Werewolf – Chapter Ten


Chapter Ten

Saturday: April 15, 2028

Bo let out a noise of surprise as Jensen lifted him from the couch. The younger man chuckled as Bo hooked an arm around his neck. “Relax, Eli. You were asleep.”

“Was I?”

“Yeah, babe. You fell asleep during my boss battle.”

Bo snorted. “My sincerest apologies, love.” He dropped his head to rest on Jensen’s shoulder. “I could walk, you know,” he said as Jensen headed down the hall.

“Nope. Because you were supposed to stay asleep when I picked you up.”

“Oh, yes, of course. My apologies. Again.”

Jensen chuckled, turning to back into the bedroom door. He pushed it open and crossed the room to sit on the edge of the bed, Bo on his lap. “Question.”


“How long?” Jensen asked, tapping a finger to Bo’s wedding ring.

“Umm…” Bo glanced up at the ceiling as Jensen leaned back, elbows supporting his weight. Bo turned to straddle Jensen’s hips, draping his arms over the man’s shoulders. “Two years, sixty days, twelve hours…” He trailed off and looked down at his watch. “Fifty-six minutes and forty seconds.”

Jensen grinned. “And to think you were asleep a minute ago.”

Bo chuckled. “I’m telling you, the nerd brain never shuts off.”

“Mm. Come here,” Jensen murmured. Bo leaned down to kiss him, pushing the fingers of one hand into the younger man’s hair. Jensen laid a hand on Bo’s cheek, his eyes sliding shut. “Do you wanna…?”

“Just a sec.” Bo climbed off of Jensen’s lap and crossed the room, closing and locking the door. He walked back to the bed, tapping a hand against Jensen’s shoulder. “Sit up.”

“Bossy. I like it,” Jensen said. Bo rolled his eyes, moving to sit behind Jensen. Bo slid his hands up Jensen’s back, his thumbs working deep circles around the younger man’s muscles. “What did I do to earn a pre-coital massage?”

Bo grimaced. “If you call it that, you’ll un-earn it.” Jensen laughed, reaching back to squeeze Bo’s thigh. “You helped put together Cas’s bed, even when you couldn’t figure out what the hell the instructions were trying to describe. It’s appreciated, that’s all.”

“My pleasure, babe. He’s my kid, too.”

“I know. But, you know… I consider myself lucky that I have a partner who’s more than willing to actively be a part of his kid’s lives. Some people just aren’t that lucky,” Bo said softly, leaning forward to kiss Jensen’s shoulder.

Jensen smiled faintly. “Eli, I wouldn’t dream of doing anything but being here with you and the kids. I consider myself lucky that I ever met you. I don’t think I would’ve come back out of the closet if I hadn’t.”

“Happy to help.” A pause. “Come out of the closet?”

Jensen snorted. “Closeted gay man, babe.”

“Oh, yes. Right.”

The younger man chuckled, shaking his head. “God, I fucking love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Here, hold up,” Jensen said, reaching back to grab the collar of his shirt. Bo pulled his hands back as Jensen tugged his shirt over his head. Bo’s blue eyes scanned the scars on Jensen’s back for all of three seconds before the younger man turned and pushed him to his own back. “Hiya,” Jensen greeted, a grin spread across his face.

A smile tugged at one corner of Bo’s mouth. “Hi.” He pushed his fingers into Jensen’s hair as the man moved to kiss his neck. “No biting,” Bo reminded.

Jensen chuckled. “Deal,” he murmured, moving his right hand to unbuttoned Bo’s shirt. “Monday. We’re leaving work early.”


“You and I have a date in Chesterwick,” the younger man explained. He leaned back on his knees, pulling Bo up with him. “Cecilia and David are coming over here to take care of the kids and the animals. We have a nice hotel room to spend the night in.”

Bo smiled faintly. “That sounds fun.”

“Good. I, uh, also have a room service breakfast set up for us on Tuesday, quickly followed by a couple’s massage. We take a half day and end up back at the station at noon,” Jensen said, pushing Bo’s shirt down his arms. “Does that sound okay?”

“Yes. But you’re forgetting a few things.”

Jensen glanced up before smiling. “Champagne marble cake for you and me Monday night after supper, and some sort of expensive ass fudge dessert at the restaurant.”

“Mm. I like the sound of that.”

“I figured you would.” Jensen looked back briefly, tossing Bo’s shirt into the laundry hamper. “Then we have cake here Tuesday evening with the kids. They’ll just celebrate your birthday a day late. I want you all to myself first.”

“Selfish,” Bo noted. “Thankfully for you, I’m more than okay with that.”

Jensen chuckled. “I figured,” he repeated. He kissed Bo, gently pushing him to his back. “Are you okay if I touch the scars tonight?” Bo nodded. “Okay,” Jensen whispered, wrapping a hand around the back of Bo’s. He lifted the blonde’s left hand and pressed a soft kiss to the tattoo that served to cover the scars that resided there. “I love you, Eli,” he murmured, releasing Bo’s hand.

“I love you, too, Jens,” Bo whispered as Jensen kissed a trail down his abdomen. “So damn much.”


Dominic grabbed for his coffee, ‘accidentally’ brushing the fingers of the barista behind the counter as she handed it over to him. Her name tag said Amy, but his mind screamed Annie. “Thank you, Amy,” he said.

She stared at him for a moment before she touched her name tag. “Right. Of course. You’re welcome,” she said. “Enjoy your day, sir.”

“You, too… Amy,” he said. With a nod of departure, he turned and left the coffee shop. Annie Wilcox. Amy, however, was her sister, as far as he could tell. Amy couldn’t come into work that morning, but she needed the money more than Annie did.

Annie had simply clocked in for her sister and taken the name tag as well. Dominic shook his head, rolling his eyes. The things people did for family.

Dominic’s eyes scanned the people walking as he headed down the sidewalk. He could let any of them walk into him. He could ‘accidentally’ bump into any of them. All he needed was one little touch, one little brush against another human being.

He just needed a sneak peek into their lives.

He took a sip of his coffee, observing the civilians from behind his sunglasses. He settled on a man across the street. He always liked learning more about men. They were dark and mysterious. They hated different parts of themselves, parts women didn’t tend to hate about them. They tended to think differently, too. He liked that.

Dominic walked to the corner, waited for the little to change, and crossed the street. He had to quicken his pace down the sidewalk, but he didn’t mind. He usually walked quickly. It was around other people that he forced himself to slow down.

Closing in on the man, he slowed his pace and walked right past him, brushing his hand against the back of the man’s hand. The man, more concerned than necessary about being touched by a man, shoved his hands into his pockets.

Dominic bit back a smile, taking a sip of his coffee instead.

Spencer Barnes. Dominic couldn’t wait to find out what Spencer’s life was like.

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