Werewolf – Chapter Forty-Two


Chapter Forty-Two

Wednesday: May 31, 2028

“I really appreciate you being around for this case, Bo,” Jamal said.

“My pleasure. Besides, it’s helpful to see how everything will work once I take over for you,” Bo said. “Umm, Jensen and I will be back soon with the kids. I’d like to meet Mekhi again. With Jensen this time. It’ll, you know, make sure I’m having a better day that way. I won’t be as, you know, weird.”

Jamal chuckled. “Please. He thought your ‘weirdness’ was endearing. You’re still the only person that has a problem with who or how you are.”

“Yeah… I know.” Bo wrapped his arms around Jamal, letting out a sigh. “Thanks for finding someone that wasn’t going to hate me.”

“Ah, my pleasure, kiddo.” Jamal patted Bo on the back and stepped away from him. “You need someone to pick you up in Clinstone?”

“I’m having Jake pick me up so I can surprise Jens at the station,” Bo said. “Might as well be spontaneous while I can.”

Jamal smiled, patting Bo on the cheek. “Sure, kiddo. I’ll drop by Clinstone for the girls’ last day of school. That’s when they do that track and field thing, right?”


Jamal nodded. “Thought so. I’ll be there.”

“That’ll be nice. Thank you.”

“Sure thing, Bo.” Jamal smiled. “Well, you go on home, kiddo. I’ll see you soon.”

Bo nodded, picking up Acamas’s pet carrier. “I love you.”

“Love you, too, kid.”


Jensen stiffened as a hand touched his shoulder. Before he could turn, a pair of arms wrapped around his neck.


Jensen smiled. “Eli,” he whispered. He turned his head and kissed the blonde. “Jesus fuck, I have missed you.”

A smile turned up either corner of Bo’s mouth as he rested his chin on Jensen’s shoulder. “I missed you, too.”

Jensen reached up with one hand, pushing his fingers into Bo’s hair. “You were supposed to call me.”

“I called Jake. I wanted to surprise you.”

“I can’t make out with you in front of an airport full of strangers if you surprise me.”

Bo chuckled softly, shaking his head. “You’re an idiot,” he whispered.

“And you love it.”

“Mm. Yes, tragically.” Bo pressed a kiss to Jensen’s temple. “Early lunch?”


“Well, not for food.”

Jensen pushed his chair back as soon as Bo stepped away from him. “I ever told you how damn much I love you?” he questioned, swiping his phone from his desk.

“I think it’s been mentioned a time or two,” Bo assured, hands tucked behind his back. He bumped his shoulder against Jensen’s. “And you know how much I love you, yes?”

“Always,” Jensen said, grabbing the blonde’s hand.


Parked on Jensen’s favorite dead end gravel road in Clinstone, he and Bo both sat in the passenger seat, Bo’s arms wrapped around the younger man’s neck.

“Feels damn good to get that out,” Jensen murmured. “Been a week of pent up energy.”

Bo smiled faintly, kissing Jensen’s shoulder. “I know.” He closed his eyes, sighing. “Do you want to go back to the station?”

“Not yet. Just wanna stay here a moment.” The blonde nodded. “So, how’d the paperwork with Jamal go?”

“It was all right. Nothing I hadn’t expected,” Bo said, leaning away from Jensen. With two fingers, he brushed Jensen’s dark hair from his forehead. “I kind of ruined whatever you had going on here.”

Jensen snorted. “That’s okay, babe. Sex hair fits me better anyway.” Bo rolled his eyes. “What? You disagree?”

“I mildly disagree with at least fifty percent of the bullshit you say. I just, you know, usually go with the flow of it all,” Bo said. “That’s part of the whole marriage deal,” he added, wiggling his ring finger.

“Oo, lucky me.”

“Very. Although I’m rather lucky myself.”

“Mm.” Jensen kissed Bo, arms tightening around the blonde’s torso. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Bo leaned his forehead against the younger man’s, closing his eyes. “The other day?”


“Wilkinson tried to convince me that he could see future events, you know, like some psychics can. He said something would happen to you guys. Or, that he hoped nothing tragic would happen to you and the kids, but… but, by Jupiter, did I wish I was with you guys.”

“We were fine. Besides, we’ve got the security system set up,” Jensen said.

“I know. I couldn’t help but worry, though. I love you guys too damn much to not worry.”

“Fucking same, babe.”

Bo smiled, pulling back to kiss Jensen’s forehead. “Shall we go back to the station?”

“Mm… probably.” Jensen nodded. “Yeah, I guess. Work for a few hours, go home, and…”

“And spend some time with our kids,” Bo said. “Invite everyone over again, have a little bit of family time.”


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