Bonekeeper – Chapter Twenty-Three


Chapter Twenty-Three


Jensen set a bag of fast food and his keys on the counter before smacking a hand against Bo’s backside.

“Well, hello, there, shithead.”

Jensen chuckled. “Hey.” He pressed a kiss to Bo’s temple. “Where are the gremlins?”

“The girls’ room,” Bo said.

“Mmhmm. Be back in a sec, Jake.”

“Thanks,” Jacob said softly. He offered a tired smile, lifting his sapphire blue eyes to the blonde’s face. “How was your day?”

“Good. Although Rick and I missed you guys at lunch,” Bo said.

Jacob chuckled softly. “Well, at least you still ate. I’ll admit that I was a little worried about that.” He crossed his arms over his chest, leaning his shoulder against the refrigerator. “Jensen made me get a salad.”

“Yeah, that was my doing.”

Jacob snorted. “Somehow, I had guessed that.”

“I still have to look out for you and your health, you know,” Bo said softly, setting the last dish in the dishwasher. “I have to make sure you know that I’m still looking out for you.”

Jacob smiled. “I know, Blondie. It’s appreciated.”

“It’s my pleasure,” Bo assured. He dropped a small white and blue capsule into the detergent cup before closing the dishwasher and starting a cycle. He turned to Jacob just as Charlotte ran into the room. Jacob squatted down, pulling her into his arms. Bo smiled softly as the sergeant rose to his feet, Charlotte’s arms wrapped around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist.

“I heard about Jensen’s idea for the cake topper,” Jacob said.

Bo rolled his eyes. “Of course.”

“You should let him get it,” Jacob said quietly. “You only get one wedding with him… you know? Make sure it’s the best of both worlds.”

One corner of Bo’s mouth lifted. “Thanks, Jake.”

“No problem.”

Elijah came into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around Bo. “Love you, Uncle Bo.”

Bo smiled faintly, wrapping an arm around the young boy. “Love you, too, kiddo,” he said softly.

“This weekend, Algebra?” Katie asked.

“You need Katie this weekend, Jake?” Bo asked. Jacob shook his head. “Then, yeah, that works for me. I’ll help you get the basics.”

Katie smiled. “Great. Thanks, Bo.”

“Mmhmm.” Bo released Elijah as Noah started crying. “Well, I’ll take care of him, and I will see you all tomorrow. Enjoy your night.”

“You, too, Bo,” Jacob said softly. Bo watched the Mason family walk out of the kitchen until they were no longer in his sight. He pulled open the refrigerator, handing a blue bottle to Jensen, who promptly turned on the warm water and held the bottle under it.

“Probably wise to get Eve’s bottle, too,” Jensen said.

“I know.” Bo grabbed the bottle and held it under the water as Jensen stepped away from the sink.

“Jake and I talked a lot today. I mean, obviously we had a lot of time to kill, you know? But, uh, the last time I had a long conversation with him, it was when you were still…”


“Yes. It’s nice to get to know him outside of a professional setting. Even though I haven’t necessarily been your ‘bodyguard’ for quite a while, I still feel obligated to treat your friends with a professional kind of respect. It felt pretty damn good to get to know Jake in a friend kind of way.”

Bo smiled. “I would imagine so.” He leaned up and kissed the younger man, swiping the towel from his grip. “Jake is, in my experience, one of the best people you can be friends with. Even when he’s an ass,” he said, drying off Eve’s bottle.

Jensen chuckled. “I know.” He cleared his throat. “Come on. We’ll take care of the criers, eat, and then we can look at wedding stuff.”


Jensen and Bo sat on the lounge of the sectional. While Bo’s laptop was open on his lap, their eyes were on Jensen’s phone as he scrolled through a list of wedding bands. At the end of the lounge, Kayla and Amber sat, both playing whichever minorly gorey game they had talked Jensen into buying. Jensen, Bo found, was a pushover as long as Amber stared at him with her innocent green eyes.

Although Bo wasn’t a huge fan of the girls playing ‘violent’ video games, he knew it wasn’t necessarily bad for them. The bad came if Bo and Jensen encouraged them to go out and hurt people. But as long as both girls were mentally sound—and they were—he let it pass because it made them happy and he loved his girls to be happy.

“What about these guys?” Jensen asked, clicking on a video. Less than thirty seconds into the video, both he and Bo shook their heads. “They’re ruining that song.”

“They are ruining that song,” Bo repeated quietly. “Maybe… maybe it’s an old video. They could’ve gotten better by now,” he said, reaching over to scroll down. “Nope. I lied. That was a week ago.”

“Damn. Hold on. I’ll find another one,” Jensen said.

“What about the band from Uncle Jake’s wedding?” Kayla asked.

“They specialized in older song. We’re hoping for a band that can do a mix of both. You know, so that way there’s newer music, too,” Bo explained.

Kayla nodded. “Makes sense.”

“What about these guys?”

“His mustache’s creepy,” Bo denied.

Jensen snorted. “Yeah, I saw that coming,” he said quietly. “These guys? Do any of them give you the creeps?”

Bo shook his head, leaning into Jensen’s side. “What do they sound like?” he asked, laying a hand on the younger man’s chest. Jensen pressed ‘play’ on the video, turning his phone to landscape as he wrapped an arm around Bo’s shoulders. The video ran through several different clips of the band singing songs: Uptown Funk, Dynamite, Stay With Me, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Wagon Wheel, Proud Mary, and several songs that were far too new for Bo to recognize.

“These guys,” Bo murmured. “I think they’re perfect.”

“That’s what I was thinking.” Jensen pressed a kiss to the top of Bo’s head. “New Paradise,” he said softly. “What’d you two nerds think?”

“They’re good!” Kayla and Amber said in near unison.

“Good. These guys are definitely it,” Jensen said.

“I’ll book them,” Bo said quietly, bringing up the band’s website on his laptop. “Jake says I should let you have whatever butt-touching cake topper you want.”

Jensen laughed. “Oh, I knew he’d be on my side.”

Bo rolled his eyes. “But I don’t want to be entirely in charge of the cake. I know that was your proposition, but I don’t want that. I want us to choose everything together. Okay?”

Jensen smiled softly. “I like that idea,” he murmured. “Are we gonna do cake testing?”

“We can, if you want.” Bo chuckled. “But you already know what my vote goes toward.”

“Mm. Marble cake. I know.” Jensen watched Bo’s laptop screen for a moment before clearing his throat. “What about flowers?”

“I’m not sure. Mainly because we haven’t decided on colors yet. But, personally, I kind of like the idea of calla lilies. Especially to be on our tuxes,” Bo said.

Jensen looked down at his phone, bringing up another tab as he quickly searched for calla lilies. “Oh. Those. Yeah, those are pretty.” He pressed a kiss to Bo’s temple. “When do we need to look for tuxes?”

“About two to four weeks beforehand, I do believe. We’ll pick colors way before then, so it’ll be incredibly easy at that point. We’ll just need to get fitted at that point.”

Jensen nodded. He reached over, laying a hand over Bo’s. He brushed his thumb over Bo’s ring, a soft smile on his face. “I love you,” he whispered.

Bo smiled, tilting his head back slightly to meet Jensen’s gaze. “I love you, too.”

“Keep it that way?”


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