Bonekeeper – Chapter Five


Chapter Five

Thursday: June 5, 2025

Bo groaned, draping an arm over his eyes as Noah’s cries came through the baby monitor. Bo had gotten up less than an hour ago to rock a fussy Eve back to sleep. The last thing he wanted to do at that moment was get out of bed again.

“I’ve got him,” Jensen murmured, pushing himself up with a grunt. He got out of bed and squeezed Bo’s hand before walking out of the room. Less than a minute later, Jensen’s soft voice came through the monitor, “A’ight, come here, little man.” One corner of Bo’s mouth lifted. “You know, champ, one of these nights, Uncle Bo and I would love to sleep soundly through the night. It’s a lot to ask for, I know. That’s why you’re lucky you’re so damn cute.”

Jensen started humming, something that typically calmed both of the babies down. Bo’s brow furrowed as he did his best to recognize the song. When the name came to him, he smiled. Put Your Records On. It was the song Cecilia had been singing the first time Jensen walked into Ivory Hill with Bo instead of sitting outside in the car.

Bo was nearly asleep by the time Jensen came back into the bedroom. The taller man climbed onto the bed, crawling over Bo to drop back onto his side of the bed.

Jensen cleared his throat, wrapping an arm around Bo’s chest. “Eli?” he asked, his voice soft.


“I love you.”

Bo smiled softly, grasping Jensen’s hand and squeezing his fingers. “I love you, too, Jens.”

“Good,” Jensen whispered. His arm tightened around Bo as he snuggled closer to the man. “I changed their diapers while I was there. Figured it’d give us a couple more hours to sleep.”

“Mm… good plan. Thank you,” Bo said. “Even if Alice and Jake never takes Noah and Eve, we’ll make it work with twins of our own. I’ll figure it out. You deserve that.” He closed his eyes, clearing his throat. “We deserve that, no matter what.”

“Thank you,” Jensen breathed. Bo nodded. “God, Eli, you’re fucking amazing. You know that?”

Bo chuckled softly. “As per usual, you’re rather amazing yourself, Jens.” He pressed a kiss to the back of Jensen’s hand. “Try to get some sleep, love. I’ll get them the next time they wake up, but we have to be up in, like… three hours.”


“Love you, Jens,” Bo murmured.

Jensen squeezed Bo’s hand tightly, clearing his throat. “Love you, too, Eli.”


The automatic lights kicked on as the woman pushed open the door, and with the cleaned human skull in her hands, she walked easily across the floor. With a soft smile on her face, she lifted the lid of her display case.

The man at the store had told her it would be great for a sports display, and she had bit her tongue to keep from revealing the skull would be the real star of the day.

She placed the skull down on the table, writing the word cranium upon its label. She put the case lid back over the skull, the contact of glass to table sounding rather dull.

She stared at the skull and scratched at her head; tomorrow she’d need another person dead.


Bo walked into the kitchen, Amber on his hip. “I have to go into work. Rick wants to see Serena’s body, and it’s not something I’m letting him see by himself,” he said. Amber hugged him tightly before he set her down.

“I’ll run by Little Delights after Natalia gets here to watch the kids. Want anything?” Jensen asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back against the counter.

“Coffee. The usual.”


Bo leaned up and kissed Jensen. “Hati’s outside. Let her in before you go, and make sure she and Acamas have food.” The blonde smiled faintly, his hand resting on Jensen’s cheek. “Shave before you come into the station.”

One corner of Jensen’s mouth lifted. “Sure thing, babe. Your wish is my command.”

Bo snorted. “Don’t be a dick, Taylor.” Amber giggled.

“I don’t make promises I don’t plan on keeping, Austen,” Jensen said.

“I assumed as much. Oh, make sure to tell Kayla goodbye before you head out, too. Cecilia says that if we always tell her goodbye and that we love her before we leave, she’ll feel even safer around us.”

“And… then she might call us Dad?” Jensen questioned.

Bo smiled faintly. “That’s the hope.” He squatted down, wrapping Amber in another hug. “I love you.”

Amber hooked her arms around his neck. “Love you, Daddy.”

Bo kissed the top of her head and pushed himself back to his feet. He grabbed his car keys from the counter, pointing at Jensen as he started to walk out of the kitchen. “Love you, shave before you go, and I’ll see you in a bit.”

Jensen smiled faintly. “Will do, babe. I’ll bring your coffee down to the lab when I get in.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Jensen watched Bo walk out of the kitchen before calling out, “Love you, too, Eli!” He looked down at Amber, smiling. “Hungry yet, Ber?”

“Not yet.”

“All right, baby girl. I’m gonna go shave so your daddy stops complaining, but Grandma T will be here soon if you get hungry, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“Can you go let Hati in for me?” “Yep!” Amber said happily before jogging out of the room. Jensen sighed quietly, scratching at the stubble on his cheek. Bo was right; he did need to shave again.

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