Werewolf – Chapter Twelve


Chapter Twelve

Monday: April 17, 2028

Bo lifted his gaze to the mirror above the sink, a soft smile tugging at one corner of his mouth as a tired, half-asleep Jensen walked into the room. “Morning, love,” Bo greeted.

“Morning,” Jensen mumbled, wrapping his arms around Bo’s waist. He pressed a kiss to Bo’s shoulder as the blonde dried off his hands. “Birthday,” Jensen said after a moment. “Happy birthday, Eli.”

“Thank you, Jens,” Bo whispered.

The younger man nodded. “Mmhmm.” He cleared his throat. “We’ll leave the station at two. Gives us an hour to come back home, change, and pack up a few overnight things for the hotel. Sound okay?”

“Yeah, love. That sounds good to me,” the blonde confirmed.

“Good.” Jensen rested his chin on Bo’s shoulder, slipping a hand into Bo’s sweatpants. “You wanna take a shower? Or you wanna spend what little alone time we have this morning in the bedroom?”

Bo smiled faintly, glancing down at his watch. “Can you make half an hour in bed work? And then a ten-minute shower before we wake up the girls?”

Jensen chuckled softly, turning his head to kiss Bo’s neck. “I can make anything work, baby. Come on.”


Bo sat in front of Jensen’s desk, legs pulled toward his chest, phone held in his hands as he read through the email Luca had sent him. “I don’t know if I’m pleased or displeased that nothing has turned up on the L.A. case,” Bo said quietly.

Jensen snorted, glancing up at his husband before going back to his own Pinterest scrolling. “I’d imagine pleased,” he said.

Bo chuckled, nodding. “Most likely,” he agreed. “They interviewed the woman that slept with him before he was killed, and she didn’t even remember his name.”

“So she was no help at all.”

“Right. Far too wasted to serve the case any,” Bo said. In the beginning of his drinking days, Bo had done what he could to drink to forget, but it never worked for him. While some people could get drunk and forget about the past, wake up, and remember nothing that had happened, Bo simply couldn’t.

It had led him to drink more and more until it almost killed him. He couldn’t understand why happy people would subject themselves to the same thing for a ‘fun’ weekend or a ‘fun’ night. It didn’t make sense to him, not after he had experienced how toxic that kind of behavior truly was to a person.

“Are you planning on drinking tonight?”

“Uh… probably a glass of wine with supper,” Jensen said. “Unless you don’t want me to.”

“You’re allowed to do whatever you want, Jens. I was curious,” Bo said. “Just, you know, brush your teeth before you ever plan on kissing me.”

Jensen smiled. “Deal.” Bo shook his head slightly before looking back at his phone. He opened a text from Jamal as soon as it came through.

Jamal: Happy 39th you little shit. Make sure Jensen takes you somewhere nice. You both deserve some time away.

Bo: Thanks, Jamal. We’re apparently going somewhere expensive as hell tonight for supper. Cecilia and David are watching after the kids.

Jamal: Good. Enjoy yourselves, then. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?

Bo: I’ll do my best.

Bo: Extracurricular talk?

Jamal: Yes

Bo: Can you just tell me what it is? I love you, but when you refuse to tell me things, it makes me nervous.

Jamal: Frank suggested you join us on a mission, something more than just a simple trade or an easy disarm and shoot. Venetia has something planned for Wednesday. I won’t have the details until tomorrow

Jamal: I’ll fill you in on them then and you can decide if you want in on it or not. Frank just thinks it’d be better to let you test the waters some more before I retire. It could help you make a positive decision when it comes to the take over.

Jamal: Begrudgingly, I suppose I agree. You need more of a taste of everything your life will include if you do, indeed, decide you’re okay with handling my affairs.

Bo: I like that idea. It’s better than being forced to handle shit on my own once you’ve… retired.

Bo: Whatever it is, I’ll see you Wednesday, Jamal

Jamal: Thanks, kiddo. Enjoy your day.

Bo: You, too, Jamal


Jensen, dressed in his usual suit and tie, sat across from Bo in the restaurant, cutting into the steak in front of him. Bo wore a blazer with a white button up and dress pants, still in deep protest against wearing a suit ever again. Wearing suits for his court dates after he’d killed Steven Brady had left more than enough bad memories to forever taint the clothing item for the blonde. Beneath the table, he touched his foot to Jensen’s shin. “Enjoying?” he asked.

Yes,” Jensen whispered. “Best fucking steak I’ve ever had.”

Bo chuckled softly. “It’s pretty damn great,” he confirmed.

“The amount of it left on your plate says otherwise.”

Bo offered a smile. “I’m just not that hungry. I don’t mean to ruin what you have planned, but I…” He lifted his shoulders. “I’m not all that hungry.”

“Hey, baby, that doesn’t ruin anything. I’m not asking you to force feed yourself,” Jensen said. “Are you still hungry for the fudge dessert thingy? Because I see that being amazing.”

“Maybe.” Bo cleared his throat, folding his hands beneath his chin. “But you should finish eating your actual meal before that. Then, you know, then we can just share a dessert like the lovesick little shits we are.”

“Works for me, babe.” Jensen smiled. “You know I love you, don’t you?”

One corner of Bo’s mouth lifted. “I have a faint idea, yes.” He tilted his head to the side, chin still resting on his hands. “You’re aware of how much I love you?” he asked.

“Hell yeah, Eli. The fact that you put up with me on a day-to-day basis is all I need to know that.”

Bo chuckled softly. “I still feel the same about you putting up with me.”

“I know, baby.” Jensen squeezed Bo’s arm before grabbing his wine glass. “Once we get back to the hotel, I’ll show you just how much I love you.”

Bo rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t fight back the smile that broke through, nor the blush that tinted his cheeks. “I, umm…” He cleared his throat, shifting in his seat. “I saw our room has a fireplace in it.”

“It does. I told you it was expensive as hell.”

“Mmhmm. But, uh, you know, we’ve never had sex in front of a fireplace like they do in those terrible romance movies. We don’t… have to keep it contained to a bed. I won’t even be a prude about it,” Bo said, his voice soft and just above a whisper.

Jensen flashed the charming smile Bo had long ago fallen in love with. “You’re adorable.”

“Well, I do shoot for that, nowadays,” Bo said.

Jensen chuckled. “It works pretty damn well for you, babe.” He nodded. “By the fireplace it is.” He cocked his head to the side. “I don’t know, Eli. I might just skip dessert and have mine at the hotel.”

“You could, I suppose, but I don’t see the—” Bo cut himself off at the amused expression on Jensen’s face. “Oh. You’re talking about…” Bo gestured to himself before nodding. “Right.”

Jensen smiled softly. “I love you, you adorable, clueless little man.”

Bo rolled his eyes, raking a hand through his hair before letting out a quiet sigh. “I love you, too, Jens.”


Bo and Jensen lay on the rug in front of the fireplace. Bo lay on his back, Jensen’s head on his shoulder. Bo combed his fingers through the younger man’s hair while Jensen traced a pointless design over Bo’s heart. “Thank you,” Bo said softly.

“For?” Jensen questioned.

“Making today… another good birthday. I’ve had six of them since we started dating, and since then, I haven’t had to feel like shit every single time it comes around. So, thank you.”

Jensen smiled faintly, turning to press a kiss to Bo’s shoulder. “My pleasure, Eli.”

Bo stared at the crackling fire for a moment before closing his eyes. “I’m going to have to step up my birthday game for you, aren’t I?”

Jensen chuckled. “Nah, babe. This was just to give us some much needed alone time. Otherwise, we would’ve both been equally as happy being at home with the kids. I’m fine with being home for mine. You don’t gotta do anything special.” One corner of his mouth lifted. “You just have to pull an all nighter and play lame video games with me.”

“Deal,” Bo murmured. He opened his eyes, pressing a kiss to the top of Jensen’s head.

“Do you wanna move to the bed? I don’t want you to screw up your back.”

“We have a massage in the morning. I’ll make this work.”

“Mm.” Jensen kissed Bo’s chest before clearing his throat. “You really enjoyed today?”

“Very much.”

“Good,” Jensen whispered. “I love you, Eli.”

“I love you, too, Jens.”

Jensen leaned up and kissed the blonde, a hand resting on his cheek. “Happy thirty-ninth, Eli.”

“Thank you.” Bo smiled, reaching up to brush Jensen’s hair away from his forehead. “To another year together?” he asked.

“Yeah, baby. To another year,” Jensen whispered. “May it be filled with our adorable children doing adorable children things.”

Bo laughed. “Yeah,” he breathed. He pressed a kiss to Jensen’s forehead, closing his eyes. “Thank you for… everything, Jensen. Four raising the kids with me, for helping me, for vowing to grow old with me. Just… thank you.”

“Always a pleasure, Eli,” Jensen whispered back.

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