Executioner – Chapter Thirty-Two


Chapter Thirty-Two

Saturday: March 7, 2026

Bo sat on the couch, his back propped up against the armrest and several pillows. Jensen sat beside him, slouched over and sound asleep. His head rested on Bo’s chest, both arms draped lazily across Bo’s lap. Bo drew his legs onto the couch, folding them up just enough that his knees rested on Jensen’s thigh.

Bo had been forced to switch his laptop out for his phone when it came to casework, not that he minded. His phone was faster and more efficient anyway. The only plus of his laptop was the larger screen. He figured he’d finally get around to building a computer the way he had before the Hunter case, but that would still have to wait until after he helped catch the Executioner.

Bo had spent the majority of the last hour and a half watching traffic cam footage from Wednesday morning. He had checked traffic cameras just outside of Clinstone from several angles, and he was still working his way through in search of suspicious vehicles. Of course, in Bo’s opinion, any vehicle out creeping around sometime between one and three in the morning was suspicious.

Bo caught sight of a hand in his peripheral. He lifted his head to meet Jamal’s gaze. “Hello.”

Jamal smiled faintly. “Hey. Comfy?” he questioned, sitting down on the sectional.

Bo chuckled softly, gently combing the fingers of one hand through Jensen’s hair. “That’s one word for it, I suppose.”

Jamal nodded. “Any progress with the traffic cams?”

“Not yet. Working on it.”

“Why don’t you sleep?”

“I can’t.”

“Not tired?”

Bo snorted. “No, I’m tired. I just…”

“You can’t stop thinking about your kids?” Jamal asked.

“Yes. I have too much on my mind to sleep.” Bo lifted his shoulders. “Not that that’s a surprise or anything. I’m used to that, obviously. But usually, being next to Jensen lets me sleep, no matter what is on my mind.”

“Mm?” Jensen questioned, lifting his head ever so slightly.

“Nothing, love,” Bo murmured, pressing a kiss to the top of the younger man’s head. “Go back to sleep,” he said softly. Jensen grunted his response, snuggling up against the blonde once more. “But not tonight,” Bo finally said, looking back at Jamal. “I have to worry about my boys and Celia. I have to worry about this killer. I have to worry about my girls and making sure they’re both getting everything they need.”

“How about this. You sleep for a couple hours while I worry about all of that,” Jamal said.

Bo scoffed. “I’m not letting you do everything for me, Jamal. At some point, I have to learn to do things myself.”

“You do a lot of shit by yourself, Bo. You bought a house here and a house in L.A. without my help. You and Jensen got engaged without my help. You solve ninety-ninety percent of your cases without my help. Take a damn breather and let me help with the smallest percentage of the one percent here,” Jamal said.

Bo let out a soft sigh. “How would you help find the guy?”

“I’ve got my ways.”

“You can’t kill him, Jamal.”

“I do the job that’s assigned to me.” Jamal held out a hand. “Assign me a job.”

Bo stared at the older man before handing him his phone. “Find this killer for me so that, in the morning, I can find the evidence to prove it’s him.”

Jamal nodded once. “Of course, Bo,” he said softly.

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