Werewolf – Chapter Thirty-Three


Chapter Thirty-Three


Bo closed his eyes as Jensen wrapped his arms around his waist. “Afternoon,” Bo greeted, forcing his eyes back open.

“Afternoon,” Jensen mumbled. He pressed a kiss to Bo’s shoulder, clearing his throat. “I showered.”

“I can tell.”

“I put our sheets in the wash.”

“Thank you.”

Jensen nodded. “I’m sorry about this morning. I didn’t mean to get wasted.”

“I assumed as much,” Bo said.

“Are you mad at me?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m mad. A little upset, possibly, but certainly not mad,” Bo said.

“Upset because I got drunk?”

“Upset because you said you wouldn’t get too drunk, but… you kind of did just that,” Bo said. “The only redeeming quality is that you called me like I asked instead of driving home and killing somebody.” A pause. “Or yourself.”

Jensen nodded, resting his chin on Bo’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, Eli.”

“I know.” Bo rinsed the soap off a cup and set it in the dish drainer on the counter.

“I know… you don’t really like being around drunk people.”

“Not really, no. I do, however, know what it must have been like to be around my drunken ass every night,” Bo said.

“Well, that was kinda different, Eli. It was my job to take care of you. It isn’t your job to put me to bed when I’m drunk off my ass.”

Bo chuckled softly. “It sort of is, love. I vowed to take care of you. That’s what marriage is for. We take care of each other, whether we’re at our best or our worst. It doesn’t matter.”

“Mm. I’m still sorry.”

“I know, love.”

Jensen cleared his throat. “You must be pissed if you’re doing dishes by hand.”

“No, that’s just because I know you think they aren’t sexy. Consider it a punishment.”

A smile tugged at one corner of Jensen’s mouth. “Genius.”

“I thought so.”

Jensen closed his eyes, pressing a soft kiss to Bo’s cheek. “Thank you for making sure I ended up in bed instead of, you know, on the floor or stretched out at the foot of the bed. Shit’s uncomfortable.”

“My pleasure.”

“Have you… accomplished anything with that doctor or whatever?” Jensen asked.

“Not really. I’ve spent most of the day picking up one kid because he wants to be held, putting him down because he can’t stand being held, and then picking him back up.”

“Sorry about that.”

Bo lifted a shoulder. “They’re my kids. I can manage to put them before hacking into some doctor’s information,” he said.

“I know.”

“I managed to get through the first layer of security on her stuff. All that gets me into is her work hours. I have a lot more to run through and a lot more to attempt to break into before I get anywhere near a list of names. I’ll do that tomorrow or Monday,” Bo said.

“You should save it for Monday,” Jensen said quietly. “Maybe… maybe Katie or Dave and Cecilia can watch the kids tomorrow and I’ll take you out for lunch? Or supper?” he questioned. “You know… as another apology?”

“Jens, it’s fine, honestly.”

“It’s not. You’ve been sober for almost six fucking years and I have to have a beer at least once a week.”

“I’ve told you before that doesn’t bother me. I don’t have some insatiable urge to get drunk anymore,” Bo said. He set the last dish in the sink and shut off the water. He grabbed a towel from the counter and stepped out of Jensen’s grasp. “I’m not trying to kill myself. I don’t care if you drink every now and then. You don’t have to apologize for being young. I’m the one who encouraged you to go out more in the first place,” he said.

“You’re mad at yourself, right? Not me?” Jensen asked after a moment. “Because… you consider it your fault?”

“I consider it my fault that you never got to go out and, you know, live up your twenties or… or whatever. You got stuck taking care of me before you had too much of a chance for that.”

“I lucked out taking care of you. Let’s get that straight. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve ended up in some other state taking care of some other man. No matter what, I never would’ve been able to go get drunk outside of college, and I’m okay with that. The thing is that I’m a father now. I’m married, and I have a damn good job, and I’ve got an even better family. I don’t have any problems to ignore with beer,” Jensen said.

“I… suppose that’s correct.”

“It is, babe. It is correct.” Jensen reached out and grabbed Bo’s hands, clasping them both between his own. “Let me take you out tomorrow as an apology. Please.”


“You go see what you can accomplish for the case, okay? I’ll take care of the kids and supper,” Jensen said.

One corner of Bo’s mouth. “And you’ll make sure to put the sheets in the dryer? And… make the bed?”

Jensen smiled. “Sure, babe.”

“Perfect.” Bo leaned up and pressed a kiss to Jensen’s cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Eli.” Jensen reached up and pushed Bo’s hair away from his forehead. “Don’t have too much fun,” he said.

Bo snorted. “I’ll do my best,” he assured.


Bo closed the lid of his laptop and set it on the nightstand as Jensen climbed into bed. “Ashton Lawrence has been her patient for almost five years,” he said.

“Which means?”

“That I need to run through the names of people she’s treated for the last five years. They could have only been there once, or they could’ve been much more often than that,” Bo said.

“Mm.” Jensen dropped to his side, tugging the covers over his shoulder. “What do you think you’re looking for?”

“I’m not… entirely certain just yet,” Bo said. He rolled onto his side to look at his husband. “I’m still thinking that there’s a very strong possibility that the killer has anger management issues, and to me, it makes the most sense that he’d be there to work on said anger issues.”

“Makes sense,” Jensen agreed, wrapping an arm around Bo’s waist.

“But I don’t want to go into these names and be closed-minded, you know? I don’t want to only look at people with anger issues and I don’t want to only look at people that don’t have a job. Closing out options like that guarantees I never pinpoint an actual killer or even a suspect.” A pause. “And it certainly means I’ll never find any evidence against the guy.”

“The good news is that you can check off anyone that has a driver’s license,” Jensen said.

A smile tugged at one corner of Bo’s mouth. “Bingo.”

Jensen pulled Bo closer to him before rolling them both over. Straddling Bo’s hips, he flashed a smile. “I vote you don’t worry about that stuff anymore tonight. It isn’t important right now,” he said.

“Because now it’s time for you to be important, right?”

“Mmhmm.” He slid his hands up Bo’s chest. “I was too fucked up last night to voice how badly I wanted you.”

Bo rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t have anyway. You were drunk and smelled like a bar.” He wrapped his arms around Jensen’s neck. “Neither one of those guys is exactly my type.”

“I know.” Jensen raised an eyebrow. “You have a type now?”

“Of course. I call him Jensen.”

Jensen snorted. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Jensen turned his head to the side, pressing a kiss to Bo’s forearm. “I don’t know where we’re going for food tomorrow, but I’ll make sure it’s bomb as hell.”

“I have no idea what that means, but I’m going to assume it’s a good thing, so deal.”

Jensen chuckled. “You’re adorable.” He slid a hand down Bo’s stomach and tugged at the drawstring of his sweatpants. “It’s a very good thing. Means it’s gonna be awesome,” he said.

“Oh, good. Then… the deal still stands, of course,” Bo said.

“Mm. Good.” Jensen leaned down and kissed him. “You’re fucking everything to me. You know that, don’t you?”

“Sometimes,” Bo said softly. He cleared his throat, pushing Jensen’s hair back behind his ear. “You and the kids are everything to me.”

“I know, babe. God, I know,” Jensen whispered. He flashed a smile, tugging at the waistband of Bo’s sweats. “Hips up, lab geek.”

Bo rolled his eyes. “You’re impossible,” he muttered, shimmying off his sweatpants. “I love you, but you are impossible.”

“Baby, that’s exactly what I specialize in.”


Dominic dropped a blanket onto the couch, pulling it up to cover Ashton’s shoulders. The man let out a soft snore, wrapping his fingers around the blanket. Dominic sighed, shutting off the light before sitting down in the rocking chair.

He needed to kill Tamara before he got attached to Ashton. Besides his parents, Ashton was the only person Dominic had ever felt compelled to even remotely enjoy the company of. As soon as Tamara was out of the picture, Ashton could go home with his controlling mother and Dominic could go back to his own life.

He needed that.

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