Bonekeeper – Chapter Thirty


Chapter Thirty

Friday: June 13, 2025

“We sent the warrant over to Ellepath. Officer Biggs is gonna get the security footage and then email the files here once he gets back to his station,” Jacob said.

“So we should have them sometime before… noon?” Bo asked.

“Should, yeah. Hopefully, anyway. Depends on how long the owner of the building dicks around before handing the footage over to him.” Bo nodded. Jacob cleared his throat as he lifted himself onto one of the counters in the lab. “You okay, Bo?” he asked softly.

“I’m…” Bo trailed off, laughing quietly. “I don’t know. I’ve been better, and I’ve been worse, too,” he said.

“Well, what’s wrong?” Jacob asked.

“Jamal’s getting old, Jake.”

“I know.”

“He’s already found his replacement and he wants to train them personally,” Bo said.

“And, what, you don’t like them?” Jacob asked.

Bo cleared his throat. “Not… necessarily.”

“Oh,” Jacob said quietly. “It’s you.”

“Yes,” the blonde said slowly. “I denied the offer at first. I told him there was no way I could do it. I’m just the forensics guy.”

“Right,” Jacob agreed. “What changed your mind?”

Bo let out a heavy sigh, folding his arms over the table. “I don’t know. A lot of things, I suppose. I’ve intimidated people in a way that I never could before. I can… manipulate people in an even stronger sense than before. I’m stronger than I used to be. Mentally, of course. I need a lot of work otherwise. But I imagine the biggest reason is because… he’s Jamal, and I love him. He’s the reason I have Kayla, the reason I have Amber. He’s the reason I have Jensen. He’d drop everything at the drop of hate to help me if I asked for it. The least I can do is take over for him when he can’t do it any more.”

Jacob nodded nearly imperceptibly, clasping his hands between his knees. “It’s obviously a decision you’re comfortable with… right? I wasn’t forced upon you?”

“God, no. Jamal didn’t force anything with this. Even now, I still have the option to decide I can’t do it,” Bo said. “I wouldn’t say I’m comfortable with it yet, but it’s definitely a decision I made on my own.”

“Good.” Jacob tilted his head to the side. “So, if it’s something you decided, why do you look so miserable?”

“Jamal called me yesterday.”

“Right. At the diner?” Jacob asked.

“Correct. He fell down the stairs at his house.”

“Oh, my God. Is he okay?”

One corner of Bo’s mouth lifted at the genuine concern in the sergeant’s voice. “He’s fine, thankfully. A couple bruises, but he managed to catch himself before he went too far,” he said. “But, again, he’s getting old.”

“Which means you’ll have to take over for him much sooner than planned,” Jacob said quietly.


“So what’s the plan? I never see you again?”

“What? No, Jake, it’s not that at all. I’ll still be back and forth between Clinstone and L.A. all the damn time. The girls go to school here. I’m not making them lose all of their friends just because I’m… whatever I am. I’ll just have to go back to L.A. for training soon. Like, this month.”

“Before the case is over.”

“I think so. I mean, unless these videos today give us some amazing insight into our killer, yes, definitely before the case is over.”

“You shouldn’t have to feel bad about that. You’ve left during cases before or taken days off during cases before. And you’ve still helped during those times,” Jacob said.


Jacob smiled softly. “Really. You go do your training whenever you’re ready to start with it. Gwen and Misty can take over here, and whatever they can’t do, I’ll hand over to you,” he said.

“Thank you,” Bo said quietly.

Jacob nodded. “No problem, Blondie. What else is on your mind?” he asked.

“The twins. Do you… want me to find out if they can stay with Alice’s parents while we’re gone?” Bo asked. “Like… are you going to want to visit them?” he questioned.

“You guys take them with you,” Jacob said. “If I visited them with Alice’s parents, they’d think Alice was ready to take the twins and I… can’t do that right now.”

Bo nodded. “Understandable.”

“I know I’ve said it before, but I certainly haven’t said it enough. Thank you for taking care of them, Bo. You and Jensen are beyond amazing for all you’ve been doing for me, for us,” Jacob said.

Bo smiled. “It’s our pleasure, Jake. It was difficult at first, obviously, but you can figure anything out with enough Googling and practice.”

Jacob chuckled. “Yeah, I get that. But, umm… You can just send me pictures of them while you’re gone?”

“Of course I can, Jake.”


“No problem.”

Jacob nodded. “Allie’s got another appointment today. It’s rough, you know? But she’s trying real damn hard. Soon, we’ll take the twins, and you guys can have your own.”

“Like I said, Jake, you guys take your time. Jensen and I are in no rush,” Bo said softly.

“I know. I just don’t wanna hold you guys back.” Jacob offered a smile. “You’re the happiest and the healthiest I’ve ever seen you, Bo. I just wanna make sure you get everything you’ve ever asked for, and I’m still holding you back from that.”

“We have time, Jake. You aren’t holding us back from anything. We promised to take care of the twins on our own accord. We’ll watch them for as long as you need. Don’t let yourself believe that’s holding us back from anything,” Bo said

“Thanks.” Jacob smiled faintly. “Again.”

“My pleasure. Again.” Bo pushed himself to his feet. “I think I’m due for another coffee. You?”

“I could certainly go for that.”

“Good. Come on. We’ll kill a bit of time until we get the security footage.”

Jacob jumped off the counter, “Sounds like a plan, Blondie.”

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