Executioner – Chapter Nineteen


Chapter Nineteen

Monday: March 2, 2026

Bo pushed his chair away from the table, gesturing to his laptop. “You can go ahead and use mine today. We’ll go somewhere and get you one after we get Amber from school. You can pick whatever one you want, and we’ll jot it down as part of a birthday present for you,” he said. He knew Kayla well enough to know that getting anything outside of her birthday made her incredibly uncomfortable, although she was getting better at accepting gifts of signs of affection without too much trouble or hesitation.

“Can’t you guys pick one out?” Kayla questioned, scooting her chair closer to the laptop.

Bo chuckled softly, pushing himself to his feet. “No, baby. It’s going to be yours, so you can choose whatever one you’d like to have. Dad and I will obviously be there if you want advice or if you have questions,” he said. “Sound good?”

“Yeah, Daddy.”

“Good.” He leaned down, pressing a kiss to the top of the girl’s head. “I’m going to be in the morgue. I have things to do in there. If you need something, knock on the door and wait for me or go upstairs and get your dad. I don’t want you to see any of the things I’m working on,” he said.

The girl nodded. “Of course, Dad.” Bo patted her on the shoulder before picking up his coffee cup, his red notebook, and a pen. He headed into the morgue, closing the door behind him. He crossed the room and set his coffee on the counter, laying the notebook and pen beside it. He pulled on a pair of gloves before walking over to the body drawers and pulling open the one that had been empty until earlier that morning.

He stared down at Alonzo Sáez’s pale face. “I’m sorry you’ve been kept waiting for so long,” Bo said quietly. “I… can only imagine you want to move past all of this, so I’ll do my best to make it quick and efficient so we can get you a proper burial. You deserve that, Mister Sáez,” he murmured. He reached back, pulling the small, stainless steel transfer cart toward himself. He pushed up against the pulled out drawer. Standing in front of it, he pulled on the transfer tray Alonzo’s body had been laid upon.

The tray slid onto the cart with ease. Bo pushed the drawer back in and rolled the cart to the autopsy table. In an opposite fashion, he pushed the tray onto the table. He pushed the cart out of his way, bringing the small cart of autopsy tools to the table instead. He had taken pictures of Alzono earlier that morning before Jensen had come into work with Kayla. Now, the blonde picked up the scalpel and closed his eyes.

He hoped this autopsy would open up a lot about the case. He hoped the autopsy would help him make a solid connection between Alonzo’s death and Nadia’s death. If he couldn’t make a connection beyond the fact that they were both a form of execution, keeping Alonzo from being embalmed and buried was pointless. Bo forced his eyes open and with one last, Please be right, he sliced into Alonzo Sáez’s chest.

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