Blackout – Chapter Twenty-Four


Chapter Twenty-Four

Saturday: September 2, 2028

Jensen groaned as he forced his eyes open. “Eli?”

“Are you all right?” Bo asked.

“Mm… mmhmm. Yeah. Just… in pain.”

“I’m sorry,” Bo whispered. “You have a call button over there. A nurse’ll come check on you.”

“I know. Can you lean over and press it?”

“Of course, love.” Bo pushed himself up, leaning over Jensen’s chest to press the button. He laid a hand on Jensen’s cheek, pressing a kiss to the younger man’s opposite cheek. “Do you mind if I go to the bathroom? Give you some privacy?”

“No, babe, go for it.”

“Thanks,” Bo whispered. He grabbed his phone from the bedside table as he climbed off the hospital bed. He headed for the small bathroom, closing and locking the door before flipping on the light. He glanced up at his reflection in the mirror, meeting his own eyes only long enough to make sure he didn’t look as terrible as he felt.

He sat down on the closed lid of the toilet and unlocked his phone. He had missed well over twenty calls, and he had over forty text notifications. Clearly, if one wished to be popular, they should let their husband get shot.

Dallas: The news says Jensen was shot. Is that true?

Dallas: Shot by a killer. Seriously, is he okay?

Dallas: Are you okay?

Dallas: Bo?

Dallas: I’m going to assume you’re busy dealing with family and casework and shit

Dallas: Still… get back to me when you can, okay? Take care of yourself, Bo

Bo closed his eyes briefly, drawing in a deep breath. In the other room, he heard the nurse talking to Jensen.

Bo: He was shot in the thigh, nicked the femoral. He’s out of surgery, he’s gotten some rest (currently awake), and he’s okay.

Bo: Thanks for checking up on us. Everyone’s okay.

Dallas’s response came before Bo could even open any other messages.

Dallas: Thank God. How’re you holding up?

Bo: I’m okay. He’s okay and awake and alert, so… so I’m okay.

Dallas: Good. Keep me updated, okay?

Bo: Sure thing, Dal.

Bo scratched the side of his head and opened a text from his mom.

Renee: You haven’t texted since Jensen got out of surgery, sweetheart. How is he? And you? The kids?

Bo: Jens is all right. Awake, alert, little bit of pain, but okay. I’m… fine, and the kids are okay. The Masons are at the house with them. They’ve been asleep for a few hours, so they’re handling it all pretty well.

Bo: Worried about their dad, but they’re okay.

Renee: Oh, good, honey. You make sure to get some sleep, okay?

Bo: Doing my best, Mom. I love you.

Renee: I love you, too, sweetheart.


Bo lifted his gaze to the door before pushing himself to his feet. He unlocked the door and pulled it open, leaning back into the room. “Yes?”

“You okay?”

“Just checking up on a shitton of missed texts,” Bo said, flipping off the light. He crossed the room and climbed back onto the bed with Jensen. “Everyone’s worried about you.”

A smile tugged at one corner of the younger man’s mouth. “I’m important then, huh?”

Bo chuckled softly, patting Jensen’s chest. “Very important,” he whispered. “I love you.”

Jensen turned his head to the side, dropping a hand to Bo’s cheek. “I love you, too, Eli.” He kissed the blonde before leaning his forehead against his. “Thanks for taking care of me.”

“That’s what I’m here for, love.” Bo offered a smile. “Is your pain under control?” he asked.

Jensen lifted a shoulder. “Getting there.”

“Good.” Bo cleared his throat. “You should get some more sleep. You need it.”

“You need to sleep, too. I know damn well you weren’t asleep when I woke up.”

Bo snorted, pressing a kiss to Jensen’s chest. “I know. I’ll sleep once I answer the rest of these texts. People are worried, and I’d like to make sure our friends in California don’t think you’re dead.”

Jensen laughed softly. “All righty, babe.” He cleared his throat. “Did… Kathy text?”

“I’m not sure yet. The Taylors did, though,” Bo said. “Besides, Kathy would’ve probably texted you instead of me. You can check in a few hours, okay?”

“Okay, Eli.” Jensen let out a heavy sigh. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Jens.”


“Hiya, P-Dog,” Jensen whispered as Bo set the toddler on the bed.

“Hi, Daddy!” Pollux exclaimed happily. He wrapped his arms around Jensen’s neck, and his father hooked an arm around his back.

Jensen pressed a kiss to his temple before looking up at Bo. “Where’s everyone else?”

“The cafeteria. We’re coming in one at a time to make sure everyone takes it easy,” Bo said. “I just don’t want anyone to hurt you,” he added.

“I’ll be okay,” Jensen said. “But thanks, babe.” Bo nodded. “Bring in Cas?”

“Of course.” Bo patted Jensen’s arm and walked out of the room.

“How was your day, bud?” Jensen asked.

“Mm… boring.”

Jensen chuckled. “Mine, too, P Diddy.”

“Untle Dake says you got shooted.”

“I got shot,” Jensen corrected.

“Wow,” Pollux whispered. “Wif a dun?”

“Mmhmm. With a gun.”

“Whoa,” Pollux whispered.

Jensen smiled faintly, pulling the toddler back into a hug. “Daddy’s glad to see you, buddy,” he whispered back.

“You, too, Daddy.”

Jensen looked up as Bo walked into the room, Castor on his hip. “Hi, Casafrass.”

“Hi, Daddy.” Castor sat down on Jensen’s lap, wrapping his hands around Jensen’s hospital gown. “What’s this?”

“It’s what you wear when you’re getting better,” Bo said, sitting down on the edge of the bed. He pressed a kiss to Jensen’s temple before carefully grabbing Pollux, holding him on his own lap instead.

“Daddy’s better?” Castor asked.

“Yeah, buddy. Daddy’s better,” Bo assured. “I’m going to get the girls. Do you want both boys with you?” he asked.

“Sure, babe. I can handle ‘em,” Jensen said.

“Okay.” Bo stood up, setting Pollux back on the bed. “You two behave. Daddy’ll be back in just a few.”

Jensen wrapped a hand around the back of Bo’s neck, pulling him close enough for a kiss. “I love you,” he whispered.

Bo smiled softly, brushing a thumb over Jensen’s cheek. “I love you, too, Jens.”

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