of marriage surreal. They had been married for five days, sixteen hours, twenty-two minutes, and—Bo glanced at the second hand of Jensen’s watch—three seconds. For Bo, however, those five days, sixteen hours, twenty-two minutes, and now seven seconds felt unreal. They felt like a dream—the best dream he’d ever had—and a part of him was fearing the part where he’d wake up.

He knew one of the reasons he had a hard time believing it was because his mind was busy counting minutes and seconds in his usual creepy, stalkerish way. If it wasn’t for that, he’d be like Jensen, and he wouldn’t have any issue accepting that everything was, more or less, perfect.

Bo felt himself smile. He didn’t want to be like Jensen. The younger man wouldn’t love him like he did if Bo was anything but Bo Austen. If he were normal, if he spent his days not counting minutes and seconds, Jensen wouldn’t love him. Jensen wouldn’t have adopted two children with him, wouldn’t have proposed to him, wouldn’t have married him.

Bo Austen didn’t want to be normal, because ‘normal’ wasn’t something Jensen Taylor was attracted to, and Bo had no intention of ever giving him up.


“If anything happens, you call me,” Bo said. “I don’t care what time of the day it is. If they kick too hard or you feel strange or… or anything, you call me. I’ll always answer. Okay?” he asked.

Cecilia nodded. “Okay, Bo.”

“And I want updates throughout the day. You can just text those to me. You only have to call me if something feels different. But I want updates all the time, or I’ll go crazy,” Bo said.


“We could wait. We should wait,” Bo said, looking back at Jensen. “We should wait until June.”

“Relax, babe,” Jensen whispered. A hand on Bo’s cheek, he pressed a kiss to the blonde’s forehead. “If we wait till June, there won’t be a honeymoon. We’d be home, taking care of our girls and our newborn twins.”

Bo nodded quickly. “I know, but… but I feel wrong about leaving.”

“It’s gonna be okay, sweetheart,” Cecilia said softly. “I am going to be okay, and I’m going to take damn good care of your little boys.”

“Right,” Jensen agreed. “And Jamal’s gonna take care of Amber and Kayla this weekend, and your parents are gonna bring them back here next week for school. Then we’ll come home Wednesday evening, your parents will leave Thursday morning, and we’ll go back to normal. It’s just a little time away for you and me before everything gets hectic,” he said.

“And you guys deserve that time away,” Cecilia added.

“I know you like to worry and be realistic about everything, but if you don’t relax and take a second to be an optimist here, you’re going to make yourself sick,” Jensen said. “We go to the airport, we get on Jamal’s plane, Frank and Jamal pick us up at the airport. They babysit the girls and the animals while we head on out to our hotel. We aren’t gonna be that far away, baby. If something happens—God forbid, if something happens—we’ll be right on top of it. Promise,” he whispered.

Slowly, Bo nodded. “Okay,” he whispered back. He let out a heavy sigh. “Let’s get the hell out of here before I change my mind.”


Amber and Kayla ran off the plane first. Bo and Jensen followed, Hati at their heels. Bo held Acamas’s pet crate in one hand, his free hand holding Jensen’s. Jensen carried Bunny’s—Amber’s chinchilla—much smaller pet crate in his free hand.

Jamal grunted as he bent down slightly to catch Amber. He stood up straight, his arms wrapped securely around her back. “Hello, to you, too, Ber,” he murmured.

“We’re gonna spend the whole weekend with you, Gampa J!” Amber exclaimed.

Jamal chuckled. “I know. And I’m gonna spoil you with popcorn, movies, and chocolate beyond your wildest dreams.” Amber squealed as Jamal set her back down. He pulled Kayla into a hug. “Hi, sweetheart.”

“Hi, Grandpa,” Kayla said softly.

Jamal lifted his gaze to Bo’s face, a smile turning up either corner of his mouth. “Hey, kiddo,” he greeted.

“Hey, Jamal.”

“You ready to head on out?” Jamal questioned.

Bo glanced up briefly, letting out a long breath before nodding. “I suppose.”

Jamal chuckled. “Get in the car, lab geek. We’ll drop you off at the hotel.”


“You know,” Jensen said as he sat down on the edge of the bed, “the last time we were here, I decided I was gonna propose to you on the anniversary of when we met,” he said.

“Really?” Bo asked. Jensen nodded. Bo cocked his head to the side as he sat down next to Jensen. “What made you decide that?”

“Well, I already knew I wanted to propose to you, but there was a while there where… I wasn’t sure how easily you’d recover.”

“After I killed Bernard.”

Jensen nodded, unwilling to actually say the words Bo wanted him to. Brother. “But when we were here, it was the first time I saw you genuinely happy after that event occurred. It was the first time light and life popped back up in your eyes. I made you laugh and smile and… and I just knew I had to propose to you on a date that would be super fucking important to the both of us,” he said. “So if I hadn’t seen you happy in this room… I don’t think I would’ve been able to work up the courage to propose to you when I did.”

Bo smiled softly. “I love you, Jensen.”

One corner of Jensen’s mouth lifted. “I love you, too.” He leaned to the side, kissing Bo. “I know this isn’t the honeymoon most people would want, but you and me being here together? That’s all I need.”

“You and me both, Jens.” Bo turned, climbing onto Jensen’s lap. Jensen scooted back on the bed, wrapping his arms around Bo’s back. “I was thinking that we could finish our night off with… a bang, per say.”

Jensen smiled, trapping his bottom lip between his teeth as Bo draped his arms around the younger man’s neck. “You know how nerdy you make everything sound?”

“I… truly believe that’s the goal, Jens.”

Jensen chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re amazing, Eli,” he whispered.

Bo leaned his forehead against Jensen’s. “So are you, Jens.” Bo dropped one hand, tugging once at the buckle of Jensen’s belt. “Mm?” he questioned.

“You ask that like there’s any chance I’m gonna say no.” Bo offered a shrug. Jensen kissed him, closing his eyes. “How long?” he questioned.

Bo looked down at his watch. “Six days, eight hours, thirty-two minutes, and… forty-three seconds.”

Jensen smiled. “I fucking love you, Eli,” he breathed.

A soft smile spread across the blonde’s face. “I love you, too, Jens.”

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