Executioner – Chapter Eleven


Chapter Eleven


“How’re you doing?” Jensen asked, leaning into the morgue.

“Just cleaning up,” Bo said, lifting his head momentarily before going back to cleaning the autopsy table. “And then I’ll be back in the lab to write up a report and finish the fluid tests,” he said.

“Mm.” Jensen crossed the room, hands shoved into pockets. He had changed into his usual suit before leaving the house again, and Bo caught sight of the cufflinks he’d gifted to Jensen on the wedding. “Kayla’s in Jake’s office. She said I wasn’t entertaining enough.”

Bo offered a smile. “She really just wants to be close to people. She isn’t good at expressing that,” he said.

“She must’ve picked that up from you.” Ready to apologize, Jensen received the exact opposite reaction he had expected.

Bo laughed. “Yeah, probably. I’m not the most open of people,” he agreed.

Jensen let out a breath of relief, one corner of his mouth lifting. “But you’re getting better at it.”

“And with enough time, so will she,” Bo promised.

Jensen nodded, looking around the room. “Besides the haunting drawers of corpses over there, this room isn’t that bad,” he said quietly.

“Are you referencing your limits of what is and isn’t sexy? Because if you are, thinking the morgue or anything in it is sexy is not healthy,” Bo said.

Jensen snorted. “Doesn’t matter what room you’re standing in, Eli. Still my husband, and that’s sexy.”

Bo rolled his eyes, tossing his gloves into the garbage. “I love you, but you’re a dork.”

“Damn proud of it.”

The blonde smiled softly, turning on the water in the sink to wash his hands. “I didn’t find anything too spectacular in the autopsy. Just the usual, really. Except some damage to the liver, damage that I… can’t explain. I’m going to run some tests on it and hope for the best, but… but I’ve never seen it before. It was shriveled, blackened. It’s new for me, but I’ll see what I can do,” he said. He shut off the water with his wrist, swiping a few paper towels from the dispenser by the sink.

“You’ve never seen it before?”

“No. I’ve seen diseased livers. I’ve cut into diseased livers. This is new,” Bo said, tossing the paper towels into the garbage can. He crossed the room, offering a shrug. “But, again, I’ll do what I can to figure it out.”

Jensen nodded. “You’ll figure it out, Eli. You always do,” he said.

Bo smiled faintly. “Ego stroking appreciated. Thank you.” He leaned up and kissed Jensen. “If you wanted to send Kayla down to the lab, you can. I’ll let her sit as close as she wants.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jensen said quietly, shoving his hands into the back pockets of Bo’s jeans. “Is Cecilia staying at the house again tonight?”

“Yes. She’ll be there all weekend, I imagine. It depends on the plumbing in her apartment,” Bo said.

“So… no sex?”

Bo rolled his eyes. “I love you, but this isn’t something I want to discuss in a room of victims,” he said, gently shoving Jensen closer to the door. Jensen smirked, walking into the lab and flipping on the light. Bo followed him, swiping a notebook off the desk by the door. “But… no. No sex. You can live a couple days without it.” He touched a hand to the small of Jensen’s back before walking over to one of the tables in the room. “Especially when the reason you have to live without it is because we’re taking care of the woman carrying our children,” he reminded.

“Yeah, I know.” Jensen shoved his hands into his pockets. “Question?”

Bo lifted his gaze to Jensen’s face as he sat down at the table. “Yes?”

“When do you think the Social Security cards will come in?”

The blonde smiled faintly. “Next Wednesday or Thursday, I think, and then we’ll go in and get new licenses on Friday morning,” he said.

“And… then we’ll be Austen-Taylors?”

“And then we’ll be Austen-Taylors,” Bo confirmed, his voice soft.

“Awesome,” Jensen whispered. He leaned down, crossing his arms over the top of the table. “After that?”

“Bank accounts, debit cards, employer… That kind of thing. We’ll just have to change it everywhere.” Bo smiled, reaching out to brush Jensen’s hair away from his face. “And then we’ll share a name with our girls. How great is that?”

“Pretty damn great.”

Bo nodded before handing a small notebook to Jensen. “Mind taking this to Jake? It’s just a rough draft of the notes, but it could be helpful, depending on when he needs to talk to the press.”

Jensen nodded, flipping open the cover. He raised an eyebrow, his eyes skimming over the unfamiliar combinations of letters. He recognized a few of them—like TOD—but there were many more he had never seen before—NHC, EC, LKM, SA, PA, DW, CHCl3. “Umm… no offense, Eli, but I don’t think Jake’s gonna understand what this shit is.”

Bo chuckled. “Jake’s one of the only people who will be able to understand that shit,” he corrected. “He had to put up with a lot of my BS when I first came to Clinstone.” He tapped a finger against the notebook. “He’s one of the only ones that can decipher that.”

Jensen nodded slowly before his green eyes fluttered up to Bo’s face. “You’ll teach it to me someday?” he asked.

Bo smiled softly. “Of course, Jens,” he murmured. He leaned over the table, a hand on his husband’s cheek as he kissed him. He closed his eyes as Jensen pulled back, pressing their foreheads together. “I love you, but I can’t get any work done if you’re in here.”

A slow smile spread across Jensen’s face. “That’s a Bo Austen compliment if I’ve ever heard one.”

Bo chuckled, leaning away from Jensen, his blue eyes locked on the younger man’s face. “Disperse,” he said simply, a smile on his face.

Jensen laughed at the term he’d heard over and over again since meeting Bo, raking a hand through his hair. “I’ll send Kayla down here to hang out with you. I’ll see you for lunch?” he asked.

Bo nodded. “You betcha, Jens,” he said softly. Jensen lifted a hand in departure, flashing his usual heart-stopping grin before leaving the room. Bo watched him leave before lowering himself into his chair. He let out a heavy sigh, looking down as he flipped open the cover of his red notebook. He grabbed one of his pens from the small holder on the table, clicking the end thrice before writing two words at the top of the blank page before him.

The Executioner.

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